November 26, 2012 journal, Wal-Mart has become like a religion for America employing 1.4 million people at wages below a survival rate and they have ruled the roost until now. The heyday is over for WalMart after winning their federal class action lawsuit by women. They have cut their health benefits by 34% which means that if the workers win a $13 per hour rate they will be back to where they started from having to pay their own insurance. No one can survive on the wages of this modern economy and Wal-Mart is actually guilty as charged of letting the American government which is to say the taxpayers subsidize the workers with food stamps and health insurance. I admit this is a problem for business but Wal-Mart like most every Corporation in America paying $10 million per year to certain executives should immediately stop that nonsense and pay every worker the same amount of money and benefits with some reasonable scale for time in service but not $10 million. Women should be paid equal wages to men. I despise the thoughts of Unions takeover as most of them are crooked and just collecting the commission from the workers absolutely doing nothing in return to help them but even selling them out to corporations for favors. However, as big and powerful as Wal-Mart is now scheming for exorbitant profit off of cheap made imports and growing so fast, they should pay their workers all a fair wage but no multimillion dollar scammers hauling off all the profit while captive workers all suffer. All Wall Street trading companies are foreign-owned and Wal-Mart is no longer a little innocent honest dime store from North West Arkansas. They are now the world's largest retailer but paying poverty wages taking advantage of the social system public assistance. Shame on Wal-Mart for their brutal conduct of revenge for those trying to make a living. Requiring work on Thanksgiving Day is a catastrophic show of the greed of Wal-Mart and no care for the workers family life or their children or spouses or integrity for future. Wal-Mart is a one world merchandize system and it's not good to put everything in one basket. Wal-Mart first kills hundreds of old established businesses paying good wages for everyone store they open then and hire back a tiny percentage of the employees wasted at a standard basically minimal wage per hour with half of them parttime with no insurance. It has been called raping a community when they move in giving no real personal service. An even more devastating blow to a community is when they ship all their cash flow out to China rather than investing it back in the community to create more jobs and longevity. The third wrong then is that the Chinese government being basically an arbitrary producer of goods at slave labor cost keeps the money to come back against America militarily to takeover some day and it is happening. In short, Wal-Mart is supporting the communist enemy of our freedom. They are too big and powerful and are detrimental to local and independent merchants. China merchandize is definitely inferior to American made and China has no cost of material so the U.S.dollars stay in the China banks to defeat us with. Nobody in the State Department or Congress seems to have enough sense to figure this all out until that day when they take us over with our own money military industrialcomplex. Wal-Mart will eventually end like all great empires do end always for the cause of greed. How can we promote freedom and independence when dealing with a slave labor nation and no freedom and independence, no way to escape the bonds of communism or political prison where they are known to market human organs for tons of money on world market. If I was president I would stop the importation of anything that was ever madeinAmerica. America loves to collect that 10% import tax on foreign goods going to Wal-Mart with- out any consideration of the jobs lost as a result and the taxes the poor people would be paying if they were working making quality products like what built this country strong. Wal-Mart is no friend of the United States government or the people transferring all our wealth to China. The American people are being grossly cheated paying for an inferior product so the extra profit can go to Wal-Mart at its New York Stock Market gambling fabulous magic casino. If I can live without Wal-Mart the public should be able to also. Let America begin making a quality product again at a reasonable price with automation . Seek God in the time we have left and avoid a carnal mind which is sinful before God the Almighty. Prepare to meet the Lord with a spotless sanctified heart & mind forevermore. Avoid temptation to partake in sin because heaven is worth all of our faithful endurance Robert Reich, Op-Ed: "A half century ago America's largest private-sector employer was General Motors, whose full-time workers earned an average hourly wage of around $50. In today's dollars, including health and pension benefits. Today, America's largest employer is Walmart, whose average employee earns $8.81 an hour. A third of Walmart's employees work less than 28 hours per week and don't qualify for benefits. There are many reasons for the difference - including globalization and technological changes that have shrunk employment in American manufacturing while enlarging it in sectors involving personal services, such as retail." America is declining to a starvation wage. A national report on fruit trees dying of disease in Florida with half of the Orange trees already dead. Citrus carries a high vitamin C to keep the country healthy but it is wasting. Honeybees have been disappearing at a rapid rate also and signalling near starvation for America. This country is running out of time to repent and confront the Antichrist on us. The drought in America's heartland has reduced corn and soybean production into half. Thomas Magstadt, Op-Ed: "None of the dead was the person the Israeli Defense Force said it was trying to kill when it struck the Dalu family house. It's not clear that they had anything to do with him." This is how Amy Davidson writing in the New Yorker describes one incident in the latest war between Israel and Gaza. It is a cliché to call it a tragedy, but what is missing in the reporting and what passes for mainstream "news analysis" is not the tragedy, but the travesty. The story line does not start or end with the status of Gaza or the Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands." A world of barbarians. God bless America but not this Antichrist government I pray. I pray that God would stop the barbarians killing by all satellite guided predator drones. I pray people would repent. The abomination health care needs to meltdown, all high cost doctors and hospitals need to meltdown and start over. The artificial foreign owned Federal Reserve needs to melt down as the national debt needs to meltdown and be deported along with its conspirators. Government needs to melt down & start over without a paid crooked Congress to support. Federal & State exorbitant retirement pay&special healthcare policies need to melt down. Dissolve the Federal Reserve and its debt owed to the Rothschild and associated bankers. America should print its own money from the United States Treasury, it is as good as any. Let government start over as a Christian nation to renew the Constitution & Bill of Rights and do away will all other crazy laws, rules and regulations bought&paid for by lobbyists.