October 02, 2012 journal, where is freedom and independence in a global vicious climate. Consider Adam-and-Eve in the Garden of Eden. We cannot dodge God, our sin is never hidden from him. God has no secrets but he does reveal things to us at various times. He knows everyone of us as individuals and He deals with us personally everyday we live. Thank The Father God for the good rain that is refreshing the air and reminding us God supplies all our needs in the natural and we should not be concerned with the unnatural. Know his Name Yahweh and the Messiah Yesu and receive the Holy Spirit in our heart. Have a personal relationship with our creator making sure our name is in heaven's Book of Life. You think you own a piece of this earth until the tax man knocks on your door. There will be no deeds for real-estate in heaven because it will all be owned by God. I received an advertisement booklet entitled 'Freedom' predicting the crash of the dollar and massive civil war for 2012 and it must hurry up if it gets here but it may already be here with the way food prices are going up in the grocery stores and gasoline and fighting all the foolish wars and the Israelis pushing for more wars from the bloodline and lineage of the bloody Russian Khazar Zionists fathers of communism from German Karl Marx philosophy. Benjamin Netanyahu is just the tip of the iceberg from what has been going on for centuries spilling American blood for the greedy infidel causes. I love this country and do not want to see it go to hell but it already has and the dollar is used only to convey real-estate into the bankers' hands like in 1929 even though it has now backfired with the massive foreclosures. The neo-cons persist on the philosophy anyway because they love destruction except when it comes to their cells their selves. They are not in the wars and that is why we have a volunteer army so they do not have to dodge the draft while holding onto American citizenship. Let us take inventory of where we stand and it does not look good at all. The imposture people posing as God's favorite people have been with us since 1492 when they were expelled from Spain as they were expelled from almost every other European nation in the last 600 years having been converted to Judaism back in 743ad in southern Russia between the Caspian and the Black Sea's area including the Nation of Georgia. How can the people know since the history has been altered or is secret as it is with the Russian Holocaust of Christians killed under Lenin from 1917 until they lost the control of Russia and it being in shambles, they have concentrated on the United States takeover by mutiny and treason. They have bought Congress with our own money and they now have a flood of money as a tsunami of money from the Federal Reserve at their very own discretion to buy up the press as you see with Fox News, NBC, CBS, CNN and every major network including control of the Christians networks through their false lying propaganda of who they really are. I see the down sizing of Afghanistan as a 12 year war where we, that is the neo-cons have financed both sides the same as we did when Russia was in Afghanistan and we financed big Sam the same as we financed Saddam to fight and kill the Iranians before we sacrificed him. God is looking on and there are no secrets from him personal or state. No president controls the battle because that is controlled by Wall Street and the neo-cons. I thought the term neo-con meant neo conservatives but it may mean neoconartist as it plays out that way. It turns out that the term neocon refers to the Jewish Money Power over the U.S. through the Fed and Wall Street has us eating out of their hands literally. Congress and the American people are their lackeys with hooks in our noses from the dark world with the American people are actually being cheated out of their freedom & independence with the fireworks of the 4th of July and other diversions. The court practice of law and rights are merely a formality. Whoever heard tell of a court denying any bank the property they are foreclosing. Rights even civil rights are trampled underfoot as the Constitution have long been sent down the Potomac Tigris River to the cesspool. If anyone tries to watch the homemade and home cooked news they see 50% commercial advertising nothingness paid for by your friendly taxed dollars like the U.S. Postal Service advertising is just another give to the Zionist media owners as is politics. Destruction of America could come in one hour as the Bible Book of Revelation predicts. It actually predicts the money will be Nil and void in one hour so great riches will be lost. If you still have your underwater home taxes on it will make it forbidden property to own. The neo-cons which are the Zionist Rothschild's and hidden associated universal bankers have used the enslaved American people to their advantage only sacrificing a few of their named people such as Burnie Madeoff and Leona Hotel Helmsley to make themselves look good. Martha Stewart was just a strike against women by the male chauvinist. The Holocaust was only Jewish people according to them and no German people and no real recognition of the half million Americans that died in their WW 2 foolish war or their