March 07, 2012 journal, awaken America to the Antichrist presence living in this country. Sin is crippling to any person or Christian business. Satan controls Antichrist business and has the power to bless it as he does all things of this world until souls are sent to hell. Return us to naturopathic medicine, return us to house raisings by the community. Return us to no mortgage homes or cars. We need to take all money oppression our daily lives. Deliver us Dear Lord I pray from the oppressive and extremely regressive credit bureaus. We have a deceptive news media entirely even including Christian broadcast networks. It now turns out that Romney owns the trackless voting machine Co. so he can deal and it seems to be no coincidence that he has purchased that partnership with voting machines. Democrats today are seemingly more truthful than Republicans but maybe it has always. Dscf 3420 picture This is not God's Israel, it is a manmade Israel that God will judge in his perfect timing. The devil knows this but God's people the Protestant Christian Church people are blind to the reality of modern Israeli renegade Russian Khazars masquerading as the House of Israel. As the Catholic Church stole the name Christian the Zionists have stolen the name Jewish and are holding the world hostage through the Rothschild banking empire through the world's money machine the Federal Reserve Banking Act of 1913 making us slaves. Now cut in, learn and be informed as all politicians are agents of the Antichrist in charge of all important things affecting our lives. From the president's Chief of Staff to rusty old Henry Kissinger still formulating war policy, we're guided with a hook in our nose to war. Capitalism is a farce that keeps us always hoping while they change the rules of our labor. We are all zombies of the Communist world now learning who the Communist really are. The 40 days of prayer is a good thing as we should pray every day the same but the 700 Club implies that we must pray for Israel which is to say we are to pray for the Antichrist to win over the Christian people. The rightwing mega Church have been left behind void of understanding or enlightenment to know the way God has promised to all His people. Robert Naiman, Truthout: It's convenient to believe that the drone strike policy is narrowly targeted on top-level terrorist leaders and has killed few civilians, because the alternative belief, that our government has cavalierly killed many innocent civilians for no good reason, is pretty awful to contemplate. Read the Article