March 27, 2012 journal, God gives us the right to prayer but not to protest against him. The children of Israel got into a lot of trouble protesting, being unthankful for his many blessings while in transit from the awful slavery of Egypt to the Promised Land that was flowing with milk and honey. They were so-called late drop the ground. Arun Gupta, Truthout: "By enabling people to find fulfillment in all parts of their lives ... the Occupy movement is more than a movement. It is life-changing. People experience themselves as complete social beings, not just as angry, alienated protesters. The emergence of every mass movement makes sense in hindsight, but no one could have predicted hundreds of occupations and thousands of groups would pop up across the United States just weeks after a ragged encampment secured a tenuous foothold on Wall Street last September." Read the Article Gareth Porter, Truthout: "On July 23, 2011, a 35-year-old Iranian electrical engineering student named Darioush Rezaeinejad was gunned down as he and his wife, who was also wounded in the attack, waited for their child in front of a kindergarten in Tehran.... Rezaeinejad was the fourth Iranian scientist whom the Israelis had tried to assassinate, but what was different about his assassination is the subsequent effort by the Israelis to justify it after the fact." "Israel has never denied that it was behind that assassination, and two senior US officials have confirmed to NBC news that the accusation by Ali Larijani - a senior adviser to Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei - that Israel's Mossad had used the Mujahideen E. Khalq (MEK) to carry out the killing of Iranian scientists was essentially accurate. Rezaeinejad was the fourth Iranian scientist whom the Israelis had tried to assassinate, but what was different about his assassination is the subsequent effort by the Israelis to justify it after the fact. That effort casts new light not only on the larger assassination campaign, but on the way in which Israel has gone about constructing its contention that there is an active Iranian nuclear weapons program. In the first hours after Rezaeinejad was gunned down, the chancellor of Khajeh Nasir Toosi University, Majid Ghasemi, identified him as an MS electrical engineering student who had specialized in power engineering. Ghasemi said he was unaware of any involvement by Rezaeinejad in Iran's nuclear program. Iranian officials were convinced, at first, that the assassins had confused the young student with an assistant professor at Amir Kabir University of Technology in Tehran named Dariush Rezaei Ochbelagh, who is a specialist in nuclear reactors. Fars News Agency reported the next day that it was indeed the student in electrical engineering who had been assassinated. The agency reported that Rezaeinejad had been doing basic research on high-voltage switches. Noting that high-voltage switches are used in detonators for nuclear weapons and missiles, the agency speculated that this was why Rezaeinejad was put on an "assassination list." It pointed out, however, that high-voltage switches have many nonmilitary as well as conventional applications, and insisted there was "no evidence" that Rezaeinejad's work was related to nuclear weapons. The possibility that Mossad killed the wrong Iranian scientist cannot be completely ruled out. But almost immediately after his murder, Israel sought to justify the murder of Rezaeinejad by presenting him as working on the covert nuclear weapons program Israel had been claiming for years. Associated Press correspondent in Vienna George Jahn reported on July 28 that an anonymous official of an anonymous "member state" of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) told him Rezaeinejad had been participating in "developing high voltage switches," which he described as "a key component in setting off the explosives needed to trigger a nuclear warhead." Jahn's anonymous source also gave him the abstract of a professional paper by Rezaeinejad, which Jahn reported "appeared to back that claim." Jahn went on to quote a source he described as a "former UN nuclear inspector," who said the title of the paper would make an "explosive application" of the switch "likely" and suggested that he had co-written professional articles with a specialist on "explosives testing," further confirming that view. Two months later, on September 19, Jahn and his anonymous source from the unnamed member state were back at it again, this time with a purported "intelligence summary" claiming to identify the researcher who had allegedly collaborated with Rezaeinejad on making a "key component" of a nuclear weapon as Mojtaba Dadashnejad. The alleged collaborator was said to have been playing "a key role at the center of the Iranian nuclear project," according to Jahn. The "intelligence summary" further claimed that Iranian officials suspected that Dadashnejad had "leaked information" that led to the killing. There was no explanation as to why the purported collaborator, supposedly at "the center" of Iran's nuclear weapons program, would have decided to "leak" information that he would have known would expose both of them to being killed by an Israeli-sponsored assassination team. Finally, the intelligence summary claimed