WW one foolish wasted war of blood and sacrifice for them the same as Iraq was their war to protect Israeli substitute country of the Israelites. They are not the Israelites or the Edomites, they are the Khazar Russian Communists under the name of Zionist Judaism. These neo-cons control the world and our lives. How can we avoid Civil War when the people find out the truth and they have no jobs left and no artificial money left to live on. There are a few incidents that can turn this country upside down in five minutes such as when Martin Luther King was murdered. No wonder they are pursuing or prosecuting Julian Assange for telling the truth or spilling the Pentagon secrets. The guillotine awaits those who betray the unholy trust by revealing unlawful crime secrets of the "Neo-cons". The Education Day USA 7 Noahide Laws passed by Congress and 1991 wherein people can be beheaded by Jewish custom if they worship any false god by which they consider Christians to be. What a violent threat to the people from the foreign Antichrist invaders. Somewhere along the way of those communications must be the truth on nine double one. It would not be good for this government if the people find out how they have been lied to and that the Israeli Mossad did nine double one with the knowledge and approval of the Cheney gang Bush administration demonstrating blood all over the world by its insanity. The modern Israeli Russian Communist impostures have pushed it too far and are now out on a limb that is breaking and if the secrets be revealed about who they really are and where they came from that they are just a front for the universal monetary takeover. The people are not going to be happy. There are 2 Americas in existence one seen and one not seen or heard. The Zionist power structure of Washington and New York are the invisible obscure enemy of the state and of the independence and freedom of all the people. Then there is the other United States of America of good hardworking and churchgoing people being obedient to the underworld of demagogues that offer false hope through capitalism and drunken on the sugar industry of Coca-Cola and other destructive drinks. The woman Whore of Babylon riding upon the scarlet colored beast from the pit of hell with a golden cup of blood in her hand from Revelation Chapter 17. Should I be silent and take these secrets to the grave or should I speak up and be recognized standing for truth. The hush law is the fulfillment and final lock on truth by way by anti-Semitism while it is offered as a law against hate crimes for blacks, homosexuals and the Jewish neo-cons, it does not cover hateful speech or acts against Protestants as the Holocaust only recognizes Jewish people that died. Remember the weapons of mass destruction that did not exist but gave power to the beast. It is all vanity and vexation with no exception exemptions monetary. America cannot last with the present taxation on poor people and while rich are exempt. Someone said nevermind Mitt Romney ignoring the 47% who depend on the government for a living but consider the rich Military Industrial contractors that depend on the federal government completely for all their income. Mitt Romney said military cutbacks will cost 150,000 jobs in Virginia then his opponent said Romney's cutbacks will cost 150,000 jobs in Virginia. Do we continue the insane war killing people to give folks in Virginia a job? Most aggressor killer nations are long ago in their graves and America is no exception to the rule. America cannot last with the abomination healthcare monstrosity having created. America cannot continue to support its artificial debt from an artificial "Fed" owned by an artificial Red Bank imposture people of the artificial god's favorite clam with that Golden Cup in their hand and full of the blood of the Saints of God as per Revelation Chapter 17. It is not how rich we are or how poor but how we know the Bible and trust the Lord God. America cannot survive its killing spree which spread into the communities with reports of fathers and some times mothers killing their families as blood is flowing always in the demonic movies by Hollywood with sex and violence reaching the ears and eyes of the American impressionable youth. America cannot last in the aborting its unborn children. America cannot last legalizing and promoting homosexuality sin of Sodom & Gomorrah. America cannot last in outlawing the one true and living God the creator of the universe. Reports of famine are on the horizon not just in pork but all food products getting higher. Due to the massive drought in American heartland corn and soybean will not be available to feed the chickens, cows and pigs that feed America's addiction to eating animal flesh. It does not matter who is president when people are in chaos, desperately hungry, homeless. Then the empty churches will be filled with people praying for survival and perhaps those churches will then kick in to become responsible to fulfill their mission to save the 100%. The people of the world survived just fine growing their own food and treating their own sickness before the Rothschild Banks got them in debt or the unions got health insurance and cars came with monthly payments. Children were born