November 23, 2012 journal, Thanksgiving Day is more about eating and shopping than it is about giving thanks to God as the Pilgrims did at Plymouth Rock inviting the Indians. That was when we were all immigrants encroaching on the native American Indians and they were kind to us until we declared war on them turning them into savage beast like warriors to save their country much like the Arabs have reacted to our Israeli invasions. The deplorable genocide Israel is perpetrating on the captive people of Gaza is a shame. The murdering Russian Marxists Israelis were trouble from the beginning forcing people of Palestine off their lands destroying their homes in 1948 when they took over that land for a homeland under their false flag even though they are not the genuine Israelites at all. The American government and Church are ignorant of history and investing in Antichrist. The Turkey's look sick and maybe it is from genetically altering them to grow no feathers like KFC does to chickens so they can go quickly from the chopping block into the frying pan. 12 restaurants are closed on the first 7 miles out of town and I sure would not want to eat any thing on KFC buffet. Even Ruby Tuesday's closed their doors in front of Wal-Mart. America's food supply is sick and dying with most things available being artificial. Construction business is also sick due to corporate greed. Home Depot has 20 feet of caulking up to $8 per tube but only one tiny slot for regular white window caulk at $1.28 per tube. Who can build a house under these exorbitant unrealistic ridiculous conditions? Even if this day were to be sacred major retailers are violating it by opening for business at 6:00 p.m. with crazy people out there waiting for two weeks to buy some Santa Claus. I would not get into that crowd even if they gave me that cheap China made merchandize. Major retailers face a walkout by their minimum-wage employees being forced to work on Thanksgiving Day as corporate profits soar higher, their buying power is diminished. Another symbol of Christianity is destroyed in Santa Monica traditional Nativity scene. How did atheism get their foot in the door of America? Is Thanksgiving not a holiday? The Masonic symbols in Washington and the Illuminati symbols on the dollar is a type of religion. Nobody is trying to get them removed. Godless religions have now prevailed. Let us give thanks to the true and living God for life health & strength praying to be free. Let us be thankful to God the creator for life eternal, may we serve God with our whole heart. May we think right, act right and do right for the Lord as well as for our families. Holiness which without no man shall see the Lord. Seek after holiness of heart and mind. Never do anything that will cost you to miss heavens eternal life with Christ the Messiah. know your position with God and cultivate a relationship with Yesu the Christ everyday. Fear God, keep his commandments and be faithful in the service of the true living Lord. (NaturalNews) EBT cards are modern-day food stamps, except they're electronic. In essence, they are government-issued debit cards that allow recipients to spend taxpayer money for their own groceries. But EBT cards aren't merely good on food staples like beans and rice, they can be spent on processed junk food that promotes diabetes and obesity. That's the "dirty little secret" of the EBT scheme: It encourages low-income Americans to become high-profit customers of the pharmaceutical industry by eating their way to obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. That's why the food industry loves EBT cards, too: Most EBT users are low-education consumers who understand virtually nothing about nutrition. They tend to buy the most nutritionally-depleted processed foods available, and that equates to high-profit foods for the processed food industry. (The highest-profit foods are the ones with the least nutrition, it turns out.) EBT stands for "Electronic Benefit Transfer," and it means transferring money from the pockets of working taxpayers into the hands of those who, for one reason or another, are either not working at all or are living below the poverty requirements set by the government. This transference is done at gunpoint, essentially, through the enforcement of federal tax collection. EBT benefits have more than doubled during the Obama administration's last four years, creating tens of millions of new dependents who now vote based almost entirely on who gives them the most handouts. Learn more: The purchase of vitamins is specifically prohibited by the EBT program. This is done as a way to keep EBT recipients sick & diseased while suffering from nutritional deficiencies, which is precisely what the federal government wants. EBT cards are also a form of corporate welfare EBT cards create high-profit handouts to corporations, too: Pharma-ceutical companies and the sick-care industry; Big Government which gets re-elected based on entitlement handouts; global banks