March 05, 2012 journal, Johnson and Johnson has reduced their dental floss to a half size so thin it will cut the gums and it is all part of the corporate America mentality, importing fever to get it cheaper in a labor depressed society. It is so thin it breaks when you use it. Now they use nylon rather than cotton which does not clean the teeth 10% that of cotton. This is part of the Antichrist Wall Street in these last days of persecution of poor people and fraudulent dealing. A report showed the banks using 69 rules to rob their poor and defenseless customers out of $30 billion per year and I am glad to see occupy Wall Street in action exposing and opposing such things, they have had it rough but it's at least a start. You have an option to take them to arbitration but it may cost you thousands of dollars. Wall Street the snake, the abyss, has deported American jobs and quality products along with most all their good technology for the best materials made of the world. Now it is all wasted America has an inferior product as we see in washer and dryer breaking parts. ford Motor Co. and most others have let the consumer pay for their faulty products in most cases such as faulty warlike all will light detectors and even transmissions and gear where they make more money on fixing their problems than they do selling the cars. America is in shame and prisoners of Wall Street. See the abyss, the bottomless pit. Actually, when I checked the label again it was not Johnson and Johnson product so thin. Most all corporations are however cutting back on their sizes and raising all their prices. More than 12 alka-seltzer products were displayed on the counter but no regular original. See the map on line of the Snake of Zion from the protocols of the Elders of Zion wrapping itself around all Mideast nations. I am sure this was the intent of the elders well over 200 years ago but it should be shown to track through America 100 years before it tracks through Russia beginning in 1917 under Lenin for the worst Holocaust this world has ever known. It was a pattern for Nazi Hitler. How can these secrets ever be kept? The intent of Zionism is to take over the world the same as the Moslems intent is to take over the world and the Catholic Church did take over the world as have the Rothschild Zionist banking empire have taken over the world. Yair: Re "your statement "The Muslims are out to take over the West" they are actually out to take over the world. There are "prophecies" in the Koran to that effect. They tell us different, in keeping with the Islamic doctrine of taqqiya (lying in the cause of Islam) but that is their directive and written goal. The West is just their main objective right now, and thanks to the pc attitude of the left in the West, that too is denied by Europe and America as a whole." Henry Rhea Sorry Yair but the West has already been conquered by the Zionists and if not the Zionists we were conquered by the Catholic Church in 1215 by the Magna Carter agreement of the King John. We were conquered again in 1492 by the Catholic Church. We were then still conquered again by the Zionist in 1913 in the clandestine creation of the Federal Reserve Illuminati dollar Bank Corp. It's doubtful the "Jews" will ever surrender America because it's too good of a deal for them to just print money all they can ever imagine and wish for. The WH leak that should of been told-Cynthia Phinney, Labor Notes: "The latest project of corporations seeking to ease movement of capital around the globe is the Trans Pacific Partnership, known by activists as 'NAFTA of the Pacific.' Text of the proposal that leaked this week, released by the consumer group Public Citizen, indicate the free trade proposal will continue strong rights for investors and weak protections for labor, the environment, and local democracy." There is no difference in Republican or Democrat.