March 14, 2012 journal, the Antichrist is Communist and rules the world with the largest military multinational under their control beginning in 1917 when Lenin killed the Czar of Russia to take over during the Bolsheviks revolution. It is Black and Red in history. The Khazaria Russian Zionist already had captured the American currency by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and to some degree they control the British Pound. Russia became their sacrificial lamb for Wall Street and the Great Depression of 1929 was another brain-child wherein they captured the wealth of the world about overturning the banks "I read these discussions debating whether Israel intentionally attacked the USS Liberty and what their motivation would have been for a deliberate attack. I can't debate their motivation. But, I will carry the memory of those transcripts with me until I die. We all lost our virginity that day. The statement of Intelligence Analyst Forslund is supported by James Ronald Gotcher, III, who was a Sergeant in the United States Air Force, assigned to the 6924th Security Squadron, Da Nang, in the Republic of Vietnam, when on June 8, 1967, CRITIC message that the USS Liberty was under attack by Israel. In Gotcher's September 2, 2003, sworn affidavit, quoted in part below, he states: taken from- I, James Ronald Gotcher, do declare under penalty of perjury that the following statement is true and complete, and based entirely upon my personal knowledge gained through direct observation, unless specifically stated otherwise: * * * 7. It was clear from the explicit statements made by both the aircraft crews and the controllers that the aircraft were flying a planned mission to find and sink USS Liberty. 8. My understanding of what I read led me to conclude that the Israeli pilots were making every effort possible to sink USS Liberty and were very frustrated by their inability to do so. 9. Approximately ten days to two weeks later, we received an internal NSA report, summarizing the Agency's findings. The report stated, in no uncertain terms, that the attack was planned in advance and deliberately executed. The mission was to sink USS Liberty. 10. A few days after the report arrived, another message came through directing the document control officer to gather and destroy all copies of both the rough and final intercept translations, as well as the subsequently issued report. 11. After the destruction of those documents, I saw nothing further on this subject. 12. I have read the translated transcripts, released by the Israeli government, which purport to be actual transcripts of the air to ground communications between the controllers and the attacking aircraft. I know this document to be a fabrication because I have read the actual intercepts and they were nothing like this. It is not possible that the differences could be due to different translations being used. 13. If called upon to testify, I am competent to testify to all of the foregoing on the basis of direct observation and personal knowledge. To add to the clear and convincing evidence that the attack on the Liberty by Israel was deliberate, we have former Israeli military personnel who were there on the scene and have since revealed the truth. James M. Ennes Jr, in his book Assault on the Liberty, reports the following: Fifteen years after the attack, an Israeli pilot approached Liberty survivors and then held extensive interviews with former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey about his role. According to this senior Israeli lead pilot, he recognized the Liberty as American immediately, so informed his headquarters, and was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack. He refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested. Later, a dual-citizen Israeli major told survivors that he was in an Israeli war room where he heard that pilot's radio report. The attacking pilots and everyone in the Israeli war room knew that they were attacking an American ship, the major said. He recanted the statement only after he received threatening phone calls from Israel. Lieutenant Commander David E. Lewis, the officer in charge of Liberty's Research Department, had a meeting with Rear Admiral Lawrence R. Geis shortly after the Liberty attack. Admiral Geis was the officer in charge of the embarked aircraft in both the USS America and USS Saratoga. Commander Lewis stated that Admiral Geis told him the following: Admiral Geis "said that he wanted somebody to know that we weren't forgotten... attempts HAD been made to come to our assistance. He said that he had launched a flight of aircraft to come to our assistance, and he had then called Washington. Secretary McNamara came on the line and ordered the recall of the aircraft, which he did. Concurrently, he said that since he suspected that they were afraid that there might have been nuclear weapons on board he reconfigured another flight of aircraft... strictly conventional weaponry... and re-launched it. After the second launch, he again called Washington to let them know what was going on. Again, Secretary McNamara ordered the aircraft recalled. Not understanding why, he requested confirmation of the order, and the next higher in command came on to confirm that...President Johnson... with the instructions that the aircraft were to be returned, that he would not have his allies embarrassed, he didn't care who was killed or what was done to the ship...words to that effect. With that, Admiral Geis swore me to secrecy for his lifetime. I had been silent up until I found out from Admiral Moorer that Admiral Geis had passed away." Thirty four Americans were killed and 172 wounded in the attack. Israel claimed it was a case of