which earn a percentage off every swipe; and even the processed junk food industry which preys upon nutritional ignorance of the poor. In fact, for every dollar's worth of food handed out to EBT recipients under the program, at least 50 cents is driven right into the profit coffers of wealthy corporations. That's why EBT programs are allowed to exist: Not because they benefit the poor, but because they benefit the rich! Do you have any idea how much profit there is in a package of Oreo cookies? The "EBT culture" of dependence, poverty and ignorance is perhaps best shown in the now-famous YouTube music video "My EBT". There, a rapper brags about how he's using taxpayer money to buy Oreos, chips, sandwiches, breakfast cereals, McDonald's food and more. He sings about how he wishes he could use it to buy weed. This article, however, isn't about how welfare creates long-term dependence and poverty while destroying the dignity of many who come to depend on it. Rather, it's about what's going to happen when the EBT card system goes down and stays down. EBT food stamp systems goes down for hours across multiple states. Yesterday, the EBT card system, which is managed by JP Morgan Chase, suffered a six-hour outage across ten states. Wal-Mart, one of the favorite destinations of EBT card users, proceeded to run transactions manually and then batched them into the JP Morgan Chase processing system once the system came back online. But elsewhere, stores were met with growing frustration from EBT card holders who were angry that their government money cards suddenly stopped working. n this case, the EBT outage only lasted less than one day. But given that they are tied into a globalist bank which looks almost certain to fail once the global debt collapse unfolds, the question of the day is this: What's going to happen when the bank running all the EBT transactions goes belly up? What happens when the free EBT money stops? Remember how Obama supporters threatened to riot in the streets if Romney won the recent presidential election? There's a huge class of Americans who have become so dependent on the system of government handouts that they have no ability to survive any other way. These people will riot when the free money is cut off. As Ron Paul explained in his recent farewell speech, the entitlements must sooner or later come to an end: The wealth we see today is based on debt and a foolish willingness on the part of foreigners to take our dollars for goods and services. They then loan them back to us to perpetuate our debt system. It's amazing that it has worked for this long but the impasse in Washington, in solving our problems indicate that many are starting to understand the seriousness of the world -wide debt crisis and the dangers we face. The longer this process continues the harsher the outcome will be. Many are now acknowledg-ing that a financial crisis looms but few understand it's, in reality, a moral crisis. It's the moral crisis that has allowed our liberties to be undermined and permits the exponential growth of illegal government power. Without a clear understanding of the nature of the crisis it will be difficult to prevent a steady march toward tyranny and the poverty that will accompany it. EBT card users are almost universally incapable of understanding the complex economics Ron Paul is describing. All they understand is that their next meal comes from a piece of plastic that "counts as money" at the local corner store. They do not grasp the long-term vulnerability of that system and how it is tied into a global debt scheme whose days are numbered. Furthermore, EBT card users almost universally have no backup plan. They live meal by meal, with no financial safety net, no financial planning, and absolutely zero savings. In fact, having any real savings disqualifies you from receiving an EBT card, which is another way that Big Government actually encourages financial dependence among EBT card recipients. The EBT false flag riots Why is all this important to understand? Because on the day the EBT cards are shut off, there will be mass riots of EBT card recipients who are suddenly thrust into an emergency. In fact, shutting off the EBT cards is actually one way to initiate a false flag event in America. It works like this: 1 Purposely shut off all EBT cards. (Takes just two seconds at JP Morgan.) 