October 04, 2012 journal, the smart phones have captured our children and they like text the best. CBS Sunday Morning showed a family of 4 all talking on smart phones to some one else outside the family. No telling who's controlling your children and it will not last. I believe this is a trick of the Antichrist to destroy the family and put their kids up for sale. How can parents keep control or protect their children from being wasted by this action? The family posed for a picture altogether but their attention spread over the earth in four directions. There will no good come from this idle talk and lack of attention to each other. If I had my life to live over I would stay in the Word of God all 24/7 for every decision. I would keep a level head of wisdom in charge of my life to speak softly to every person. I would preach on the street and hold up signs bidding America to repent and be saved. They say Karl Marx was a Christian before he turned to writing communistic philosophy. Marx philosophy turned the world upside-down with a single pen killing up to a hundred million people. We may never know the good we do with a good testimony and we may never know what harm we cause by having ill will not cooperating and prejudging things. If you had an offer of a hundred million dollars or Heaven, which one would you take on? What price can any man put on his 'Soul' worth risking hellfire throughout all of eternity? Production of unmanned satellite guided missile armed predator drones is a new industry to improve the economy with reported plans to build 30,000 to patrol the United States. The manufactures of these weapons of mass destruction are totally dependent upon the government for support but not counted as a part of the 47% that Romney has discarded. We are getting more security than we bargained for forming an iron grid over our heads. This is a modern version of the Iron Curtain brought on by the same Russian Antichrist. Beginning October hospitals will be fined for readmissions within 30 days of discharge. "And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed-if all records told the same tale-then the lie passed into history and became truth. "Who controls the past," ran the Party slogan, "controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."...George Orwell, "1984? O-b-a-mo, aka Big Brother knows more than we do that is why college students are paying dramatically higher health care premiums this year and why now hospitals will be fined and taxpayers will pay for this. NE News Now. "Fines kick in", with George Bush's brother involved in the twin towers Security Agency and the Israelis in charge of airport security, it was a perfect coincidence for this to happen to America. When will the American people wake up to the truth? The more intelligent clergy knows the truth but the false Israel message is an easy gospel to preach and well received like a boat floating downriver but there is always the falls just ahead for those traitors and their passengers who are the blind to all spiritual perception. The blind are leading the blind. It is raining blood in Washington with the war's gone bad and now with American troops. Protecting Afghan poppies from those mythical al-quada & Taliban is measured in blood. Political party and policies really should be dissolved as the Israelis should be forbidden to lobby or threaten the American Congress or any public servant. Close the borders to Israel and shut off their money to make war against their neighbors as they have intruded. Wherever I have ever been in the world the devil is always there already to cause trouble especially if you are on a mission for God. Whenever I would do good the devil is always present to oppose it and find excuses why not to do it because the devil is for bad always. Satan is now having a field day with all the suicides, broken homes and military deaths. Satan's ultimate goal is to put everyone in their grave and steal their soul for eternal hell. Satan will switch the truth to a lie and most often will switch a lie to the truth which ever. Satan abides in the church most often not just in beer joints and ugly movies, he abides in your house and my house through the television sets that have pleased him now for more than a lifetime piping in Hollywood sin 24/7 to steal the victory of the Christian people if he can. We can gain the victory over Sin and Satan by prayer to Father God constantly. The Word of God is a Mighty Fortress against Satan while you read it and remember it. Martin Luther wrote the song a Mighty Fortress is our God and it chills the spine to think.