mistaken identity. However, U.S. intelligence revealed that it was a deliberate attack ordered by Israeli General Moshe Dyan. Former Secretary of State Dean Rusk and former Joint Chief of Staff Chairman, Admiral Thomas Moorer have both stated that the Israeli attack was deliberate. That incident gives some idea of the power and control that the Jews have in the U.S. government. They can control the very apex of the executive branch of government to order the military to stand by while navy sailors are being massacred by the Israeli military. Most do not know that Johnson was a crypto-Jew. His policies and conduct toward Israel revealed him as an ardent Zionist. As Commander in Chief of the Army and the Navy, he treasonously prevented the defense of the USS Liberty while it was under attack by Israeli forces and then ordered that the official report of the incident conceal the deliberate nature of the attack. Presumably, Johnson had received the CRTIC communication and therefore knew that the Israelis intended to sink the ship, and he was willing to allow that to happen. One overlooked aspect of the attack on the Liberty is that the Israelis would never have attacked the Liberty unless they could be certain that the Liberty would not be defended by the Sixth Fleet. The only reasonable conclusion is that there must have been coordination between the highest levels of the U.S. government and the Israelis government prior to and during the attack, whereby the Israelis were assured that the Liberty would not be defended. That is treason! National disloyalty is the hallmark of a Zionist Jew. The disloyalty shown by President Lyndon Johnson towards his country during the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty is illustrative of that fact. As a Zionist, Johnson's first loyalty was to Israel. Although he was President of the United States, and as such Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy, he sided with Israel when Israel attacked the United States. Investigative writer, Salvador Astucia, in his book, Opium Lords, explains Lyndon Johnson's Jewish heritage: According to Jewish law, if a person's mother is Jewish, then that person is also Jewish, regardless of the father's ethnicity or religion. The facts indicate that both of Lyndon Johnson's great-grandparents, on the maternal side, were Jewish. These were the grandparents of Lyndon's mother, Rebecca Baines. Their names were John S. Huffman and Mary Elizabeth Perrin. John Huffman's mother was Suzanne Ament, a common Jewish name. Perrin is also a common Jewish name. Huffman and Perrin had a daughter, Ruth Ament Huffman, who married Joseph Baines and together they had a daughter, Rebekah Baines, Lyndon Johnson's mother. The line of Jewish mothers can be traced back three generations in Lyndon Johnson's family tree. There is little doubt that he was Jewish. Another example of both the control of the Jews over those in government and the international (translation: anti-national) nature of Jews is the Mark Rich case. In the early 1980's billionaire Mark Rich and his partner were under investigation for violations of U.S. federal law as a result of a criminal scheme he conducted through his commodities trading firm Mark Rich & Co., A.G. When in June 1983 Rich and his cohorts realized that they were going to be indicted, they fled from the United States. In September 1983, a federal grand jury issued a 51 count indictment against Mark Rich, his partner Pincus Green, and others for wire fraud, mail fraud, racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, tax evasion, and trading with the enemy. He traded with Iran while American hostages were being held captive during the Iran hostage crisis. Later, in March 1984, the Government filed a 65 count superseding indictment. Both Rich and Green demonstrated their contempt for the United States by forfeiting their U.S. citizenship and acquired Israeli citizenship. Rich also became a citizen of Spain. The Spanish and Israeli governments refused to extradite Rich or Green to the United States to face prosecution. Because Rich's attorneys could not convince the U.S. Attorney in New York to dismiss the charges, they decided to obtain a pardon from the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. Rich's wife, Denise Rich, donated $450,000 to the Bill Clinton library fund and $1.1 million to Democratic causes, including Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate campaign. Next, Rich hired former Clinton White House Counsel Jack Quinn to help with the negotiations. Perhaps most telling regarding the Jewish element in the pardons was the enlistment of then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, each of whom contacted President Clinton to lobby for Rich and Green to be pardoned. On January 20, 2001, Bill Clinton's last day as President of the United States, he granted a full and unconditional pardon to 140 people, including Mark Rich and Pincus Green. Rich and Green were pardoned in violation of the Rules Governing Petitions for Executive Clemency, which required that the pardon petition be submitted to the Department of Justice Pardon Attorney. Further, the federal rules required an investigation of the petition. Neither of those things were done. Perhaps most shocking is that Rich and Green were pardoned while still fugitives from justice. Prior to Clinton's pardon of Rich and Green, no President in the history of the United States had ever pardoned a fugitive from justice. In many instances the U.S. government has funded terrorist agent provocateurs. For example, it has been commonly reported that the CIA funded Osama Bin Laden to the tune of three billion dollars. Some may respond that the CIA certainly did