November 06, 2012 journal, another very important message from Charles Stanley pastor of the Atlanta First Baptist Church delivered from his pulpit October 28, 2012. I highly recommend this message as solid rock gospel without politics. I would be ashamed to back either candidate or the corruption in Washington because it is Antichrist in action. Charles F. Stanley-Memory Verse: 1 Thessalonians 3:1-2; Ephesians 5:15-16 Sunday, October 28, 2012 Prayer: Our Time-Saver-"How many times have you ever said I just don't have time? We may not realize it, but we are all governed by that ticking clock. In Prayer: Our Time-Saver, Dr. Stanley shares with us one of his 30 Life Principles that will help us live life to the fullest every single day. Sermon Outline I. Do you ever feel as if you don't have enough time? Routine chores, urgent tasks, and distractions can make our days busy but unproductive. We often have little time left over to accomplish God's purposes. How can we make the most of our lives? The secret is connecting with our heavenly Father. When we walk hand in hand with God, obedient to each command, we will be sure to fulfill all He has planned for us. Prayer is life's greatest timesaver. II. Prayer in the Life of Christ. A. Our Lord never hurried or became anxious. Although He had only three and a half years to accomplish His mission, He knew when to retreat and spend time with the Father. B. Christ prayed early in the morning and in the evening; He prayed in front of His disciples and alone in the wilderness. Before choosing the 12, He prayed all night (Luke 6:12). C. Those who have made the greatest impact for God's kingdom have at least one trait in common with Christ: they were men and women of prayer. III. Prayer as a Timesaver-Talking to God helps us use time wisely because it. A. Provides timely direction: In emergencies, prayer can give us clear guidance and eliminate confusion. When King Jehoshaphat heard that three armies were on their way to attack Israel, he immediately sought the Lord through fasting and prayer. God gave him a war strategy that resulted in victory (2 Chron. 20:3-25). B. Prevents wrong decisions: Prayer can help us avoid costly mistakes. The apostle Paul set aside his plans when the Lord redirected his missionary journey (Acts 16:6-9). C. Eliminates worry and anxiety: As believers, we don't have to fret (Phil. 4:6-7); God has everything under control. If we follow His will, we should have peace. When we feel unsettled spiritually, He may be trying to warn or redirect us. D. Produces peacefulness: If we begin each day with God, He will help us remain calm. Feeling tranquil can increase productivity and help to avoid sin (Ps. 119:133). E. Invites God into our activity: If we ask, the Father will help us use time well (Proverbs 3:5-6). F. Produces confidence: When we have clear guidance from God, we can move ahead boldly and quickly. G. Sharpens discernment: Prayer increases our ability to see past the surface to what is happening spiritually. Trust that God will reveal His direction for your life-perhaps not immediately, but at just the right time. H. Gives us energy: Prayer can rejuvenate us when we are exhausted. The Lord is our strength: it is unusual not to feel renewed energy after spending time with Him. I. Prevents distractions: Each morning, ask God what you are supposed to accomplish and request that He help you avoid needless activities. J. Reminds us to act now: Perhaps you have procrastinated or forgotten to do something. Through prayer, God can motivate you to accomplish such tasks. K. Protects us from discouragement: Talking to the Lord reminds us of His perspective. How can we be discouraged if our loving heavenly Father is in complete control and has our best interests in mind? L. Opens doors of opportunity: Paul asked the Colossians to pray that "God will open up to us a door for the word" (Col. 4:3). Prayer creates opportunities where none existed before. M. Helps us discern between busyness and fruitfulness: Don't say yes to every opportunity: prayerfully consider which ones God has ordained for you to pursue. IV. Conclusion: How often do you spend focused solitary time in conversation with your heavenly Father? I hope that you will make prayer a priority. Every morning, commit your day to Him. Ask for His guidance to help you avoid distractions, and listen for His voice. You will be amazed at how effective and fruitful you can be for His kingdom." America is under judgment from God Almighty and no president is going to fix it at all. I was actually relieved with the results of the presidential election with what I consider the lesser of 2 evils or 2 people with one face. I could not vote for either one with any clear conscience. Pat Robertson with his crew came on ABC Family Channel having a hissy over the results but the alternative with Romney is to attack Iran and increase the military budget for his buddies to get richer on. He