October 09, 2012 journal, if the Church goes divine healing there would be no need for the abomination health care. The early church depended on divine healing the same as when Christ was on earth and taught his disciples to heal the sick. Today we have false healers like Benny Hinn and many others, then we have the traditional prayer for the sick which goes without faith and never works. Our prayers never seem to be answered in this country because we do not know the name of Christ Yesu, I believe. Our Father which art in Heaven. The name of God is Yahweh. Let us pray for divine understanding. Another goal in my life is to return the Church to divine healing a real thing to practice. Until the Church reaches God in divine healing they are not practicing New Testament Gospel. Divine healing is an absolute possibility when conditions are right before God. Praying for the sick as a matter of tradition just to pacify the body of Christ but denying the power of Almighty God to touch people physically as well as spiritually in their way. "A variant of this is what is happening right now. The Obama Putsch regime is now consolidating power and is purging the military of any flag officers that either have inside information that could blow the lid off the regime and/or men that they fear could organize a junta or counter-coup. And, as with Rohm and the SA, the modern American flag officer corps, as I have said many, many times, is a hive of sickening moral degenerates. Almost ALL flag officers today are adulterous fornicators who can be blackmailed exactly like Petraeus. When I was a teenager back in Leavenworth, Kansas, I had occasion to become acquainted with a German lady who had just married a US Army flag officer that she met while working as a civilian contractor on a US Army base in Germany. Her husband was transferred to Ft. Leavenworth, which almost all flag officers pass through at some point. She was a strikingly handsome woman and super-sharp. She was very happy and was eagerly trying to get pregnant and start her family, as she was 35 or so at the time. The last time I saw her, she was in a state of shock. She had left her husband, was filing for divorce, homeless and trying to organize getting back to Germany. Here is what happened. She had finally become pregnant. She had just found out and hadn't even told her husband yet. They had been invited to and were attending a party being thrown by the post commander at his home that evening. Most of the upper-echelon flag officers at Ft. Leavenworth would be there. She was very excited and happy that she and her husband were literally now moving amongst the highest levels of the top brass in the US military, and she planned to tell her husband that night after the party that she was pregnant. They arrived at the party in the gorgeous and huge old home of the post commander. In the foyer, there was a large bowl that all of the men placed their car keys into upon entering the house. She figured that this had something to do with drunk driving protections, as there was certainly drinking at this party. She thought nothing of it. As midnight rolled around, the party suddenly concluded. All of the couples then moved into the foyer. One by one, the wives stepped up to the bowl full of keys and drew out a set at random. The wives then matched the keys up with their male owners and then left with that man. It was a wife-swapping party. When my acquaintance realized what was going on she refused. Her husband was livid. When she got home she packed a bag and left. The stress of going from being on top of the world and happier than she had ever been to having her marriage destroyed, being betrayed so casually and sickeningly by her husband, and being made essentially homeless and penniless in a span of about five minutes caused her to immediately miscarry the baby a few hours later." Barnhardt.biz