May 02, 2012 journal, most all American people think they are free being unaware of the bondage we suffer manifested by our worlds highest prison population and imagine being higher than China or Russia. Although China is accused of harvesting their prisoners and marketing of their body parts. Russia is accused of flat out killing their prisoners. There is actually very little difference in the question of political prisoner policies. The question of political prisoners also should be considered. There needs to be conferences on these charges to keep them before the eyes of the people in the world. We need to start with the murderous insane Predator Drones killing people by remote-control and without due process of law. I see little difference between China's One Child Policy, which we do openly oppose, and our abortion on demand policy of the United States and the world. What hypocrites we are to defend China's dissident while we imprison our own people. Are we a nation of hypocrites supporting Antichrist government or do the people really have a voice anymore than they did in Russia since 1917 the Vladimir Lenin regime as it is really one and the same. We are akin to the Russian Communist government by one common denominator 'Israeli impostors' which warms the hearts of most all Americans. The faithful Church riding the scarlet colored beast from the pit of hell drunk on blood of the saints. How long Lord will this atrocity last? I pray for deliverance from false Israeli. false propaganda being spewed out of the mouths of the media Fox and all of them that are cozying up to the Christian Church marketing Israel without identifying Netanyahu as coming from the Communist Lenin Russia the largest killer of Christians of 20th Century. Lenin was one of millions 'Antichrists' who persecuted & killed Russia Christian people. This alone more than fulfilled the prophecy of the Great Persecution Christ spoke of here on earth as coming and it was even worse than the Moslem redcaps dipped in Christians blood after the slaughter of 50,000 in one day in North Africa about the 8th century and reminded by the Hejaz parades' of the Super elite and advanced Masons of the Shriners. To wear that cap means I have personally killed a Christian yet it's indorsed by Christians. Lord God Almighty, help us to understand and to stand for righteousness against all evil. The Pope and Catholic leaders including the Jesuit priests are part of the Antichrist as are The Moslems but the worst in my opinion is false Israel masquerading as God's people. Unfortunately, 99% of church folks today are brainwashed and will swear by false Israel. Barely a peep of expression comes in behind articles online with nicknames due to people being afraid to speak out in this "free land" I so loved and cherished from my child hood. All this translate to love of money and worship of filthy lucre by Protestant Church Folks. A lone voice crying in the wilderness but not heard until the end comes and it is too late. Can you imagine America where the true God is banned from public acknowledgement? Next we will see the abolishment of the Bible from personal property allowed in homes because it might corrupt someone. What heresy. The Catholic Church did it during the dark ages when a person could be put to death if the Bible were to be found in their home. The secret of Russia killing Christians has been successfully obscured for near 100 years. The Talmud worshipers are anti everybody even to the House of Israel in favor of money. New York is their New Jerusalem, Washington is their fuel pit for gentile extermination. Ask any Orthodox Jewish person and they will most likely tell you the truth about Israel. We are not Gentile except we are not called Jewish. We are the 10 lost Tribes of Israel. rate in the Book of Revelation chapters 2 and 3, Christ condemns those that are called Jewish but they are not. Yesu Christ was not Jewish as there was no J in any language.