November 21, 2012 journal, let us all this Thanksgiving buy debt and set a stranger free. This is the Christian way of living and being rewarded by giving to the poor and needy. Approach your bank and buy some of their delinquent accounts at 5 on the dollar. Then mail it to your unknown friend paid in full free of charge to give them a happy Christmas. A move is on by independent news media to buy delinquent bank notes from the banks and to forgive the debt. Banks will sell to third party agents the delinquents for pennies. Sometime these notes are sold for 10 on the dollar sometimes less maybe even a penny on the dollar. The oppressive financial system may in fact have some ways to escape it. This would be an act of lasting good for families being harassed by bank debt collectors. They will not sell notes that are being paid on but are known to sell delinquent notes for ridiculously low prices, they are sold from banks directly to scalawag vulture investors. They will then not sell them at any price short of the full amount plus interest, in effect a debtor is in worse trouble then and can never get the delinquent debt paid off at any price. Jim Hightower, Op-Ed: "They came. They spent! Then, they limped home, tails between their legs. (OK, they didn't limp; they were flown home on their private Gulfstream jets. But still, their tails were tucked down in the defeat mode.) 'They' are those far-right wing corporate billionaire extremists who tried to become America's presidential kingmakers this year. Unleashed by the Supreme Court's Citizens United edict allowing unlimited sums of cash in our elections." Poor old Romney drowning in his ill gained millions of devious money. But he always has the Mormon Church to fall back on in case of crisis. Alan Keyes ways in on the election and I admire his brilliant seemingly flawless remarks. "There is a bizarre, sophomoric "rah-rah yay team" dynamic in our culture whereby if the guy presented as being on "Team D" with the donkey mascot holds a position the "Team R" fans boo, while if the guy presented as being on "Team R" with the elephant mascot does exactly the same thing, the "Team R" people cheer. My theory is that this is all a byproduct of the sports culture. People are trained to root for "their team", no matter who the men are that are playing on the team. So, saying "I'm a Cowboys fan" or "I'm a Red Wings fan" or "I'm a Knicks fan" is the same thing mentally as "I'm a Republican." It doesn't matter who the players are, and players get moved around and traded. It doesn't matter if a player gets accused of rape, or beating his girlfriend or gang-banging. So long as he is presented as being on "my team", all is forgiven and we root for "our team." Most importantly, it doesn't matter how BAD a team is. You are still expected to root for "your team" no matter how awful they are. This twisted gang mentality, I am convinced, has been put in place and pushed by the Marxist infiltrators not just to provide a substitute masculinity so that all of the psychologically castrated men in society have a benign outlet for what remaining vestiges of masculinity they yet harbor, but also to condition people to this ridiculous "yay-team" mindlessness. The reason you don't hear me talking much about the "election" is because I'm, frankly, beyond all of that. It is pretty clear that it is all fixed, and is nothing more than theater to maintain the illusion that this is somehow still a functioning representative republic. The Republic is dead and has been for years. To participate in this election cycle is to deny that reality. We are in an interstitial political space between the now dead First American Republic and whatever is going to come next. Participating in what is clearly a fraudulent electoral cycle is supporting the establishment of tyranny as the next system of governance. I refuse to play along. Obama isn't even trying and is in fact making gaffes and antagonizing the country on a daily basis. This is the most compelling evidence that the Obama regime knows that the results of the "election" have already been determined, so they aren't even bothering to try. Clint Eastwood creates the "empty chair" meme and then two weeks later Obama refuses to meet with a single leader at the U.N., thus confirming the "empty chair" meme in the boldest possible terms - and you think Axelrod, Plouffe and the rest don't perceive this? Of course they do. They just don't CARE, because they already know that the "election" is fixed. Likewise, Romney appears to be trying to throw the election, much like McCain. Romney, if he were a serious candidate, would be jumping all over Obama and his daily acts of treason, and instead is just doing enough to make it look like he is trying, without ever doing any real damage to Obama. Oh, and let's not forget that Romney holds basically the same positions as Obama, and has actually implemented those positions (RomneyCare, government funded abortion on demand, sodomite marriage, gun control) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Sorry, but I'm not falling for any of this. Let me make two predictions: 1. Obama will be given all of the questions before the debate and will have canned answers for every question. Given what you have seen from the "media" in this country just over the last few MONTHS, do you have any doubt whatsoever that they would even hesitate to cheat? There is no way Obama could possibly engage in honest debate. He lacks the intellect to speak extemporaneously, much