May 23, 2012 journal, why higher education with higher tuition and higher debt to repay. CBS 60 Minutes interviews a man offering $100,000 to students that will drop out of the university tuition race to self educate yourself in whatever field you feel inclined to be in. He is saying the Super Rich do not have higher degrees but concentrated on achievement. Bill Gates quit Harvard and many other examples exist in light of the exorbitant increases in college tuition makes it almost impossible to ever recover and to pay off student loans. I believe the majority of escrowed funds were lost to the stock market there for colleges must increase their tuition to stay in business. This undoubtably will be what breaks down the universities and allow people to study at home on a computer on-line to be educated. It's high time we view people as people and not by their diplomas or their bank accounts. Of course there are some exceptions in professional careers such as doctors I believe but those professions also are eroding as the system is too burdened to continue the sameway. I say lift the control of pharmaceuticals and band most of them as harmful to your health. now with the computer information most people can treat themselves safe inexpensively. bring back naturopathic practitioners and natural cures. Band insecticides, stop spraying the atmosphere. Drive out the foreign Rothschild Federal Reserve and take the money back from the thieves that have exploited it. Fire the federal force that is sucking out the blood of the American working people. Let all government jobs be volunteer and discard all debt to the current Federal Reserve neocon conartist institution of the bank monopoly. Revoke all actions of Congress in past 200 years and return America to Constitution law. Stop the spread of fear by the major propaganda news networks and stop advertisements. Stop all political campaign television advertising to neutralize money influencing politics. Stop profiteering on political or incarcerated individuals in the prison system of America. There may be a time in this country when everyone is in prison like Poland or Germany. the same people that backed Hitler after destroying the Christian people in Russia or in power here today and they will not stop so long is God lets it happen to us in judgment. I pray for the American people to awaken and stop being led astray by Antichrist TV or Christian TV that is compromised to the Antichrist for money of course & commodities. Christine Cegelis, Truthout: "There is probably no greater waste of our taxpayer money than the increased incarceration of our population. The state of Illinois had a prison population of 7,326 inmates in 1970; in 2012, the number has risen to over 48,000. Over that period of time, the state's population has grown only by 12 percent. The average cost of incarceration is approximately $30,000 a year, and our Department of Corrections (DOC) has a budget of over $1.5 billion." Read the Article "Nice looking painting, but the concept is wrong. There is nothing in the Bible that says we ever get released from the body. There will be a resurrection in which those who make it will be raised in a glorified body, like Yesu has. Those who do not make it will be raised in mortal bodies, judged, punished, and then destroyed. That is Scriptural. We do not have a soul that is released at death; we are a soul, a "living soul". If we had a soul/spirit like a ghost that leaves the body at death to live on without a body, then what need would there be for a resurrection of the dead? I thought you knew all of this! When you present a separation of body and soul it starts to sound like Howard Finster. I never saw you slide that way. It is still a nice looking painting, it is just not Scripturally (Biblically) sound." Yes I know-I painted that about 10 years ago and I of course would not paint it now because I know better. Thank you for your detailed explanation. Rebekah picked it up when she was here. I regret to have painted it this way before I had better understanding. how can I ever correct those earlier paintings? What should I do with them.