November 09, 2012 journal, we have ignored the warnings of judgments coming up on America. New York and most of the Northeast is devastated by one simple Hurricane. Our conscience is seared so that we do not feel the guilt or the pain of our sin anymore. We have believed the lies of the Church and State until Satan has taken our sovereignty. A billion dollars spent on campaigns until the nations people are insane and most are sick with false propaganda from Fox News and all the news media are padding their pockets while creating confusion. The hard working loyal faithful patriotic American people have been had. The Fox News team is the most aggressive hysterical outrageous profiteerers. They are all in the same basket to suppress all truth and are broadcasting lies all day long. What future is there for America except hellfire and brimstone in the near end of God's grace upon a fallen nation. Babylon has fallen and has become a waste land with vultures. The Church is riding with the drunken Whore of Babylon up on that scarlet colored beast with the Goldman Sachs cup of blood in her hand waving the 666 pointed red flag David Star of Antichrist impostures claiming to be God's chosen people but hating Yesu Christ. King David of the Old Testament never had any star and the modern church is deceived. Mormons killed the Christian pilgrims scrapping, robbing them blaming it on the Indians. The Israeli tail is wagging the dog and war is our only future under Communist bondage. The banking vultures came over here on the Mayflower since Spain expelled them that same year in early 1492 just before Columbus sailed for America late that same year. Most all of Europe nations have expelled the money vultures within the last 500 years. These are the same carpetbagging scalawags that raped the South after the Civil War. They've been successful in changing their names and hiding their indemnity for centries. Joe McCarthy was right about the Communist spys being in the State Department but he fell short of identifying who they really where or who formed communism and who it was that invading us from Lenin's Russian Revolution and hundreds of years before, or to the forming of the false Israeli State in 1948 soon after the same clan had destroyed the world by WWII, they had already conquered America in 1913 with the conspiracy of the Federal Reserve Bank Act outright stealing the whole of the American currency and making us all slaves. I was born in slavery and we are all still slaves to the Zionists banking conspiracy, which owns Wall Street and it is fuelled with our blood. I should say witch owned. The devil owns it and until we identify this Antichrist totalitarian rulership over us, we are not going to be free. The Statue of Liberty is a phony and closed after nine double one, but later reopened. The elections are a phony because Zionist bankers run the country and it does not matter if they're called Republican or Democrat. Does not matter one bit who is in White House because they are only puppets for the real rulers of evil the bloodthirsty evil Warmongers. This Satanic leadership requires blood and American people are fuel for them. Freedom is a false illusion they never intend for us to experience it in our lives. Let us identify the Antichrist, the number is 666 manifested in the dollar, in the Red Star. Can we not see the chains around us of bondage of body mind and spirit in we like cattle? Dear Lord lift the veil I pray that separates us from a knowledge of truth of who we are. "Gentlemen, If you have received this message it is because I count you as a discerning man of Christ. My heart is heavy today as I have received news of another of our children which has fallen prey to the destruction of this present toxic culture. If you have children or grandchildren you may have experienced this or you may be currently dealing with it. Sadly, our national solution is to look to a man and elect the lesser of two evils to save us. We continue to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. We have a "two party system". Two parties but the same system. In the third Chapter of Judges the scripture states in two places (v9 and v15) "And when the children of Israel cried unto the LORD, the LORD raised up a deliverer to the children of Israel, who delivered them". It has been my observation that only those who cry out for "help" receive it. The word "deliverer" in Hebrew is "Yasha". The Hebrew name of Christ (found at 3091 in Strong's concordance) is literally "Yehovah-yasha" or the deliver of Yehovah. I encourage you to try something different this election day; cry unto the LORD for deliverance." It might be that he will hear our cry. "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes" Psalms 118:8-9 Romney Mormon Mafia plays both sides of the ball game to the detriment of America. The new abomination healthcare bill requires employers to pay insurance for abortions. At the present abortion rate and disease of the great force of revelation, America may become and the human race might become extinct within just another generation. The Israeli bloody influence on and power over America may be finally coming to a halt. As people begin to be enlightened. The Israeli tail is wagging the American dog shaking it down of money since before 1948 but now there is light at the end of the tunnel will come intelligence report of our damage.