less to debate extemporaneously. The media in this country is now more dishonest than Pravda in the Soviet Union. And you doubt for a second that they will give Obama all of the questions in advance? Come on. 2. Romney is going to get some sort of position in Obama's "second term" regime. Romney isn't throwing an election for free. I could totally see Obama naming Romney to a cabinet or czar position. SECTREAS? Why not? The damage is already done and irreversible. Let Romney twist in the wind as SECTREAS while the economy collapses while Timmy Geithner lands an eight-or-nine-figure spot at Goldman or JP Morgan. My point is, I don't think Romney is just going to quietly go home to LaJolla." And she said, 'I refuse to live in a bubble.' Posted by Ann Barnhardt - September 20, AD Last week a cattle industry colleague of mine called to relate his afternoon's activity. He was driving with his four children, aged 9 to 1, when the following conversation took place in the car: 4 year old girl: Can two girls get married? 6 year old boy: NO, SILLY! Two girls can't get married. It has to be one boy and one girl. 9 year old girl: Nuh-uh. I saw on TV where two girls got married. This is what it finally took for this man, this husband, this father, this guardian and protector, to FINALLY understand the full horror of what is being done to his children. This is what it took - having the sword of his 9 year old's parroting of Marxist-Sodomite propaganda pierce his soul. He could pretend that he had it under control so long as it was only the people on TV saying it. He could lie to himself and tell himself that "it is all going over their heads" and "we're a good Christian family, and we are raising our children in a Godly home in rural America," ... until he heard the Sodomite filth come spewing out of the mouth of his firstborn child, contaminating two of his other children in the process. This horror was what was required for the Holy Spirit to finally get through. And this is a big lesson: if you need to get your heart torn out of your chest and stomped all over in order for you to comprehend some essential truth, God will permit that to happen. Don't you doubt that for one second. As soon as they arrived home, my friend dug out the last satellite bill, called the customer service number, and in no uncertain terms told them to TURN THE SHIT OFF. NOW. It's over. No more. No more satanic Sodomite agitprop and pornography will be coming into his house. It's over. No more Marxist pagan filth. It's over. No more mind-numbing soul-killing innocence-destroying lies in his home. No more open attacks on his children while he sits by and watches." Modern Israel is a modified Marxist State and attacking the tiny Gaza Strip of 1.5 million people unmercifully using heavy rockets in a very crowded Gaza City to kill all they will. They say let God handle these problems and I do but God has given us a commission to preach the gospel to a lost and dying world. If we do not identify the Antichrist how can we preach the gospel in these last days? The Bible commands us to know the name of the Antichrist, his name is 666. The name of Antichrist is Satan coming through his people. Our commission is to preach the full Gospel and deal with the full past and the full future. We must also know the full present times & identify the Antichrist from deadly Popes to Lenin's Russia beginning in 1917 slaughtering Christians to Khazar Zionist "Israel" today. He that endurance to the end shall be saved. Billy Graham preached that and still does. Can you not see that Yew on every Americans back? They're strangling America to death. Israel has an open door to the Fed and if there is anything left the lobbyists are there for it. Banks have an open window to the Fed. Media appears to have also an open fed window. There is no such thing in physics such as perpetual motion other than the wind blowing but when that rule was written they were not aware of the false phony Federal Reserve. A Christian will meditate upon the Lord and rehearse scripture in every passing moment. Benjamin Marxist Netanyahu has attacked Gaza I believe to get this president's attention. Gaza is a tiny strip of land with 1.6 million people that are prisoners of the Israeli regime. The Khazar Russians care not for life or death as killing is their ordinary thing as a sport. Israelis took out their bridge cutting Gaza in half creating all possible in human suffering. GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip-"A ceasefire agreement between Israel and Gaza Strip Ha--- rulers took effect tonight, bringing an end to 8 days of the fiercest fighting in years and possibly signaling a new era of relations between bitter enemies. The Egyptian-sponsored deal delivered key achievements for all involved. It promised to halt years of Palestinian rocket attacks on southern Israel and ease border closings having stifled Gaza's economy, and it affirmed the emergence of Egypt's new Islamist government as a key player in a changing region. But vague language in the agreement and deep hostility between the combatants made it far from certain that the bloodshed would end. News of the truce, announced in Cairo and reached after furious diplomacy that drew in U.S., U.N., European and regional diplomats, set off ecstatic celebrations in Gaza, where thousands poured into the streets, firing guns into the air, honking horns and waving Palestinian, Ham--, Egyptian flags." I pray for the poor defenseless people in Gaza to survive.