November 22, 2012 journal, the war is on in Gaza outnumbered a thousand to one by the Red Israeli United States Army with the Star of David shooting and killing innocent men, women and children people, it is sad. It was not long ago when they sprayed Phosphorus, White Phosphorus on the people incurring pain suffering & death of children, on most all. Let us pray for the innocent people of Gaza packed into an Israeli prison of 1.5 million people fenced off from the world. There are reports that the people are hungry but Israeli severely limits the food supply getting in. Their atrocities go unreported for the most part. When you see them bringing out dead babies and young children killed by Israeli rockets. The Israelis are shooting off retaliation rockets in both directions North & South because (Syria) they have plenty of free ammo from United States. This is disgusting, stop support. Having the guns and ammunition shooting off rockets into a crowded residential area is cold-blooded genocide. The bloody Marxist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will do anything to get our attention and our sympathy and our money and our armament. People are getting tired of all our money going to the Israelis when our people are homeless and starving to death here. I cannot believe there is any weaponry in Gaza capable of hitting Jerusalem, so it must be another false flag project to bring on another ninedoubleone was. Israel has 800 military tanks staged ready to invade tiny Gaza and their toy missiles with wall-to-wall people compared to Gaza having zero tanks to protect them from war death. The double barrel Marxist Israeli army is shooting off rockets into Gaza and Syria. CNN reported that petitions are being circulated in all 50 states to secede from the federal government. That is good news, maybe they will fence off Washington with bobbed wire and cover it with black plastic making sure that nobody gets in and nobody gets out of it. Fabien Tepper, Yes! Magazine: "Medical debt is the cause of 62 percent of bankruptcies, say organizers of Strike Debt, which threw an offbeat fundraiser for their new "Rolling Jubilee." Ordinary people donated enough money to collectively buy an estimated $5.9 million in bad debt in order to cancel it." This is a super worthy cause to contribute to. Apple is said to be headed down, not just the Big Apple but Apple Computer also. Robert Greenwald post this message and more "To get a true sense of a war zone, one must see the world through the residents' eyes. Thus, to provide an unfiltered view of the impact of US drone strikes there, I am visiting Pakistan, where America's drone war rages. Our goal is to produce a groundbreaking documentary on this dangerous new frontier of American foreign policy that is littered with too many outstanding legal and moral questions, not to mention the possible ramifications it has for the United States and the rest of the world going forward. Just as I did during my trip to Afghanistan in the process of making Rethink Afghanistan, I want to offer you an opportunity to follow along in my search for the truth. While I am in Pakistan, I will interview many drone-strike victims and key figures - from Pakistani officials in the government and military to legal experts and public health officials - who will provide insight into the on-the-ground realities of the wide-ranging effects of America's covert drone war. It is imperative this film show the true experience of living under drones. During my trip, I will periodically report back on my observations and experiences. I invite you to follow along in the coming days at, Facebook and Twitter. See my first post of the trip here." Have no conversation with any Fox Newser brainwashed beyond hope of understanding. Everything being reported in the biased press including Meet the Press is promoting the mysterious C*I*A developed al-quada as being behind the attack on our Consulate in Libya, that way Congress will fund more wars and the American people will support it. Otherwise, wars would all be over and we would be left with the miserable debt to pay. Lindsay gay Graham is saying it. Remember the strange trio McGraham, McCain and the Joe Jewish insurance Lieberman talking about al-quada in Iraq, how dare our ambassador to the United Nations claiming it was a freak demonstration that killed our ambassador. The physical cliff was the Bush war years of total insanity combined with the rich tax cut. The physical cliff was the Israeli ninedoubleone attack on America to instigate more war. The physical cliff was the Republican blockage of a public option in the health care bill. The physical cliff was the Republican bank bailout of Wall Street's elite gambling casino. The physical cliff was the Republican Bush tax cut for the 1% who sent China the jobs. The physical cliff is the mega churches perception to support an Israeli invasion of Iran. The physical cliff is that USA is controlled by those Russian Israelis dictating war policy. The physical cliff is the Supreme Court outlawing God in our public schools & Congress. The physical cliff is evil Hollywood producing pornography polluting our children minds. The physical cliff is the genocide being committed in American people's name overseas. The physical cliff is