that Rezaeinejad was not an electrical engineer at all, but a "physicist" who had worked for the Iranian defense ministry on not only high-voltage switches, but also on other projects linked to nuclear weapons development - which it did not identify. But an investigation into the Rezaeinejad case reveals that Israel had used the AP's Jahn to carry out a deliberate disinformation campaign about the victim to justify his murder. Rezaeinejad left a record of published research which makes it very clear that he was indeed an electrical engineer, rather than a physicist, and that he had been working on basic electrical power engineering technologies. The title of the professional paper by Rezaeinejad that was cited as evidence of his ties to a nuclear weapons work, written for the 2008 Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, was translated into English as "Design, Build and Test an Explosive Closing Switch." His co-author on the paper, which can be found on the Internet, was indeed Dadashnejad, and the paper refers to a "test explosion of a switch for switching packets." But the Israeli official and his former UN "nuclear inspector" were implying that the "explosion" to be tested involved high explosives such as would be used to detonate a nuclear weapon. That was profoundly misleading, according to Dr. Behrad Nakhai, a nuclear engineer and former research scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. "One shouldn't make too much of the word 'explosive' in the title and in the abstract," said Nakhai, who suggested that "spark" would be a more appropriate term to describe what was tested in Rezaeinejad's research. In fact, the abstract also refers to the closing switch in question as a "spark gap switch." The "key words" accompanying the abstract further suggest that the closing switch Rezaeinejad was developing was for an "explosive pulsed power" system, an electric power technology which uses an explosive to produce the most rapid release of energy possible. Explosive pulsed power (EPP) was originally developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory and its Soviet counterpart in support of the respective governments' nuclear weapons programs. But in recent decades, EPP programs have sprung up in a number of countries as scientists and engineers have discovered a range of military and nonmilitary applications. The US Air Force, for example, is using EPP for aerospace missions requiring extremely high peak energy supplies provided by much more compact power sources. In addition, EPP is used for high-power lasers, high-power microwave sources and other commercial applications. As for Rezaeinejad's co-author, Dadashnejad, there is no institutional affiliation listed and no further record of any publications. Three Iranian-American scientists and engineers have told this writer that inquiries to their colleagues in the academic community in Iran about that individual have brought the same response: no one has heard of him. Nakhai believes that Dadashnejad may not have been a specialist on explosive testing, as the "former UN weapons inspector" and Israeli intelligence suggested, but merely a junior laboratory technician who helped Rezaeinejad assemble materials and carry out the testing. Nakhai noted that the publication of that paper itself is actually strong evidence that neither Rezaeinejad nor Dadashnejad had any involvement whatever in anything related to nuclear weapons research. "If an individual were involved the design and production of any part of a nuclear weapon," he told me, "they would not have been allowed to publish any paper with even the slightest hint of the research and development." Two other professional papers by Rezaeinejad confirm the fact that he had been carrying out rudimentary research on basic electrical technologies with a range of commercial applications. In a paper published at the same annual conference on electrical engineering in 2007, Rezaeinejad had described research on electrolyte resistors for a high-voltage pulsed power system. Such resistors are found in most electronic equipment. And in 2006, Rezaeinejad presented a paper on the "Design and Simulation of a 5000 kV Marx Generator." The Marx generator is a basic technology for generating high-voltage pulses used in testing the insulation of electrical systems such as large power transformers. The story peddled by the Israeli "intelligence summary," that Iranian officials suspected Dadashnejad of having "leaked" information about the sensitive work it claimed he and Rezaeinejad were doing for the military, was even more far-fetched. The logical implication of that claim would be that Dadashnejad - supposedly a top scientist in the nuclear weapons program - had reported Rezaeinejad's work to Israeli intelligence. Perhaps it was imagined that such a detail would lend more credibility to the idea of Rezaeinejad as secretly working on nuclear weapons. What Associated Press and the raft of newspapers which featured Jahn's story should have asked themselves - even without having carefully examined the details of the claims - was why a researcher involved in a covert nuclear weapons program would go about his daily life in Tehran without the slightest security precautions, despite the previous