would turn loose Wall Street to commit more financial crimes, privatize Social Security/Medicare to the insurance cultures to get richer while requiring absorbent rates the poor people simply cannot afford to pay. The working poor people still have a voice in this country that sometimes works unless the Democrats beat the Republicans to the trackless voting machines for a change. I cannot vote for a candidate or party advocating abortion or same sex marriage. The Democrats advocate it openly while the Republicans advocate it obscurely and the 47% have definitely spoken. It is actually 48 percent that do not pay taxes, 47% poor and 1% rich. I consider Romney a gangster. I get sick in my stomach at a site of Karl Rove, I get the Bush feeling all over. Hopefully the campaign ads racket is over for a while and hysterical Fox News can rest. The Carl Rove magic propaganda fear has run its course and the China jeeps have back-fired. The Republican Party, the party of my people and formally of me are lies, Inc. and never could I imagine such hypocrisy being spewed out over the world to get elected by using Israeli and the war on Iran. Let us live for God and live-in peace without prejudice. Then Pat comes on to say, well, the Democrats have been spreading lies all Republicans for a year now so that's why Romney lost but it is not from my observation. Republicans now far out lie Democrats. It is time for Pat Robertson to start administering to all people not just wealthy Republicans. He is out right insulting to 50 percent of American people. What they want to see is that no person can vote that does not pay taxes except the rich. Too bad for Wall Street losing all those millions given to the Romney campaign down the drain but Wall Street won anyway because they are in control of all the American money. The far right wing conservative Republicans have demonized the Arab world and they are implying the president is Moslem and he may be but they never pointed out the Mormons abuse of women in history and the weird religion of human godship. Most Mormons are wonderful people as are most Arabs as are most Americans and most of all people in the world if we know and understand them. The American church has been indoctrinated for hatred against Arab people with false Israel being the focus of all political indoctrination Now the intelligence community has collected evidence that America has been damaged by supporting radical furious aggression of the Israeli impostures state of Zionist Russian Communist from the lingering party Lenin of 1917 when he won and killed all Christians. God give us wisdom, knowledge and understanding I pray to recognize this Antichrists. I do not know but Michael should call them and send them the picture of it on you tube. You could do that also to every network affiliates or even the headquarters in New York. A local TV or cable network should come out and do a story on it based on the similarity of what we painted and what happened even though this is mild compared to what will happen I believe in the final hour. The tsunami was very much as painted and the dangling Crane was symbolic of the painting with buildings turned over hanging down. The fire was not monolithic except in the small areas of residential dwellings yet they said it was the all-time record fire for NYC. Nobody responded to the fires in the Queens according to one report because they could not get to it. 200 firefighters were sent to it but all they could do was head it off to try and stop it spreading to other houses but it burned completely out uncontrolled. The worst is yet to come as they are showing milelong back-ups at gasoline stations and miles of cars backed up to get into the great city as they check every car to make sure there are three people or more on board. Gasoline stations are running out of gas and closing down. Most of Manhattan is reported to be closed and people looting like crazy even offering their loot for sale on line according to reports. The mayor appeared for the reopening of Wall Street stock-market gambling casino which is apparently more important to the great city than human life. It is operating on a generator for the electorate power. People are lined up with their gasoline cans compete with the motorist for gasoline for their generators. This is chaos. One man moved his children to the upstairs of his house then returned to his basement got trapped and died. I believe this to be the judgment of God on the great city and surrounding states. Whenever have you seen a major hurricane make a 90 degree turn to the left when it would be natural for it to continue to go directly north or northeastward. most of the damage except for the fires is not covered by insurance. Congress is already gearing up to supply billions of dollars but probably not to the average person losing their property. the burned out houses in Queens and already lost thirty something people to