the foreign phony Federal fiat Reserve making slaves out of America. The physical cliff is Washington D.C. entirely with corrupt money minded Congress. The physical cliff is a Zionist one world Kissinger media broadcasting Fox News rhetoric. The physical cliff is the move away from the laws of God in creative nature to perversion. The physical cliff is we have become an aggressor nation like Hitler, occupied by Russia. The physical cliff is the trading of worthless derivatives by Wall Street and major banks. The physical cliff is the corporate military industrial complex is sucking American blood. A Candidate Who Will Talk About Drones-Posted by Robert Greenwald Nov. 16, 2012. "So, yes, a candidate for president talks about drones in detail, with great awareness about how they are counterproductive to United States security concerns. Problem is, the candidate is running for president of Pakistan. I spent an informative and detailed session with Imran Khan, former cricket star, chairman of the political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and now high-profile candidate for prime minister in his home country. (Follow my updates in Pakistan on Twitter, Facebook and at Mr. Khan agreed to the interview for War Costs' DRONES EXPOSED film. The difference between Khan's awareness and perspective of U.S. drone policy and that of major U.S. politicians, including the two U.S. presidential candidates, is stunning to stay the least. He has an extensive awareness of the tribal areas' culture, code of honor and respect, and, yes, revenge. He spoke of an absolute necessity in Pakistani tribal culture to honor your family members killed by drones and see that justice is served. Mr. Khan followed that point by posing a question: Why are there more militants than ever since the U.S. begin the drone campaign? He explains that drone strikes have only fueled animosity. That said, he has a practical awareness of the limited capabilities of the mostly illiterate, ill-trained, poverty-stricken Taliban militants in the tribal areas - that while they can inflict fear into local communities, they have little chance of threatening U.S. security. The number of innocent people being killed and maimed by drone strikes grows each year, and Khan and his significant following in the tribal areas of Pakistan are very aware of this. He confirms that drone attacks are often based on bribes and bounties to local tribesmen. So while the drone may be "accurate," the intel is often deeply flawed. We see the results in those hundreds of innocent victims. He kept coming back to the effects of drone strikes on the people. He talked at length about the necessity for the United States to end the attacks, and to reach out to Pakistan and the tribal areas in new ways, free of the old thinking and strategies that have only led to death, despair and anger." Killer predator drones Pakistan. Secession Petitions Spike: Pleas to Secede Now Filed in Every State. Read Latest Breaking News from "Just days after President Barack Obama was reelected for his second term, petitions began appearing online for states to secede from the union, and have been rising rapidly. According to an analysis conducted by The Daily Caller, more than 675,000 digital signatures on 69 different secession petitions for all 50 states were present on the White House's "We the People" online petition system. And the signatures are accruing at an exponential rate. The petition for Texas to secede has, by far, the most signatures with 94,700 as of Wednesday morning. Despite the rapidly growing number of people signing the petition, Texas Governor Rick Perry does not support the movement. (He did but he has now chickened out) "Gov. Perry believes in the greatness of our Union and nothing should be done to change it," his press secretary wrote in a statement to CNN. "But he also shares the frustrations many Americans have with our federal government." According to White House policy on the digital petitions, it will give each with more than 25,000 signatures a legitimate consideration. Though in the case of secession, it remains to be seen how seriously the petitions are taken by the federal government. Other states that have gathered enough signatures for consideration are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina and Tennessee. Other types of petitions began popping up shortly after in opposition to the secession petitions. One that has so far gathered 16,218 signatures reads: "Mr. President, please sign an executive order such that each American citizen who signed a petition from any state to secede from the USA shall have their citizenship stripped and be peacefully deported." "The Internet allows you to find like-minded people. And in this faceless anonymity, you can egg each other on," Andrew Shankman, an associate professor of history at Rutgers-Camden, told "It doesn't take much to sign a petition." The secession petitions are "not a serious political proposal," he said. "This is the last expression of rage because [the petitioners] didn't get what they wanted on Election Day. They're sounding off." Well, states have the right to succeed but it did not work when South Carolina succeeded, Abraham Lincoln responded with the Civil War killing 672,000 men to save the union.