not expect that he would turn on us and destroy the World Trade Center. Let us examine that argument. When the U.S. decided to back the Mujahadeen parties that made up the Afghan allied resistance the U.S. aid overwhelmingly flowed to the three most ineffective elements of the resistance. Those elements just happened to be the most virulently anti-American parties of the alliance: the Hez-i-Islami (Party of Islam), led by Gulbaddin Hekmatyar; the Jamiat-i-Islami (Islamic Society), led by Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani and his military commander Ahmed Shah Masood; and Ittehad Islami (Islamic Unity), led by professor Abdul Rasul Sayyaf. Sibgratullah Mojadidi, a respected Islamic religious leader who was elected president of the Afgahn government-in-exile by the Mujahadeen, repeatedly warned the U.S. of their "mistake" to fund these groups. He informed the U.S. government that Hekmatyar, for one, was murdering his own Mujahadeen allies and collaborating with the communists. As a result of these revelations the U.S. government took an official position of withholding aid from Hekmatyar. Kurt Lohbeck, an independent observer and author of Holy War, Unholy Victory: Eyewitness to the CIA's Secret War in Afghanistan, was assured by U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Robert Oakley, in 1988 that all aid to Hekmatyear would cease. One year later, at a press briefing, Oakley stated categorically that all aid to Hekmatyear had been stopped completely. That official U.S. government announcement was a deception. One week after that press briefing, Lohbeck personally followed a 50 truck convoy of U.S. weapons and supplies from the Peshawar airport directly to Hekmatyar's camp! Clearly the CIA knew the nature of the group they were assisting and yet continued to do so. With that in mind let us shift focus to Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman. Sheik Omar was the leader of the terrorist group behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Omar's plan was to topple one tower into the other causing both to collapse. Let us look at the odd behavior of the CIA and FBI toward Sheik Omar. It will give us a window into who may be responsible for the September 11, 2001 destruction of the twin towers. Sheik Omar was an anti-American Islamic cleric who advocated a holy war against American and Western countries. His hatred for the U.S. was no secret, he had preached his venomous hate filled sermons in the population centers of Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Germany, England, and even the U.S. How did Omar get into the U.S.? He got in through the CIA of course. A CIA agent in Khartoum, Sudan posed as an official at the U.S. Consulate and obtained a visa for Sheik Omar. Eight months after his arrival in the U.S., his visa was revoked and he was put on an INS watch list for deportation. Nonetheless, the U.S. government subsequently gave him a green card. It gets worse, the FBI knew the Omar's group planned to blow up the World Trade Center. In November 1990, the FBI seized 49 boxes of documents from the apartment of El Sayyid Nosair, who had assassinated militant Jewish Rabbi Meir Kahane. Among the materials seized by the FBI were detailed pictures of famous buildings, including the World Trade Center and sermons by Sheik Omar urging his followers to "destroy the edifices of capitalism." That is not all the FBI had. They also had inside information. Emad A. Salem, who was Sheik Omar's bodyguard, was an FBI informant. The FBI, though, had a curiously timed fit of incompetence. As reported by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, the FBI pulled Salem from the operation. As we shall see later, Salem was pulled from the investigation after the bombs were constructed. In June 1992 El-Gabrowny visited Nosair again in prison. Upon his return, he instructed Salem and Shinawy that Nosair wanted to see them. Salem testified that, when they made the visit, Nosair berated them for not proceeding with bombing plans and directed Shinawy to seek a fatwa from Abdel Rahman approving the bombings. On the way home from the visit, Shinaway told Salem that the planned operation would involve twelve bombs. Shinawy also explained that they would need guns in case they encountered police during the deployment, indicating that his source for firearms was Hampton-El. Two days later Salem went to El-Gabrowny's house and found Shinawy already there. The three agreed that they would try to secure a "safehouse" for constructing bombs, and El-Gabrowny committed to attempt to obtain detonators from Afghanistan. A few days later, Shinawy summoned Salem to the Abu Bakr Mosque where he introduced Salem to Hampton-El. Salem and Shinaway explained to Hampton-El that they were making bombs but that they were having trouble getting detonators. Hampton-El said that he had access to "ready-made bombs" for $900 to $1,000 apiece. Tr. 4932-33, 6485-86. He also offered to obtain a handgun for Salem. A few days later Shinaway gave Salem a handgun presumably from Hampton-El. In early July 1992, a rift developed between Salem and the FBI, and it was agreed that Salem's undercover investigation would be terminated. It was revealed during the trial that in addition to Salem, an Egyptian spy was among the conspirators. It is not clear from the court opinion whether he was working with the FBI at the time of the bombing, but it would certainly be unusual for a government espionage agent not to be working directly with either the Egyptian or U.S. government. He testified against the others at trial. In late 1992, the paramilitary training resumed, led by Siddig Ali and Hampton-El on weekends between October 1992 and February 