May 08, 2012 journal, the bees are dying and Chase Bank just lost 2 billion trading stock. This is an emergency for Chase but the honey bees all dying does not get their attention. Monsanto, Bayer and Dow Chemical do not get the message that honey bees pollinate most of our food supply. They are dying even in the hives because of their insecticides. But, like the autistic children, it will never be blamed on the deadly vaccination industry. IG Farben Bayer G. E. NBC has a new pesticide out more deadly than them all drifting over our honeybees. I can obviously see our humger in the future for us all but the people cannot see and the TV news conspiracy is not about to tell us the truth of these dangers. So many food items have already doubled in price within the last year. A crisis is coming. Check online for the dangers of Monsanto's roundup weed killer to the nervous system. BuzzFlash at Truthout has periodically written on the increasingly perverse profiteering of big agriculture (Big Ag), particularly its toxic threat (most recently about Monsanto and the dying of bees). In fact, it is an ominous evolution that chemical companies have - through GMO seeds and herbicides - become the most powerful force in Big Ag. What are companies associated with the likes of Agent Orange and Dioxin (and there are more than just Monsanto and Dow in the chemical company takeover of Big Ag) doing controlling large swathes of crops throughout the world - and building a cycle of toxic dependency on their products? In an article in 2010, BuzzFlash at Truthout pointed out how Dow chemical was creating a new corn seed that would be resistant to an herbicide that contained chemicals used in Agent Orange. Of course the next step is to then use a toxic Agent Orange variation to spray on the GMO corn seed Dow has developed. The reason for this potentially poisonous business "innovation" is, in large part, that adaptive weeds have become resistant to Mosanto's Roundup, which was touted as the cure all for killing off weeds in the first place. Nature has a way of evolving around even potent toxic chemicals. Of course, Monsanto and Dow claim that their herbicides will not cause cancer or other diseases in humans, but we've heard that line before. Furthermore, both Monsanto and Dow have, as Jim Hightower points out, created a multi-billion dollar dependency on their genetically modified seeds and matching herbicides. Dow is hardly alone in pursuing its happiness at the expense of others. Indeed, rather than finding ways to cooperate with the natural world, America's agribusiness giants generally reach for the quick, high-tech fix in a futile effort to overpower nature. Their attitude is that if brute force isn't working, they're probably not using enough of it. Monsanto, for example, has banked a fortune by selling a corn seed that it genetically manipulated to produce corn plants that won't die when sprayed with a toxic weed-killer "Roundup." Not coincidentally, Monsanto also happens to be the maker of Roundup, so it has profited from the seed and from the surge in Roundup sales that the seed generated. Slick. Hightower suspects that Dow's genetically engineered corn will receive government approval and it will mean a fortune for the company and its stokcholders, but as Hightower notes: Not so happy, though, for consumers worried about the untested long-term health consequences of the altered corn and the carcinogenic possibilities of ingesting more 2,4- D. Also, when sprayed, this herbicide can vaporize and spread for miles, killing crops that are not immune, poisoning the surrounding environment, and endangering the health of farmers and townspeople throughout the area. Indeed, for all practical purposes we've witnessed the morphing of Big Ag into a chemical industry food production line dependent upon increasingly dangerous weed killers that actually result in the development of more resistant super weeds. As Monsanto and Dow engage in this noxiouspesticide/GMO seed scheme, the irony may be that that the ever-adapting weeds may outlive humans." The new Israeli nation and Star of David are Zionists from Russia, not at all Israelites. They are not Israelites seed of Abraham, nor Edomites but Khazar converts to Judaism. they're not the Edomites from Esau as I thought, they are from southern Russian Khazars. The New Testament declares all non Christians as being the Antichrist. Books of John We can expect another government (FED) bailout of Chase Bank for their trading losses.