May 29, 2012 journal, looking back at my failures in life I must turn it all over to God and only repent. Service and obedience to God is the key to all things in life. Let us pray first before we begin the day and have breakfast in God's word which is food for our soul/ life. Christian people0 are busy spreading the Word of God and helping their neighbors survive the trials of Life. Being a Christian is a full-time job. Christian people do not look back . The Russian Communist Khazar people are different people from the Edomites who were condemned by God being the offspring of Esau, Jacob/Israel's brother. They did live in Israel or Palestine during Christ time but de Zionist Russian Khazars from southern Russia never lived in Palestine prior to the 1948 takeover. No wonder Arab people are fighting back but not expressing it very well. The biggest Holocaust in history is the estimated 66 million Christian people killed by the Khazar communist movement which are the artificial Israelites that installed Karl-Marx Communism in Russia in 1917 with Lenin. I now see and understand the history of false Israel by the Khazar Russians converting to Judaism in 743ad and emerging claiming to be the Israelites a thousand years later with the Christian Church backing them which is an abomination. Until recently I considered them all to be Edomites but God destroyed the Edomites so Mystery Babylon today consist of Khazars. I pray God to show the Church people where they are wrong on history of modern Israel.