March 22, 2012 journal, America is coming unraveled with these wars and money chaos. America Is Unravelling coming from Texe Marrs Special Report. A process of global and U.S. "Destabilization" is underway. "The economy is at the danger point. The dollar is in free-fall. The EuroZone is collapsing; Japan is also suffering a depression, and Mexico is a basket case of corruption, drug cartels, and mass murders exacerbated by Obama and Holder's "Fast and Furious" gun running scheme. A gigantic socialist welfare state is being erected in the United States, and tens of billions of taxpayer dollars are being "redistributed" to blacks, Hispanics, and to illegal aliens to create dependency. A "shock troop" force-literally Red Youth Brigades-are being organized by the criminal Obama Administration, and the entire country is under imminent threat of social breakdown and civil war. Trash society is fed by meth, cocaine, oxycontin, and other drugs. Millions of dumbed-down college students are on the dole due to wasteful government loan programs. Homeland Security is engineering the "Sovietization of America," complete with a Big Brother Police State and gulag camps. America is in grave danger, and neither the Republican or Democrat Party can help. Romney and Obama-along with the debauched liars of the mainstream media-are under the thumb of the Illuminist elite. What are patriotic men and women to do faced with such immense and grave danger? "They hatch cockatrice' (flying serpent) eggs, and weave the spider's web: he that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper."Isaiah 59:5 Paul Street, ZCommunications: "If Romney and their ilk want to know why the rich bear such a large share of the nation's income tax burden to pay for 'big government' these days, they should look at how they influenced big government precisely to serve their interests to concentrate wealth and income in ever fewer hands, to downgrade the middle and working classes and to expand the ranks of the poor." Inmates "Fly Kites" to the FCC Demanding Fair Phone Call Rates Mike Ludwig, Truthout: "Phone companies charge rates so high - as much as $15 for 15 minutes in some states - that many of America's roughly 2.3 million inmates and their families, who are often already struggling economically, simply cannot afford to stay in touch. This isn't just bad for inmates and struggling families; it's bad for society."