at home and not aborted as they are today. The end is near and the coming of Christ to fulfill the prophecies are sure. The Israeli people enjoy a good lifestyle with all the money we give them free of charge. The Church is having a hard time rallying their cause due to word getting out that this is not the Israelite people that occupy Jerusalem but Israelis under the Red Star of David... The theory of replacement theology teaches that Israel is replaced by the Church but they condemn that doctrine saying Israel is being regathered for the coming of the Lord for the rapture. Facts are facts but I am not sure I agree with either one and I certainly do not agree that Christian people are being regathered to Israel other than for their destruction. The clergy of the regathering of Israel doctrine has swallowed the Zionist impersonators lies hook, line and sinker calling the truth a lie. It is sad when a preacher is out of sync with the Word of God. God may protect us from those people and from ourselves when we are wrong and poorly informed. There is no Bible to support returning to Jerusalem. America is the Promised Land to Abraham although we have been invaded because of sin by tyrants claiming to be God's chosen people when they are reprobates and barbarians. This man I believe to be a false prophet telling his followers not to pray for the restoration of America. He's obviously ignorant of the Zionist Khazar Russian Communist history of death to Christians under Lenin and Brodsky from 1917, killing up to 100 million people. Why is the Protestant church not of one mind with the wisdom and knowledge of God? The Catholic Church is ruled by Rome, and its members have no choice in their doctrine. Israelites are treated like cattle the same as Christians when emigrating to Zionist Israeli. The latest American stimulus industry is manufacturing the Predator Drones and now it is reported that the government plans to put 30,000 of these armed remote control satellite guided missile carriers into the sky over our head like a grid that can see and kill you for any reason they wish to do so. This will be like an Iron Curtain like Russian communism. It is in fact Russian Communism from the masters of death and destruction of Antichrist, even Charles Stanley referred to the government as being untruthful losing the confidence of the people in his September 30 message on truth and I will recite it because it is too good to miss. Not all preachers are dwelling on politics, many of them are still preaching the truth from the Word of God. Most all politics is lying following the false flag and the false flags to the destruction of this country. False prophets, false prophecy and the false interpretation of the Bible is falsehood and destructive to the Christian people. When has there ever been a truthful leader? Never! Politicians court the Church to get the peoples votes while their real evil alliance is with the pyramid and all seeing Eye of the Illuminati. We are being driven out of another country in shame even with all our military might our soldiers are being butchered in Afghanistan and we cannot stop it no matter how many we kill. We are killing & being killed while the beast is plotting still another war against Iran. The Great Depression was a product of the new Federal Reserve manipulating money. Do you realize those bastards kept all deposits of the people's money positive with them My daddy told me that his savings account at the Taylor's Bank was confiscated in the Great Depression and he never got any credit for money he had on deposit in the bank. The banks wiped their slate clean erasing all their deposits not being legally responsible. The reason foreclosures are epidemic I believe is because banks get paid for delinquent loans in full from the government which is to say the Fed and using the people's money. Why should they be tolerant with the delinquent mortgage when they can collect the full amount from the government after they sell the house at a lost with no questions ask. So the taxpayer gets to pay double, once for his own house and again for others houses. Romney has his wires crossed saying that 47 % depend on the government for a living. Actually, military contractors through the Pentagon depend on the government for 100%. The assumption here is that Romney will throw away the 47% but he sure will not throw away those sacred military weapons contractors that are overcharging the government. The genuine honest truthful loyal patriotic hard-working American people would be a lot better off without the DOLLAR or the government and their taxes with all the corruption. American people would be much better off also without the Department of Education or the school board raising their taxes to teach evolution to the children against the Church. Our military is running around in circles serving the insane evil minded bloody occupiers. America would be better off to leave other countries and stay out of their business since All War has failed, our debt has increased to a ridiculous level and can never be paid off. American people would be better off without any health insurance and return to common-sense and herbal treatments with midwives and unregulated medicines that used to work.