nine double one + that area suffered the crash of American Airlines Airbus a month later with many dead. Electric companies must import workers from other states since they no longer keep large crews directly employed. The current mentality is to outsource labor. Nov. 5: Party at Goldman Sachs Victory-When: Monday, Nov. 5 @ 7:00-9:00 PM-Where: Goldman Sachs 200 West St, New York, NY The System isn't broken-it's fixed! Every four years, billions of dollars are spent convincing Americans that we all have a choice in our leadership. Endlessly repeating political ads and staged debates insist your $5 contribution is just as powerful as Goldman Sachs' millions in contributions to both sides. Do you really believe this? People who contributed $5 are now living on the streets because of foreclosure, while those who contributed millions are better off than ever. Goldman Sachs, Citibank, and JPMorgan played starring roles in the financial collapse of 2008. Yet Congress and the President bailed them out. They still receive cash infusions from the Federal Reserve to cover future losses on their "investments." The $5 donation crowd pays for this through taxes and the debasement of the dollar. Since 2008, investment banks broke disclosure laws, manipulated the rates that are the foundation of all financial interactions, laundered money from drug lords, promoted anti-US terrorism by ignoring financial embargoes... the list just goes on and on and on. But not one of these bankers has been indicted or gone to jail. From the cop on the beat to our President, our government has been purchased by the ultra-rich, who hold the reins of power. Every four years these faux rulers like to throw themselves a victory party. We're not invited. But this time things are going to be different. On Election Eve at 7PM, Occupy Wall Street is going to be standing in front of Goldman Sachs and telling it like it is: whoever wins, we the people lose. Why not join us at the Occupy mocktail party? It will be fun. Formal dress encouraged. Refreshments will be provided. On Election Day, why wait until the official tally comes in? After all, here on Wall Street, we are always the first to know who won. At the true epicenter of American power, the 1% will mingle, pour some bubbly, and then call the elections early. Regardless of which party snags the seat of power, we have already won!!! Nov. 6: Wall Street Election Day Victory Party-When: Tuesday, Nov. 6 @ 5:00 PM Where: Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park) {NOTE: If power is still out in Manhattan, and train service is severely limited, we will instead meet in the new Wall Street, Midtown Manhattan, at Bryant Park} JOIN US IN A TOAST AT 5:00 SHARP AS WE DECLARE WALL STREET THE WINNER!!!! A note on proper attire: Be sure to dress in your 1% finest! If you don't have a suit that's okay, there's always a role for the 99% to play. Nov. 6: Occupy Times Square-When: Tuesday, Nov. 6 @ 9:00 PM-Where: Times Square The elections have already been stolen. Due to the influence of money in politics, no matter which candidates are victorious on November 6th, Wall Street still wins. Now, you may choose not to vote because you think the electoral system is totally bankrupt. Or you may choose to vote because as bad as things are, they could get much worse. That's up to you. But we don't need to argue about it, because we can all agree: voting by itself will not bring about the changes we need. Question the legitimacy of an electoral process that has been hijacked by corporate money. Create a pathway for people to go from voting to being actively involved in social movements. Connect people to existing Occupy campaigns and projects - from Strike Debt to Occupy the Pipeline. As soon as the polls close, let's gather in Times Square and show people what REAL democracy looks like - holding a People's Assembly and creating a place where anyone can speak, not just those who raise money to run for office. We can bring "planks" on different issues and assemble The People's Platform. This is a great outreach opportunity to connect new people to Occupy and related movements. Help Abolish Debt with The People's Bailout: A Variety Show & Telethon to Benefit the 99% #Rolling Jubilee begins November 15th with the #Peoples Bailout Buy tickets here: 100% of ticket sales go to abolishing debt-Greetings from Strike Debt! It's finally time to tell you about our exciting new project, "The Rolling Jubilee" ( The basic premise is simple: people shouldn't have to go into debt for an education, because they need medical care, or because they have to put food on the table during hard times. No politician is going to fix this. The Rolling Jubilee is a bailout of the people by the people - we buy defaulted debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, we abolish it. Our goal for the launch is to raise $50,000, which will likely allow us to abolish more than $1,000,000 dollars worth