March 31, 2012 journal, a wedding fit for a queen and a devastating rainstorm with hail. An immaculate wedding took place at the Furman University Chapel is surprisingly long and tall seating 400 people and it was filled to capacity. A State judge performed their ceremony while a Church Minister of the Gospel officiated. It is the first time I have ever seen the church and the state standing together to marry a man and a woman which is the churches responsibility. The state has involved itself in marriages and that has caused many problems especially in divorces, although this one will not end in divorce I believe. A judge married a lawyer to a Christian Doctor of psychology both graduates of Regent University in Virginia Beach Virginia. They made a beautiful bright and shining couple. What a sight to see a black court robe standing beside a white gold church ministers robe. Prior to just over 100 years ago all marriages were by common-law which is God's law and just as good as today's state marriage performed by an ordained minister or any one commission by the state. A state, any State. To hear the term "By the power invested in me by the state of........., I pronounce you man and wife". By the power invested in me? What? Let us look at that term once more. A ministry of the gospel being up there saying, he has the power of the state invested in him? Normally he would say I have the power of God invested in me. He would say, "By the power of Almighty God that is invested in me I pronounce you man and wife. He whom God has join together let no man put asunder". What business is it or should it be of a State to control marriage that is ordained by God? Do I want the power of the State invested in me or my marriage or into my preacher? No. It seems to me that you would be the property of the State if you have their power or spirit invested in you. I am the property of God Almighty who created the breath in my body. I am the property of no State or Federal Corporation. O men of the Cloth, what have you allowed to happen to you if you have the power of the state in your bosom rather than the power of God in your bosom. Does state pay your salary or do the people pay your salary? There is no separation of Church and State when the state authorizes preachers to marry people in a legally binding ceremony. The creatures are definitely then as property of the state. If the ministers of the gospel are property of the state's, then they must speak the words and the gospel of the state. Not speaking as Rome spoke got the apostle Paul in jail and the apostle Peter and 10 apostles as it got the apostle John the revelator exiled on the Isle of Patmos for good. Judas is the only one that escaped by hanging himself and going straight to hell where he will burn forever but never be consumed or insulated from fire. Half Americas marriages fail with broken homes and abused or neglected children. I ask my brother if he could unmarry people he had married in his spiritual profession and he said no. The state would allow him to marry people right away as they do all ministers with no questions asked but it takes a team of lawyers and a court and a judge to free one from a bad spouse. It may take a million dollars in money to separate from a tyrant. The idolatry Roman Catholic Church has a better plan and it's called annulment of a marriage. TheKennedy family used probably still do when they want to step up to another marriage. The states should pass no laws regulating marriages because they have no right to do so. The next law they may pass probably will be to outlaw common-law marriages as they do want to do to meddle in private affairs where in they have no right or control over people. Thank you Meghan and Edward Davis for inviting me to your lovely wedding on this day.