March 17, 2012 journal, Davidiy is recited for the sake of history of the Old Testament. Yair, I really wish I could send you a whole lot more. Your videos have been very meaningful to me. Anything holy is under attack and has been for centuries. Your efforts have been massive in turning back hearts of the holy people. I just hope more of them can hear your message.-Jim 3. John "Globetrotter": Possible Future Changes of the Earth's Surface. RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1938: Ten Tribes Studies # 4. Ross: Brit-am has added greatly to my understanding of the subject. Shalom Yair-I found the comments by Ross extremely interesting. ... there is strong indication that the earth will undergo major geological and geographical changes once again at the coming of Messiah. The time is likened to the days of Noah (c. Gen 6-8) and the more we 'peel that onion', the more it would appear to be true. There is growing evidence that the earth is much younger than 'evolutionary science' claims, and that the large single continent of Pangaea comprised the main pre-Flood topography of the earth. God designed it that way for a reason.Then came the Flood which radically altered the earth's surface, creating for example the Mediterranean ('middle of the earth') Sea, the Atlantic ocean, the Americas and Australasia. It was now time for God to isolate distant lands and continents that could only be accessed after long treks or voyages and in preparation for future Israelite migration/colonisation. In this way, and well in advance, "the Most High divided their inheritance to the nations, when He separated the sons of Adam, He set the boundaries of the peoples according to the number of the children of Israel" (Deut 32:8) -- complete with 'choke-points' or 'gates'. 'Continental drift' was in fact more of a 'sprint'. Had the world remained one large continent or even several smaller, but close ones, the English-speaking colonisation of USA, Canada, Australia and 'to the ends of the earth' (Deut 33:17) would never have taken place. Such areas would not have been 'virgin' lands of significant space and natural resources, and given the time to develop into world powers. They would have become ravished and denuded like North Africa or the Middle East. After the pattern of Nimrod (Gen 10-11), powerful European or Asiatic or equivalent empires would have controlled these continents, making periods of relative peace impossible. There would have been no Gulf Stream to ensure temperate climate and fertility around the Atlantic seaboard. There would have been no Royal Navy to police the 18th and 19th an early 20th centuries, nor any US 'arsenal' to successfully combat Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union -- or indeed defend Israel -- during and since WW2. The question would then arise as to whether in the Messianic age, the need for the 'Americas' (for example) remains; or whether another global topography underpinning a more centralised society (rather like in Noah's day) and world capital in Jerusalem performs a better function for God and mankind. Who knows what might happen to these large continents after the Pacific 'ring of fire', tsunamis, global war, other natural phenomena and supernatural intervention have taken their toll? Moreover, since there is to be highway from Egypt to Assyria via Israel (Isa 19:23), and if 'modern Assyria' is in fact in Europe rather than Kurdistan, such a route would require massive geographical changes to the eastern Mediterranean, Turkey and the Balkans. This, together with the removal of the Nile Delta (Isa 11:15), further suggests a reclaimed sub-continent extending from Egypt up through Cyprus to Turkey, and the Bosporus / Greek islands becoming a plain. (Brit-Am publications have suggested that 'Greater Israel' would include Cyprus and part of Anatolia.) It will be a time of easy access to Jerusalem for all nations (Zech 14:16-19) -- thus removing any excuse for not attending there to worship the King. This might indicate a more 'Pangaea-like' world without the need for fleets of jumbo jets. ...The 'mountain of the Lord's house' in Isa 2:2-3 (coupled with Dan 2:35; Joel 3:17 etc.) may be as much a topographical description of Millennial Jerusalem as a symbol of Messiah's government -- visible from a great distance, and perhaps the result of the massive earthquake yet to occur there (Ezek 38:19; Rev 11:13). Indeed Zech 14:8 (coupled with Joel 2:20) may hint at a rather more equal distribution of the 'living waters' than simply flowing into a massive western sea (the Med) and a tiny eastern (Dead) sea that we have today. What better way to desalinate the Dead Sea (in addition to supernatural, ecological re-engineering) than flush and dilute it with much more water -- perhaps from the re-routed Aqaba or Persian Gulf? "So they will say, 'This land that was desolate has become like the Garden of Eden..." (Ezek 36:35) -- by which point will the earth and mankind have come full circle?" Regards Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: Wells Fargo has marketed itself as the bank of choice for Latinos, yet a new report details the bank's ties to the private prison industry, which lobbies for, and profits from, stepped-up enforcement and criminalization of immigration laws, like Arizona's SB 1070.