November 02, 2012 journal, chemical waste byproduct poison fluoride laces our drinking water from the aluminum manufacturing industry as a part of the great conspiracy tomake the rich richer. This is another weapon of mass destruction of the gray horse of sickness and death. The wicked news media will not report the damage fluoride does to children and adults. It is in every toothpaste except those you could buy the health food store and it is in every city water supply. It has been here for 50 years even though the people voted against it. They brought it in the back door escorted by the Jaycees falsely claiming it prevents cavities in children even though it actually is known to do damage to children's teeth, not just her baby teeth but their permanent teeth. This is the same money warlords. It is time to identify these spandrels and drive them out of this country forever. The fluoride scam is basically designed to rid an industry of its waste illegal to dump in the ocean so they got it through to feed to the people to kill them all slowly but surely in end. Stanley says the Constitution is second only to the Bible, it does support God's law. Charles Stanley Atlanta First Baptist In Touch Ministry preached his finest October 28th. Without endorsing a candidate he endorsed the Constitution as a godly guarantee to the American people. He preached very powerfully the judgments of God are coming down. someone mentioned a billboard sign saying OK to vote for a Mormon but not a Moslem. That is to say OK for Christian people to vote for Romney but not a Democrat president . I was ask what I thought on the subject, I said I do not see much difference in a Mormon and a Muslim after all elite Mason's are Shriners which are Muslim by choice of religion. They wear the red hats which means I have personally killed a Christian from the Moslem war history. Joseph Smith is reported to have stolen the Mormon religion from masonry. Mason's some believe killed Joseph Smith somewhere near the Chicago area during their transition to the Great Salt Lake. Brigham Young took his place and continued journey. When I pray about who to vote for it seems the Lord tells me to not vote for either one. Odoma, no doubt made a political choice in the church he attended as most Christians do economically or politically especially socially to stand in with the bankers for prestigeand for financial success. This president attended the Chicago that this church for 20 years yet they accuse him of being a Moslem. His pastor was the Rev. Wright whom I kinda liked. However, he make statements against the sacred Zionist and was immediately condemned as an anti-Semitic. Helen Thomas was canned as a reporter for telling them to go home. A man making a half million per year has quit Goldman Sachs investment gambling scam for conscience sake. His name is Gregory Smith. Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story-By Greg Smith-Grand Central Publishing 277pp; $27.99 "Goldman Sachs, as Greg Smith tells it in Why I Left Goldman Sachs, didn't treat its clients very well. He was so upset about this that he quit. But instead of giving two weeks' notice and heading off to some pub to toast his 12 years at the company, Smith sent an editorial to the New York Times. Then he grabbed his stuff from his London office on a Saturday night when he knew no one would be in and flew back to New York. The article ran the following Monday, March 14. A media pile-on and a $1.5 million book deal followed. For some, he was a hero: a man of principles exposing the shadowy power that duped its customers while enriching itself, standing up at his own expense for an institution he loved. For others, Smith was a rat, a self-interested turncoat of the lowest variety. In this line of thinking, a principled man who thinks a firm is not treating its clients right should contact HR and get some paperwork on corporate values rolling. Goldman Sachs's (GS) secret culture has long been both a point of pride for the company and a source of annoyance for those not on the inside, which is why all the seemingly trivial scraps in Smith's Op-Ed have been pored over obsessively-a practice that will no doubt continue with the book. For example, in his original article and in a corresponding section of the book, Smith related that traders in London sometimes called their clients "muppets." This was not meant to convey that the clients were funny or that they often broke out in song, but that they were unintelligent and easy to manipulate. There is debate over how much of a putdown it actually is to call a person a muppet, or whether it was really used at the firm. James Stewart, a business columnist at the New York Times, reports that "muppet" is common slang in London. Goldman Sachs hired forensic specialists to search firm e-mails for mention of the word "muppet." The result, part of a nine-page document, was delivered to Bloomberg News in advance of the book's publication. They turned up a lot of references to the new Muppet movie, but no client-Kermits. Smith will likely find work again, despite his exit style. He's obviously smart and understands some of the more complicated aspects of trading on Wall Street. He was an employee of value at Goldman, no matter how the firm wishes it weren't true. But he likely won't find work as a writer. His editor might want to find another line of work, too. Just to give a very small sample of the level at which Smith writes: "It was surreal" appears six times in this short book. People he likes are "cool." He finds conversations like the following worth recording: "Change is scary," a colleague tells him. "But often change is good. It can lead to new and interesting experiences. Keep your head up and keep an open mind." Conversation about the book has become a referendum on Greg Smith as a person. This is a tough battle for Smith to win, at least as he portrays himself in print. He is unaware of how awesome he thinks he is. In his telling, he is ever the perfect employee, cruising through assignments with few mistakes. He and a colleague, he writes, became known as "the guys who, if you needed to put the ball in someone's hands in the final stretch of the game, were not going to screw it up under pressure." The memoir, like the dinner story, is a genre that thrives when the narrator is self-effacing, the butt of all jokes-Michael Lewis, in Liar's Poker, takes his own advancement as a sign that something's not right at Salomon Brothers. Smith reverses this paradigm entirely. He compliments himself on his "dry sense of humor" and how he saves parties with his jammin' iPod. In one of the strangest subplots, he details his international triumphs in Ping-Pong. In 1993 he represented South Africa in the Maccabiah Games. He "took the gold medal," and has the special blue blazer to prove it". jomisan, Very interesting article. However the impression that I get from reading it is that you seem to criticize the guy more than try to determine how much of what he says about GS clients is true or not true. The guy is definitely not a good writer, but that doesn't mean that what he is saying shouldn't be considered at all because of that. It seems to me you're giving GS the benefit of the doubt, as if you're trying to protect that firm. News from Bloomberg 'Frankenstorm' Barrels North, With New Jersey in Its Sights Racing the Clock for an Edge as Storm Reshapes Stumping-When Only $1 Billion Will Do, the Rich Live in a Bubble: Books-This Is How Scared You Should Be of Hurricane Sandy-Jobless Rate Probably Climbed in October Amid Lax Hiring Greek Journalist Held After Publishing List of Swiss-Account Holders The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is the thickness of a prison wall. It has just begun raining here after Friday was the first time we had to bring up a water hose because we were so dry. All the weather shows all were being missed by the storm.