November 28, 2012 journal, how to block your credit reports considering the massive breach of trust of citizens personal information by the South Carolina Tax Commission. Painkillers are reported to be deadly when mixed with beer are all any at all alcohol. Lead pencils are still being made in America believe it or not in the state of Tennessee. Plus Nationwide Insurance Co. breach of trust dumping millions in the scammer's hands. Protect yourself in the wake of the SC data theft? "As a result of the breech of the SC Department of Revenue your financial information is now in the hands of criminals who will either sell it to other crooks to use or will use it to obtain credit cards, loans, etc... in your name. The State of SC has offered credit monitoring which will catch a crime after the fact. The attached information will allow you to prevent the theft of your identity and may save you years of hassle and headaches. Read the information carefully prior to locking your credit. You must lock your records with all three companies. My customer who is in finance said that it is very important for us to order a credit freeze on all 3 of these sites. He said it is the only way to protect ourselves against people using our info to create credit in our names. Love Laura Begin forwarded message: From: "Ren P." Subject: RE: how to block credit <<#6448262-11922453#>> Thank you for writing requesting information regarding placing a Credit Report Security Freeze. Please be aware, cannot place or remove a Security Freeze for you. Only you or someone with access to your personal information can do that. Likewise, only you can remove the Security Freeze. Be advised that if you do remove it a third party can access your credit information. Removing your security freeze, either temporarily or permanently, means that your credit information will be available to third parties who wish to view it. Access to your credit information will no longer be restricted. Placing a Freeze. In order to place a security freeze on your credit file you will have to visit the web site of the credit bureau with which you wish to place the freeze. Once you're on the web site of a specific credit bureau, search for 'freeze' and follow the instructions. Those web sites are: Experian TransUnion Equifax Before you place the freeze, you should be aware of certain facts. Each state (Alabama, Alaska, etc.) has its own process. You will have to follow the instructions for your state of residence. These instructions are on the credit bureau's web sites. Security freeze on your file may delay, interfere with, or prohibit the timely approval of any subsequent request or application you make regarding a new loan, credit, mortgage, insurance, government services or payments, rental housing, employment, investment, license, cellular telephone, utilities, digital signature, Internet credit card transaction or other services, including an extension of credit at point of sale. There may be a fee for placing and removing a freeze on your file, depending on your situation and state of residence. If you are actively seeking credit, you should understand that the procedures involved in lifting a security freeze may slow your own applications for credit. Thank you for choosing Sincerely, Ren P. Customer Care Team Non Biblical Star of David Riot in Bangladesh at the factory burning 112 people to death making rags for Wal-Mart. The Zionist Israeli criminals state described in this video clearly shows the real mobsters. This is the beginning of knowledge and necessary to counteract the church false prophets. The Rothschild credit banking monopoly cartel crimes crime syndicate of the world. From the slave ships that preceded the Pilgrims to the Russian crime syndicates that began in 1917 and ushering in Communism and the world's largest Holocaust killing Christians up to 100 million Russia, the Khazaria people converted to Judaism in 743ad and were given Palestine in 1948 as a homeland even though Russia is their homeland. The Russian Zionist never lived in Palestine prior to packing it for the U.N. take-over of Palestine from Great Britain and there has been nothing but hell raised ever since because they have imposed apartite on the Palestinian people with massive persecution & killing. the above video calling Israel a criminal state is the absolute truth even though the Zionist monopoly control of America controls the news media in fact they own the news media out right even Fox News is one of them. The Christian television networks and most all TV evangelists promote false Israel as God's favorite people when they are of Satan the devil. We are learning more about these Banking Wall Street mobsters posing as God's people. These people are no akin to the Israelite people descendants of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. They have no Israelite blood in their veins whatsoever and never lived in Palestine before in Bible times, they are the Babylonians and they are the bloodiest of all. They are accused of drinking the blood of gentile children while they are still alive being sacrificed and the tradition is known as blood libel. I believe it is still continuing to go on. This is definitely the Antichrist system that Revelation predicts and Russia has suffered. Police shot a suspected shoplifter in a Wal-Mart parking lot today, what a price to pay. Wal-Mart is very much a part of the system using capital punishment to protect their cheap China made merchandize from the poor and needy. Wal-Mart takes it serious, the money that is what life is cheap for them so long as it's not their life they are destroying. Police in Keller Tx. shot an unarmed man in a Wal-Mart parking lot said resisting arrest. Angela Mitchell on NBC telling people not to eat grapefruit if they are taking a certain medicines. this constitutes a conspiracy to promote pharmaceuticals for profit over the health of individuals. An organic peanut butter producer was shut down by the FDA, I believe because they made organic peanut butter and 30 people got sick of salmonella. Whenever have you heard of a regular peanut butter manufacture being shut down? Who owned the slave ships? The bankers of course as traitors to the world for money. Many slaves got sick and