of personal debt. The more money we raise, the more debt we can abolish. Donations can be made online at beginning around November 15. More details will be released as we get closer to the launch. THE PEOPLE'S BAILOUT - TICKETS ON SALE TODAY! This campaign will launch on November 15th with THE PEOPLE'S BAILOUT, a telethon and variety show at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City. There will be music, comedy, education, magic and more. Confirmed guests include: comedian Janeane Garofalo, Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead, actor/director John Cameron Mitchell ('Hedwig and the Angry Inch'), comedian Hari Kondabolu, David Rees ('Get Your War On'), Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Guy Picciotto of Fugazi, Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio, and more. (Download Poster at Tickets for the show go on sale today at 10AM. Purchase yours at Be quick, we expect them go fast! We're hoping you can help us spread the message via social media. Let's get the word out far and wide. Here's how: On November 8th and 15th, we're organizing big coordinated pushes to promote #PeoplesBailout on social media. Soon we will be sending out additional info about how to help. Watch your inbox and invite your friends to sign up at\ Please email us ( or if you have any questions about the Rolling Jubilee. We'll be in touch soon with details about the big social media push. In Solidarity, Strike Debt PS - To head off one common question, we cannot buy specific individual's debt - instead, we help liberate debtors at random through a campaign of mutual support, good will, and collective refusal. As a trial run, we spent $466 and successfully bought and abolished $14,000 of medical debt. Want to participate in the Occupy Movement but don't quite feel ready to march or protest? Don't worry, there are many other ways to disempower the financial institutions which form a virtual shadow government that subverts the will of the people. Late last year, sick of being charged a $3. overdraft fee on a $2 cup of coffee, I decided that I didn't want HSBC - recipient of $3.5 billion of taxpayer-funded bailout money from AIG - to continue to nickel and dime me, so I opened an account at Ally and directed my paycheck to be deposited there. It was that simple. Now, when I receive $2 statements from HSBC, I laugh. They're not taking my money any more. The group has already launched a relief hub in Red Hook, in partnership with the Red Hook Initiative, to help coordinate donations of food and supplies and to cook meals for the over 5,000 residents of the Red Hook Houses housing project that are without electricity in the flooded neighborhood. An afternoon relief caravan will head out to the Rockaways, one of the hardest-hit areas of the city. This evening, members of the OWS Puppet Guild will be putting on free puppet shows for children in the Sunset Park and Red Hook neighborhoods. "There is only one force more powerful than a storm like this, and that's the power of people coming together to help their communities. We've been able to put together an amazing network of people in a short time who are providing the help our neighbors need, and building stronger, more resilient communities in the process through mutual aid. Thanks to climate change, this storm is unfortunately only the beginning of an increasing trend of natural disasters hitting large urban areas. We hope that we can provide a blueprint for how to generate a rapid response in the face of such emergencies. All power to the people," said Lopi LaRoe, artist and Occupy organizer. "Corporate power contributed to this disaster, and people-power will get us out of it. Without climate change, Sandy would not have been the storm it was. The fossil fuel corporations have wrecked our climate and now our homes, and it's well past time for us to work together to fix this problem. Building a stronger movement that cares for each other is one of many steps we need to take in the coming years." said Duncan Meisel of If you are interested in volunteering or donating supplies to the 'Occupy Sandy' effort, visit Some of the most pressing needs for the effort are: Volunteers to administer pages and connect needs with offers for help, as well as volunteers with technical expertise (Best done from home) Volunteers who can be available in the coming weeks to continue cleanup efforts Pumps and electrical generators for blacked out and flooded homes Financial contributions to fund distribution efforts Occupy and Sandy Storm Recovery Resources Occupy Wall Street & have teamed up with - a people-powered disaster relief platform - to help coordinate response to Hurricane Sandy in NYC. At we are launching support pages where people can GIVE help or post a NEED. For ongoing updates and info about this evolving relief effort, and to find out how you can help, be sure to sign up and stay informed at the Occupy Sandy Hub!