2 Blame it on a cyber terrorist attack and use the crisis to institute harsh new police state controls over the internet. ("Never let a good crisis go to waste...") Allow the "EBT riots" to unfold. Keep the National Guard away for long enough to let things get out of control and have scary footage broadcast on the evening news. 4 Once things are bad enough, announce Martial Law and bring in the troops to turn America's streets into a Nazi-style police state surveillance and enforcement system, complete with TSA-run checkpoints on all major roads. What's required to make this happen? Nothing more than turning off the EBT cards for 72 hours. That's it! It's just a single change to a single line of code at JP Morgan Chase, and it's mission accomplished for the globalists. Yesterday's EBT outage, in fact, may have been a practice run for the real thing. When the globalists want riots to unfold, they now have the tool to make it happen. Long term: All entitlements will be cut off or made worthless through currency debasement The question of disappearing entitlements isn't just an EBT card issue, by the way. The coming financial collapse of the U.S. government will end all entitlements, including social security, Medicare and federal workers' retirement pension payments. That's the real kicker in all this: In a society where 50% or so are now largely dependent on the federal government for their very survival, the fact that the government is headed into a multi-trillion-dollar debt blowout should raise red alerts everywhere. Obama has put the USA on a collision course with a debt implosion, adding more to the U.S. debt in the last four years than all the Presidents in the history of America -- combined! And with government spending continuing to expand beyond all sanity, there is no stopping the coming debt blowout. Consider the following U.S. national debt chart: As you can see from the chart, we are now in a hyperbolic final blowout of debt that can only lead to a total economic implosion. Over the next four years, this chart will get even more insane as Obama spends trillions of dollars of money we don't have, further accelerating America's head-on collision with the financial apocalypse. When that happens, all federal benefits immediately cease. If you thought the idea of tens of millions of angry EBT debt card users was bad, just consider what happens when all the former federal employees don't get their pension funds anymore. Or if social security checks are eroded down to the point where they are essentially worthless. That's when you're going to see real social unrest across America, and that day is a finite number of weeks away. It will arrive as sure as the sun comes up, and when it does arrive, there's going to be unprecedented chaos in the streets as all the suckers who lived their lives dependent on the federal government suddenly come to find out the whole thing was a Ponzi scheme. Yep: A Ponzi scheme. The U.S. government is running the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world, and just like every Ponzi scheme that has ever existed, it will sooner or later collapse. When that day comes, you will want to make sure you have stored food, water, silver coins, ammo, emergency medicine and all theusual preparedness supplies." Learn:- Gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, inflammatory diseases, and infertility are just some of the problems implicated in humans, pets, livestock, and lab animals that eat genetically modified soybeans and corn. Monsanto's strong arm tactics, the FDA's fraudulent policies, and how the USDA ignores a growing health emergency are also laid bare. This sometimes shocking film may change your diet, help you protect your family, and accelerate the consumer tipping point against genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Paul Buchheit , Op-Ed: "After paying an average of 22.5% from 1987 to 2008, corporations have paid an annual rate of 10% since. This represents a sudden $250 billion annual loss in taxes. U.S. corporations have shown a pattern of tax reluctance for more than 50 years, despite building their businesses with American research and infra-structure. They've passed the responsibility on to their workers. For every dollar of workers' payroll tax paid in the 1950s, corporations paid 3 dollars. Now it's 22 cents." Public comments Duncan R Sickler Mike... Social Security is NOT an entitlement. The government wants you to think that and they want you to say that... and you did. Carrigon Coding Daemon That is NOT true when it comes to people being uneducated on these benefits. Many of us were disabled by our government, one of the biggest coverups in this country. They disabled us with vaccines. And by doing so, they ensured that we would be on a very low disability income forever and be forced to have these benefits to survive. When you are low income like that, you have to buy what you can afford. We are not uneducated, we were deliberately made poor by our own government. It helped to take down the economy, control population, and feed the medical industry. They created the perfect patients, people who will never, ever be well. Jaymes Reed Top Commenter Fountain Inn, South Carolina. I don't believe the taxpayers PAY for anything. The money is ALL MADE UP OUT OF THIN AIR... or have all you Ron Paul addicts forgotten his own words concerning this topic? Go research the Federal Reserve more and stop acting like these people are stealing from other people. The ELITE are the TRUE thieves enslaving us all in paper debt, the ceiling for which they plan to raise once more this February!"