October 07, 2012 journal, If I could live my life over what would I change probably not a thing except to take advantage of the opportunity I have let pass by. Life comes only once so that is why it is so important to stay in place utilizing the wisdom & knowledge of God Almighty. I would marry the same and have all the children I possibly could have because they are the greatest asset in the world. I would pay better attention to my business and to my employees making sure we were all in harmony at all times, working with them every opportunity and witnessing to them the heartfelt gospel of Christ our Lord Yesu Messiah. I would spend more time with my children and make devotional time our highest priority. Failure to do my best at any one time in my life causes me great grief and many ill results. There are a few points however that I may have missed had I stayed on the main road. The correct name of Yesu Christ the Messiah our Savior and the identity of Antichrist. I may still have been following false doctrine of the church in worship of the Antichrist. One of my goals in life is to make the church aware of the effectual fervent prayer to save the sick and save the souls and change the lives that touch the people overall with God's grace and power. The church at large prays for people routinely as employment and not really for their healing or to sanctify their lives for a productive worker in His service. Posted by Ann Barnhardt - September 21, AD 2012 .This was origin "I came across a FASCINATING historical tidbit today on the internet. "Historians regard the year 1811 as the year that the United States matured from fledgling former colony into global industrial and moral power. Do you know why? In 1811 tensions were building between the U.S. and British. We were on the run up to the War of 1812. While this was going on, the First Bank of the United States, founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1791, was liquidated because its original 20 year charter expired. Many of the bondholders of this bank were . . . British. There was enormous political pressure, given the hostility and tensions with the British, to give the British bondholders the shaft and pocket that money to help finance the coming war. The leaders of First Bank refused to go along with the desires of the politicians and repaid every penny of their debt, including their British creditors. Why did they do this? Because it was the LAW. The Rule of Law came ?rst to these men. This one act of integrity had a cascading effect that essentially set the course of this nation and its economy for the next 198 years. Word quickly spread throughout the business districts of Europe that the words "Backed By The Full Faith And Credit Of The United States Government" meant something, and meant something real. European investment dollars came pouring in to the "fledgling former colony", the industrial revolution was born, and The United States of America that we all know and love was born. We are indeed the children of integrity, the children of "full faith". That era ended earlier this week. Without the rule of law, the words "full faith and credit of the government of the United States" are meaningless words. And, just as money came flowing in 198 years ago, money will now go flowing out. Our government is now fascist and is run by gangsters who would not know integrity if they were being beaten over the head with it. God help us."