May 10, 2012 journal, J.P. Morgan Chase lost 2 billion dollars in the stock market and 100 million in one single trade according to news reports but that is not even a drop in the bucket compared to the derivatives losses which are being somehow covered by the Fed. The wonderful money-making apparatus keeps on working for them so stay home if you have a home and do not waste your time and energies demonstrating against those people. God has promised to avenge our enemies and that he will do in his good time. Be patient. The banks are the enemy of the people at Chase like others put their highest Harvard up to defend them against losses and exposure to negative reports causing the people to riot. The 99% is on the verge of exposing massive corruption in the American financial system and it could be curtains for the greatest show on earth of cops and robbers acquiring the wealth of the poor working class majority which is to say the honest hardworking people. This is just another form of slavery and national occupation by a hostile alien people that own and control the foreign Federal Reserve as of 1913 and make money to buy media. The Woodrow Wilson Federal Reserve Act was an act of treason by he and Congress. 98 % of people may still not understand what happened or why they are demonstrating. They need to be educated first outside the Beltway and Hollywood Boulevard to know. Be not any part of this evil Antichrist system that aborts children and sends our sons and daughters to fight our foreign wars based on insane antichrist reasoning straight from hell. The Talmud may be older than I thought extending back into the Old Testament but hey yet after all some Israelites did sacrifice their children on the altar of Moloch during Old Testament times after King Solomon and that was not the case are Russian Communist people, their Talmudic mud Bible " calls all non Jewish " people billion cattle. Land and double up the dead because it is against Jewish custom customarily all to bury animals. How disgusting. We cannot blame the modern case Khazars for every evil in their history. I pray God to kill give the American people wisdom and knowledge of history of who we are and how we came about under God's eternal plan. the Edomites to work were part of the Palestine landscape are basically destroyed by God being the cursed children of Esau. The Khazar Russian Communist impostures are in charge today of you and your money. They are Israelis but not Israelites; they are a fraud and were expelled from Spain in 1492 for the very same crimes of debt they are now committing on Americans today. Wake up America because you have the right to God giveth wisdom and knowledge and to be free. These crypto Khazar converts to Judaism of the seventh century are in charge of a lot more than our money, our government, law enforcement, insurance, our food and water supply, and even our thinking through the Hollywood enterprises and their own public television. It appears to me that J.P. Morgan is one of many diversionary names to hide Rothschild as obscure in the central bank business beast of burden that has committed crimes against the people of America. Chase also to extend is in the same boat as the Rothschild family.