died on the trip to America. Someone asked what they ate and the answer was, they ate nothing and drink nothing. Most of them reportedly died from dehydration. The slave dealing was a tragedy and the first blame goes to the tribal bosses. Secondly, slave dealing would not have been possible without the ship owners and traders. Hunger was one way they kept the slaves from breaking loose on the voyage to America. "How come schools don't teach us that most slave ships were owned and run by J-e-ws? Also, a large percentage of J-e-ws, in America, owned slaves. Are they just bulked with whites when it's considered a bad subject, but when it comes to less "evil" things, it's perfectly fine, and expected that the 2 are divided, and specifically compared to outline the differences? Also, let's not act like blacks did not also sell and own slaves. Here's an example: In 1860, New Orleans, 28% of free blacks owned slaves. I'm with, don't assume to know anything about me, your comprehension is far too limited. Even, they treated them just as bad, if not worse. Many of these were black men and women with an immense self-hatred, and thus took it out on the slaves. Others were trying to make money off of them, just as other slave owners did. I highly doubt a black man giving a "safe haven" to other blacks in the South, during those times, would go unnoticed." "So the day of action at Walmart, the world's largest retailer, has passed - at least for the time being. And it turned out to be much larger than the company's executives in Bentonville had predicted or care to admit. Thousands of Walmart workers and their allies in at least 100 cities, including in Dallas and Lancaster, Texas, Atlanta and Kenosha, Wisconsin, and several other locations not known for their activism protested for better wages, affordable health care benefits, full-time jobs and an end to management retaliation for speaking out. Although the final tally will not be clear for some time, "open-source" actions of some kind took place at Walmart stores in 46 states across the nation, with major demonstrations in California, Washington, New York and Massachusetts. Before Black Friday, the company's management insisted that the "so-called protests involve a handful of associates at a handful of stores," supplemented by non-Walmart employees, and were largely a result of the nefarious activities of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). But Walmart executives will now find it much more difficult to dismiss the protests, or contend that the striking employees are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the union - as it did in its effort to get a court injunction to block the strikes. Contrary to what the company has claimed, Friday's worker actions were not about union recognition, but about gaining respect on the job; and from their very beginning, Walmart employees themselves have organized the protests, albeit supported by a broad range of women's, immigrant, civil rights and community organizations, as well as the labor movement. The actions in support of respect at Walmart started in early October, with the first strikes ever in the history of the company, when workers walked off the job at retail stores in at least 12 cities across the country. The striking workers have been joined by protests by workers at warehouses contracted to Wal-Mart, with one stoppage in Southern California lasting for 15 days. Strikes and protests continued throughout October and November, often on short notice, eventually leading up to Black Friday's widespread national day of action. Predictably, Walmart management has acted to squash the employees' protests. Last Wednesday, the Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart) filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board stating that Walmart's human resources department in Bentonville instructed store managers to "threaten workers with termination, discipline and/or a lawsuit if they strike or engage in other concerted job actions on Black Friday." OUR Walmart's complaint provided clear evidence of attempted intimidation by the retail giant: A Walmart spokesperson stated, on the CBS evening news no less, that "there could be consequences" for employees who participate in the Black Friday protests, even though it is clearly illegal to retaliate against workers who participate in "protected concerted activity. "Store-level managers, who have for decades been Walmart's first line of defense against workers who dare to speak out, have reinforced senior management's message. Walmart workers at a store in Fairfield, Virginia stated that their manager told them that corporate headquarters in Bentonville "gave me the freedom to say whatever I want. If any one of you walks off the job or participates in an action on Black Friday that results in the loss of store sales, you will be fired and sued." OUR Walmart also states that managers at Walmart stores in Dallas, San Leandro, California and Fairfield, Connecticut tried to intimidate employees from participating Black Friday's strike actions. Despite the official line coming from Bentonville - still denying that workers are poorly paid and badly treated, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and still denying that the protests have widespread community support - it is unlikely that the job actions will end anytime soon. Neither the protesting workers nor their growing ranks of supporters are going away, and the protests are only likely to grow stronger. For the first time in its half-century history, Walmart is facing significant labor strife. And for the first time ever, senior management is clearly rattled, fearing the employees' actions will escalate to something beyond its control. In many ways, however, they already have - the protesting Walmart workers have attracted the support of tens of thousands of community allies throughout the country and beyond, and, through social media, the backing of hundreds of thousands of supporters throughout the world. Whatever the outcome of the protests, Walmart will never be the same company again as a result." Wal-Mart Is Not a Person Wal-Mart Chairman Rob Walton: The Worst of the One Percent? Strikes at Walmart Warehouses Expose Threats in Supply Chain"