May 13, 2012 journal, Mothers Day seems sacred and a message from Charles Stanley for this Sunday morning. CBS had a special report on the breast as one mother is shown to be beast feeding her son still at 6 years old. I see no problem with that. The medical industry did great harm to future generations by insisting on bottle feeding where their doctors had financial interest in the powdered milk industry, sterilizers, baby bottles. You cannot beat God's way of raising children. Charles Stanley condemned the television industry stating with the exception of his own In Touch Ministries and a few others he said that, all they do is corrupt society for "most people are glued to the TV" and I agree with his statement. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers of the world but it is a sad day for all those mothers who aborted their babies as the stain will always be with you as much as any murder case. You have believed the devil lie that it was just a fetus in your wound when it was a baby. The media frenzy now in progress over the description of marriage of one woman to one man of the opposite sex the way God intended. Mitt Romney favors a band on same-sex marriage as the president gives way to politics advocating rights of those perverted people to unnatural unions, this is an abomination of desolation atleast in this one of many cases. Big news on J.P. Morgan Chase losing a hundred million dollar bet but they are not about to go broke so long as the private independent foreign Federal Reserve is there ready and willing to bail them out with your tax money. Do not hold your breath and don't fight the Federal Reserve because you cannot win when it has been stacked against us since 1913. The obscure Communist Khazar invaders occupy this country the same as they do Israel. Live a Christian life before all mankind and belong to no secret orders or secret religions. The Church and the Christian message of salvation eternal life is the only thing we should be concerned with spreading the gospel of Christ as Lord-Yahweh Yesu, the Son of God. There will be no peace coming out of Wall Street banking conglomerate only bloody war. Any man that cannot get along with his mom is not a good man anymore than one letting his wife do all the work or at least the hard work. Let man be man and woman be woman. I rate In Touch Ministries as a 9 out of 10 true gospel message non-political. Key Scripture: Timothy 1:1-7; 3:14-15 "I. Introduction: The word "inheritance" is usually associated with material possessions, but there is another kind of legacy that's even more valuable. Although it can't be seen, counted, or measured, a spiritual inheritance is the most priceless gift you can pass on to your children and grandchildren. It is imparted over the course of a lifetime when adults use godly words and display godly actions. But remember, you cannot give what you do not have. This is why both parents and grandparents are responsible for developing their own spiritual lives first. The apostle Timothy is a wonderful example of someone who was blessed with such a treasure. When he was young, his mother and grandmother shared their faith and knowledge of Scripture with him, and because of it, he had a firm foundation to stand on when he was called into ministry. II. Components of a Spiritual Heritage. There are many spiritual treasures you can leave to your children that will have a lasting impact on their lives. You can instill: A. A desire to follow Christ. Although you can't pass on salvation, your desire for the Lord is contagious. When your children experience the joy you feel when you talk about Christ, they'll also become interested in Him. Their interest in Christ comes from watching and seeing that He is the center of your life. B. A reverence for God's Word. No other book in the world can match the Bible, and parents have the responsibility to share it with their children. Let them see you reading the Word so they know how important it is. Be sure to give them Bibles and read to them regularly. As your children grow, challenge them to search God's Word for answers. C. An under-standing of how to listen to the Lord. The most important thing in life is to learn how to listen to God. He can't be perceived by our physical senses, so children must be taught to listen with their spirits. Instruct them to ask the Lord for direction and wait for answers. When they think the Lord has spoken, help them discern if what they heard is consistent with God's Word. D. A pattern of obedience. Since kids follow our examples more easily than our words, the best way to teach obedience is by modeling it. This means we must let them know when our actions are done out of submission to God. It also requires we admit mistakes and explain why it was wrong for us not to follow the Lord. E. A faith that conquers the trials of life. Although we want to protect children from adult worries, we also need to let them know some of our struggles so they can see how we trust the Lord in hard times. F. A forgiving heart. Like all the other benefits of a spiritual heritage, this difficult one must be taught by example. Our children need to witness a forgiving response from us when we're wronged. Christ holds nothing against us, so we don't have a right to do it either. G. An orderly lifestyle. One of our jobs as parents is to provide disciplined lives for our children. Since they learn how to handle responsibilities from us, it is important that we demonstrate self-control in our actions, finances, diets, schedules. H. A servant's spirit. A willingness to serve others is a valuable quality that will benefit children throughout their lives. It's up to us as adults to model this characteristic for them by unselfishly putting others first. Children will learn to imitate our servant-heart behavior. I. A generous hand. Every child enters this world bent away from God. As parents, we have a responsibility to teach them generosity because it won't come naturally. When they see us freely sharing our money, possessions, and time, they will understand the joy of giving and how God is always faithful to provide for those who are charitable towards others (Luke 6:38). J. Sincere love. All children need to feel loved. As they experience our genuine, unconditional affection, they'll learn to give it to others. This kind of devotion is not demonstrated by the things we give them but by pouring our lives into theirs. III. Conclusion: We provide a spiritual inheritance to children in 3 ways. Most importantly, we do so by the pattern of our own lives. Secondly, we pass on the principles that govern our lives to them. That's why it's our responsibility to explain the Biblical truths we believe and follow. And finally, we provide a spiritual legacy through the power of our words as we interact daily with our children." I appreciate the consistent gospel output of Charles Stanley and I do recommend his weekly messages to all people. I would prefer to quote a Pentecostal minister but right now I do not have one to offer as they seem to all be out chasing rabbits and spreading fear for the Republican Party rather than preaching the gospel. Not being political myself I have stopped listening to them all. I observed an American Indian family recently so friendly with 3 daughters duplicating their mother and sticking near her in public with obvious respect for her like Christians. "The result is that America has become the true "Lord of War," as the arms dealer motto goes. We are the leading arms supplier to the developing world and we are responsible for the majority of all weapons sales across the globe. Yes, we are so committed to selling instruments of death to the rest of the planet that military industries have almost tripled their share of the U.S. economy in just a decade." By David Sirota. True and much more.