assassination or attempted assassination of three Iranian scientists. A notable feature of the Israeli effort to justify the killing of Rezaeinejad is the role played by an unnamed "former UN nuclear inspector." The only former IAEA inspector who is known to have passed on "intelligence" about Iran from an IAEA member state or from someone inside the IAEA is David Albright, the head of the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington, DC. It was Albright who revealed the name of the Ukrainian scientist Vyacheslav Danilenko to a group of intelligence officials last October. Danilenko was reported in the November 2011 IAEA report as a "former nuclear weapons specialist" who allegedly helped Iran build a containment vessel to carry out testing of nuclear weapons designs. In comments on the PBS NewsHour on January 12 about the assassination of Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, a procurement officer at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility, Albright appeared to be justifying the killing by speculating that he was responsible for international smuggling of materials into Iran. The murder of Rezaeinejad, and the way Israel has justified it, parallels the way Israel has made its case that Iran is pursuing a covert nuclear weapons program. The operative principle of the Israeli approach has always been that, if a particularly individual, technology or project could conceivably be linked to nuclear weapons, it must be assumed that it is evidence of Iran's nuclear weapons program. For example, Israel, backed the Bush administration, began insisting in 2004 that the Iranian military was the real power managing the Gchine uranium mine in order to secretly acquire uranium for a covert weapons program, despite the evidence that the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran was managing the mine. And that same year, the Israelis and their allies in Washington pointed to satellite photos of the Parchin military testing facility that they claimed showed sites that must be for testing nuclear weapons without fissile material. They insisted that the IAEA visit twice to find a nuclear weapons testing site, but after inspecting ten different buildings and grounds in two different areas of that base, they found nothing. Rezaeinejad was a victim of the same scattershot approach, which claims a connection to nuclear weapons on the most slender and far-fetched evidence. But the Israeli government has been able to take advantage of the credulity of the news media to cover up the irrationality of its terrorism." AndreiVyshinsky-What an absolute moral disaster the State of Israel has become! Founded by many who had every right at the time to the moral high ground, Israel has progressively sunk to the level of its pre-1948 persecutors. It is now the biggest threat to world peace extant. Extricating ourselves from the tentacles of the American lobby that both does its bidding and literally owns America's political life will be no walk in the park. But with the success of Occupy there is the hope that its principal agents will find themselves one day at the defense table in a peoples' tribunal convened to excise the body politic of its putrefying entrails. Jewhitwo-I totally agree. Some of the Germans that immigrated to Israel must have carried the Nazi Gene and they have totally infiltrated the government of Israel. Unless the US and other major nations wake up to the Evil in Israel the world may shortly experience another very devastating war. I just hope that whoever is in charge in the US at the time has enough sense to stay out of it. Theazcowboy-Ohhhh, but the AIPAC owned and operated pro-Israel US Congressional whores and pimps are always willing to help the war criminal Zionists, I mean, they know that Israel's cowardly IDF/IAF forces are 'only' experienced in warring against unarmed Palestinian and Lebanese civliains! (Especially kids in the 8-16 year old age range that throw rocks at Israel's 100,000 lb. Merkava Mk IV tanks causing the war criminal Jews great danger and consternation), LOL Viola Perry-Evil always wins or shall I say the dark side in a human wins usually. Israel is disgusting, why are we still supporting them with our dollars. Why is no candidate running against this handout? 5-So Israel depends on racially motivated murder, (genocide), in order to exist. 6. Israel, it's state and it's society has no right to exist, with no right to defend anything, or anyone. It's founders and its current defenders had and have no "moral high ground, any more than theiving, muderous terrorist hypocrites, and their accomplices have any such, "high ground".This is not to say that Israel's victims have a right to murder, non tax paying Israeli children. It is to say: 1. Palestinians have more right to defend them selves, than the aggressors do. 2. That zionist and their accomplices require a greater morality from their victims, than they require from themselves. 