October 15, 2012 journal, let there not be one person in all the world you need to avoid. I have been having serious trials spiritually & physically while many things are revealed. I am over here Lord, remember me and give me grace to bear I pray all of my afflictions. Touch me with your divine healing hand that I may think, hear and see thy great wisdom. Flashbacks of the past mistakes and shortcomings have become a great stumbling block. The picture has come up before me of our ancient forefathers and how God has directed. Abraham was the father of Ishmael and Isaac. Isaac was the father of Jacob and Esau. Jacob was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel and no tribe was rejected. God loved Jacob but "Esau God hated". When I was painting Heaven I was reminded that heavens 12 gates were named after the 12 tribes of Israel. The New Jerusalem had 12 foundations and they were named after the 12 Disciples of Christ. God changed Jacob's name to Israel. I cannot imagine this unrelated group of people who are Russian Karl Marx Communist attaching themselves to the House of Israel, taking over Palestine with their pagan reverse pyramid flag, their all seeing Illuminati eye with their stolen Federal Reserve Bank printing money since 1913. Satan said to Christ while he was being tempted on the mountain, bow down and worship me and I will give you the whole world and it was his to give. The merger of the European Yews with the Masonic Lodge and the Church dates back over 200 years. These are Antichrist people posing as Israelites. Even if they were the House of Israel, they are also Antichrist with the possible exception of those claiming to be Messianics. We have been told for a hundred years by the church that God would force Israelis to be saved. Israel is near the smallest nation on earth unless it is the Vatican with most power. Where is the vast population God promised to Abraham. We see Abraham Arabs at 1 billion plus but we do not see the Abraham children of Israel except through 4 million in Palestine plus about 6 million in New York. It is time for the real Israelites to appear and claim their birthright. They talk about regathering and the so-called replacement theology contends that Israel was replaced by the Church. We are Israel in a physical and spiritual sense. We are the Children of Israel from the 10 lost tribes of Israel believing in Christ. Judas was apparently lost because he betrayed Christ and we all have to a great degree. I have only myself to blame for my shortcomings & failures to use wisdom in every case. The standard answer is let God handle the Russian Israeli problem but then why does not Pat Robertson & John Hagee let God handle it, let God handle the Iranian problem also. I saw a movie on TV years back entitled Jack the Ripper that has now been vanished. The true story of Mason's in London covering for a mass murderer member killing prostitutes because they had a secret on the Crown much like King John and the Magna Carta 1215. A Jewish doctor was killing those women and carving the word Yew on their stomachs. The Masonic authorities knew who was doing it because they knew only one person in all of London knew the ancient spelling using a Y as opposed to the nonexistent J. Yet they let the detective search and never find the killer, never expose the secret keeping the oath. They say let God handle these problems and I do but God has given us a commission to preach the gospel to a lost and dying world. If we do not identify the Antichrist how can we preach the gospel in these last days? The Bible commands us to know the name of the Antichrist, his name is 666. The name of Antichrist is Satan coming through his people. Our commission is to preach the full Gospel and deal with the full past and the full future. He that endurance to the end shall be saved. Billy Graham preached that and still does. Can you not see that Yew on every Americans back? They're strangling America to death. Israel has an open door to the Fed and if there is anything left the lobbyists are there for it. Banks have an open window to the Fed. Media appears to have also an open window. There is no such thing in physics such as perpetual motion other than the wind blowing but when that rule was written they were not aware of the false phony Federal Reserve. The monetary system now appears to be the Zionist utopia like the unsinkable Titanic. However, homeless and hungry people create chaos and that chaos is coming home like a roaring lion. Prices of food and commodities are going up faster than anyone imagined. Quality of product is cut down to an all time low and everything is disposable. Political campaigns are flooded with money flowing to the biased media to advertise falsehoods. The Antichrist money is not for Christian people to hold and political parties are not to support. There is a move on now not to vote to show your disapproval of all politics. The Middle East is erupting in violence as the beginning of world revolution of anarchy. France in desperation has imposed a 75% income tax which will most likely end them. There is no money shortage in America or Europe except for the poor working people. Hugo Chavez won in Venezuela by supporting the people with subsidizing grocers', and housing and cheap gasoline by nationalizing the gasoline companies like we should now. He is criticized for his socialism but capitalism has run its course over the people of the world until they are broken and starving to death. America now already have socialism. The curse of capitalism has taken its toll on America and now the noose is tightened on our freedoms. So long as it is being revealed to me I shall warn my people to get out of the way of the coming onslaught of totalitarianism the same as Russian people suffered. Why Lord did someone not warn those people before the Lenin revolution to stop it all. We have a police state and now coming a military state of roadblocks & home invasions. No one will want to live under a military state with predator drones overhead threatening. People are most likely to go wild and crazy and will kill for food in the expanding crisis. Let us pray the prayer of faith for the sick and have faith that they will surely be healed.