1993. Defendants Amir and Fadil Abdelgani and Elhassan all participated in the training camp, as did Abdo Haggag, an Egyptian spy who testified for the Government during the trial. Another suspicious event was when the group sought to obtain detonators and guns from another government informant working for the U.S. Navy Investigative Service. It was not disclosed whether the conspirators actually obtained the detonators from him. The informant's involvement indicates that the government was yet again in position to stop the plot and arrest the conspirators, but mysteriously did not do so. After the bombing the FBI paid Salem one million dollars and hired him back as an informant. It is highly unusual for the government to pay an informant up front. In fact, such payments are almost unheard of, especially to a foreign national who could just skip the country with the money, without fulfilling his end of the bargain, and never be seen again. The amount of the payment and the circumstances suggest that the payment was for services already rendered. Apparently, someone in the U.S. government was quite pleased with Salem's performance prior to the bombing. Salem probably sensed that he may be double crossed and so taped his conversations with the FBI after the bombing. In one tape Salem is heard upbraiding the FBI for allowing the bombing, which suggests that they were in a position to stop it. Salem told the New York Times that the FBI had planned on substituting an inert substance for the explosive and then arresting the bombers as they tried to bomb the World Trade Center. Such a plan indicates that the FBI was close enough to the operation to be involved in the construction of the very bomb used. The substitution plan was a hair brained scheme that simply does not ring true. Nobody in their right mind would take such unnecessarily risks with the lives of innocent citizens. Under federal law it is a felony punishable by up to twenty years in prison to enter into a seditious conspiracy. The plotters had already entered into the conspiracy long before the actual bombing and they could have been arrested at any time for that offence. In fact, seditious conspiracy was the primary charge to which the principles in the bombing were ultimately convicted. All the evidence necessary to prove that charge was present before the bomb was exploded. It is not necessary that the conspirators actually complete the crime they have agreed to commit in order to be guilty of conspiracy. Conspiracy is simply an agreement to commit a crime, and the FBI had ample evidence of such an agreement before the bomb went off. Presumably the FBI knows the law. They could have taken down the group long in advance of the actual planting of the bomb. The substitution scheme sounds more like a cover story to explain why they allowed the bombing to happen when they so obviously could have stopped it. That is the only reasonable explanation for actions of the FBI. As reported in the December 15, 1993 Chicago Tribune, Salem said on the tape that he personally built the bomb. His construction of the bomb had to have been done before he was taken off the case. If Salem was taken off the case after he built the bomb, how did the FBI expect to substitute inert powder in place of the explosives? There is only one reasonable answer: the FBI had no intention of stopping the bombing. The FBI pulled Salem off the case for the very purpose of allowing the WTC to be bombed. Let us review the known facts so far: (1) Salem, working undercover for the FBI, builds a bomb for terrorists to use to bomb the World Trade Center; (2) The FBI knows the bomb had been constructed and that it is ready to go, yet they pull Salem off the case, and thus lose the ability to thwart the bombing; (3) The terrorists bomb the World Trade Center, killing 6 and wounding 1,000; (4) The FBI springs into action to find the culprits, when they knew all along who they were, their own informant built the bomb; (4) They pay their informant one million dollars, purportedly to go back undercover to help them find the culprits, whose identity the FBI already knew. The FBI has told the press that they were able to arrest the culprits in the bombing when Mohammad Salameh, showed up at the truck rental shop to pick up the deposit for the truck used in the bombing. In fact, as explained above, the FBI had inside information on the plot and already knew who was behind it. Mohammad Salameh, who has since been convicted along with others for the bombing, has alleged that the Israeli Mossad was behind the bombing. He alleges that Josie Hadad was the woman who masterminded the bombing. The phone number Salmeh wrote down when he rented the truck came back to Hadas. The FBI states that the Josie Hadas is a fictional character; that she does not exist. What is odd, however, is that eyewitnesses have seen her; she was described to a reporter as "a motherly Arab woman about twice the age of Salameh, who moved into the apartment before Christmas." She was described by others as a 50 year old cleaning woman. If she is only a cleaning lady how could she so easily disappear? Why would the FBI say that she does not exist, when eyewitnesses have seen her? It is certainly possible that Salmeh is simply trying to implicate Israel by alleging that Hadad was an Israeli. When did he come upon that information? It is unrealistic to suppose that he believed her to be a Mossad agent during the plot. There is evidence that an alleged Iraqi who got away, Ramzi Yousef, was also one of the principles in the plot. Why hasn't Salameh implicated him? Apparently, the whole story has not yet come to light. In the end we must ask cui bono (who benefits)? The answer is clear: Israel." 0