3. israel will become insurstainible, if only Palesti0naians can resist for long enough. It's our job to help them, as best we can. @ AndreiVyshinsky: No, "occupy" is the correct word, for several reasons. During the Zionist settlement project of the 19th century, many Europeans bought land titles the Ottoman government had issued to absentee Arab landlords, with no concern at all for the people who had in fact lived there for centuries. It is exactly analogous to Peter Minuit paying one native people for land rights on Manhattan Island that in fact belonged to another people altogether. Similarly, who were the British to issue a document like the Balfour Declaration? Did anyone ask the people of Palestine about it? Typical British hubris. Any argument that stands on Balfour immediately falls on its face. Third: have a look at the population maps of Palestine in, say, 1945, and then at the partition plan put forward by the UN. And then look at the plan as modified by the British. And then look at the result of the 1947-48 war. What you see is a systematic erosion of Arab land rights, where a number of minority-Jewish areas are taken from the Arabs and incorporated into the Zionist state. 1967. The settlements and the Wall. So, let's not shrink from the facts: most of the land controlled by Jews today in Palestine was obtained by morally and legally suspect means, and the Zionist state continues to support the occupation of land that was never given to it by even the most dubious of international agreements. Occupation, in a word. AndreiVyshinsky While I understand your direction here, the Balfour Declaration had provided for a Jewish presence there during this period, so use of the term "occupying" is a bit energetic, I'd say. And one wonders if a little charity on the part of Arabs in the face of an ominous pan-European antisemitism after the First World War might have helped ease tensions at the time. My complaint is with what things have become. Its as though Rudolf Hoess is now the Israeli Prime Minister. Stephen Oliver @AndreiVyshinsky The Balfour Declaration made it very clear that in declaring Palestine was to be a homeland for the Jewish people, nothing was to be done to prejudice the rights of the existing indigenous (non-Jewish) population of Palestine. Robert Mulcahy-I will add further, Israel has many assassinations and many military adventures and got applause all through the western world. Let me ask a question, what are the objectives of those acheivmenets except that it is a temporary applause and temporary triaumph. Israel is back to square one. All those acheivements did not make Israel safe one iota. In fact, it has expedited the Arab awakening. Iran is a classical example. Today, Mossad Cheif has warned his leadership not to make any stupid move against Iran. We will start the war, but we cannot end it. What my whole argument is what are the objectives of doing this or that or killing this or that or sending viruses here and there? Nothing. Today, Israel remains a beggar state, far more insecure, the gap of technology has considerably less between Israel and its adversaries. Democracy is waving all through the Arab street. It seems that if Israel fails to grab the current peace intisative, it will be history. Iran's sophisticated leadership has not reacted for those killings, realizing that America and Israel is well on the path of their own destruction. Iran still reserves the right to hit back when it feels appropirate. The patience of Iran has paid off. Today, from Tunisia to Syria, the public uprising is the death knell for any occupier. No more dictators will be there to serve their masters. Nathenyahu thinks that he is a master of talk, but he is not. He is just stupid. What 1% society does is kept secrets from the 99% society, the 1% society protects itself with security forces paid for by the 99%, and the 1% stirs the world peace with hate sticks and war banners, while it is the victim 99% that suffer the consensuses of the bellicose activities and secret intentions of the 1%. Dwaldon13"Founded by many who had every right at the time to the moral high ground." Why? These alleged "moral high grounders" then immediately bulldozed out of existence the homes and businesses of 700,000 plus Palestinians based on the inane premise that they were the "chosen people" and that this particular geographical blemish on the earth belonged to them." Martin-"A few more assassinations and Israel will be justified in claiming it is in danger from Iran - because Iran will retaliate, just as the Israeli war hawks want. Netanyahu and his gang of thugs want a war. They are already provoking it. They want us to fight it for them - will Bibby and his cronies go to the front lines? Likely not! They'll urge "Let's you, US, go to war, and we;ll sit back and watch you fight it for us, and then we'll take even more money from you to help us 'rebuild' our 'peaceful' settlements. We are, after all, God's Chosen People." GrafHerman "Enough is enough ! It is long overdue that assorted countries start striking back and assassinating Israelis around the world. It is an evil thought but I do believe in an eye for an eye , a tooth for a tooth. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. After the 60 year Holocaust of the Palestinians , the Zionists have proven themselves to be MUCH worse than the Nazis . Even peaceful boats trying to bring food and medication to the impoverished and suffering Palestinians are attacked and innocents murdered by the Zionists . They are an EVIL cabal whose goal is world domination thru the "New World Order"