October 18, 2012 journal, Wall Mart and the petroleum industry destroyed Rubbermaid. Wal-Mart limits their manufacturers to 5 percent profit even though they make 30 percent or more even 100% on some items according to reports. A friend told me about seeing a movie documentary of how they limited Rubbermaid to 10 profit per item. Rubbermaid was the best in the industry employing most people in their hometown up until they began selling Wal-Mart which increased to about 60 percent of their production. Then tragedy happened, the petroleum industry raised the price of their raw material up to double or triple but when they raised their price to Wal-Mart and their other customers, Wal-Mart refused to pay them one cent more putting the company in steep decline and denying their customers the benefit of a quality superior product. My friend was telling this and I find a version of it online. My friend said his wife purchased a laundry basket in 1998 from a Wal-Mart made by Rubbermaid and it was as tough as nails, it was made of the toughest plastic but when she went back in 2011 to buy another one, it was very light weight made in China and it broke after a few weeks in service. Who was the loser? The customer all too ugly. The hometown of Rubbermaid was also the loser because they went out of business with their machines being sold off to China. I am now seeing the real story of corporate America and it is like a conspiracy to destroy all hometown manufacturing. No wonder America is in crisis when they destroy one town at a time. Wal-Mart and other mega buyers are sending all the manufactures sailing to China or to quit making quality products turning their employees out to graze and they are showing up homeless crossing the street unemployed and unshaven out of touch with reality not even capable of voting anymore not that it would make a difference. They are turning America into zombies and wasting the children. It is breaking up homes and destroying whole families of millions. One town at a time like the proud manufacturers was as a village Rubbermaid in America transformed into a ghost town. So then, whos going to buy their junk products? Not home town Rubbermaid because they are unemployed and the money Wal-Mart rakes in from their town still is flowing out to China, not to put bread on American tables but hopefully for some poor souls in China since it is uncontrollable. The wages in China are 10 times cheaper at least and I am not saying that unions are not the blame. I am saying that Wal-Mart and the petroleum industry are mostly the blame. Wal-Mart does not deserve to have a store in any town they have raped and destroyed. But, the glory goes to Wal-Mart the biggest retailer in the world and their power to bully their manufacturers to low-cost submission and their own discretional price control, not for their profit but manufacturers profit. Who is auditing them to make sure they pass on their bullied cost savings to their customers as opposed to banking it. Nobody. In the documentary with a link provided herein, they seem to boast of how much profit they are making like in one case on shoe-laces at 88 probably costing them 10 made in China as opposed to if made in America where they could only make about 40%. Let now the public demand that Wal-Mart sell everything at 5% profit as I believe you would see their prices drop overall by 50 percent. Let the public see their cost of product and pay them 5% as they demand from suppliers. I have just viewed the homeless crossing the streets in this progressive town and I know there are millions over the United States sleeping under bridges and in cars/vans while the head of Wal-Mart is reported to have said to Rubbermaid, "NO", we do not care what happens to you, that is Rubbermaid. One town at a time Wal-Mart customers are being denied of their purchase power by unemployment maxed their unemployment insurance, has run out with these people being left to eat dirt like they did in China under Mao Tse-tung and die. I agree that a few employees will do better without Wal-Mart $7 per hour wages in other occupations but most of them will be hungry and homeless one town at a time as they destroy America. I have opposed Union's all my life but now I think America needs them but they also need a government with backbone enough to stop sending all the jobs to China and receiving inferior products in return. China can make flowers best and that is a tiny part of the overall picture but China does not need to be making automatic dishpans, laundry baskets garbage carts rubber mats and things that America makes best. Then there is the government's support for the wicked oil companies as many of them are foreign owned just like the Federal Reserve is a foreign hostile company a private bank. I believe Wal-Mart is not near as interested in saving the citizens of America money as they are increasing their bottom-line. I believe these suggestions are realistic and should be imposed on Wal-Mart and other retail giants that arbitrarily price their products. Call that socialism if you must but is out of hand and should be controlled in American today's economic crisis to give people jobs and homes and food to eat and to protect the children. America's poor working class live under every restriction is unimaginable already but the corporations are lucky to be free to gouge America. The American people are out of all. Wal-Mart Wall Street has betrayed America with its blessing not knowing their evil. Therefore I personally ask Wal-Mart to reveal your cost and add only 5% on your tickets. 5 percent is what you demand from your suppliers officially according to a documentary. If producers can operate on a 5% profit then you should be able to operate on 5% profit considering you do 250 billion per year. Ad all cost to your tickets to be honest with your customers. I predict Wal-Mart prices would then really be low. The consumer has power. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/walmart/etc/script.html Wal-Mart built themselves by advertising made in U.S.A. But when they were advertising a factory in North Carolina making garments for them proved to have been deserted and bankrupted 2 years earlier when the press showed up plus they blatantly displayed a big sign over a counter "Made in the USA" when in fact those products were made in China, changed their tune. Wal-Mart does not have any power over the petrochemical industry which is the oil company's gouging with higher prices to ridiculous rates for their product, American people are the losers. Industry driven for inferior products where Wal-Mart is taking the advantage of the people, their customers that are struggling for every penny. Wal-Mart has committed treason by destroying jobs of people and the structure of this country putting money before the lives and welfare of American citizens is really a crime. Time will tell and catch up with these thieves robbing the American people of their hard-earned money. The movie documentary transcription goes on to say that Wal-Mart is improving their own bottom line by offering cheap imports with making profit 50 to one hundred percent profit rather than give the general public the benefit of the savings. For 20 years I have not put a foot in Walmart after being treated so disrespectfully when I was returning a Christmas gift for exchange. I was directed to a single line so long it kind that wrapped around the entire front of the store only for returning of gifts and purchases with one Wal-Mart employee taking this stuff back while others stood idle. I knew it was only a tactic of harassment. I deposited my gift with the idol ones saying here keep this if you cannot afford to hire more people to take back the gifts I will donate this back to you then I left it and did not return. Wal-Mart has betrayed the American people and I suggest to the American people that they demand that each item be labeled with their exact net cost without adding any overhead and require that they sell at a 5 percent markup the same as they demand from their supplier. This is worth repeating and it should be made the rule. Wal-Mart is no longer the innocent family type honest store on the street corner, they are a public Wall Street traded company out to make their first profits on their Capital Stock. Wal-Mart has grown too big and powerful in that they can shift all our jobs to China not considering that they are stabbing their customers in the back when the factories all close. Wal-Mart is no friend of America but have become a weapon of mass destruction to our economy responsible for shipping more jobs to China than any other American company. And for the 7th reason it is wrong, balance of trade payments! America brings in from China through Long Beach alone $36 billion per year while exporting trash products like wastepaper and scrap steel also animal hides which comes back in leather products. All this scrap stuff comes to only $3 billion per year adding to our trade deficit tremendously. Wal-Mart has become nothing more than Wall Street scavengers sucking the blood of America into their paper wealth coffers with no regard for human suffering their causing. Wal-Mart has destroyed the American workplace and honor of the quality make product. When you drive into Sams Club there's a big sign liquor store and we always considered a liquor dealer the worst type of human being destroying families and children in America. It is not Sam Walton anymore, it's the beast bringing shame, disgrace and judgment on us. They said that not even God could sink the Titanic but they were wrong and dead wrong. "HEDRICK SMITH: So they're doing all, we are like a third world country. YVONNE SMITH: We're exporting waste paper, containers full of waste paper. We bring back cardboard boxes with products inside them. HEDRICK SMITH: dd it all up and the U.S. had a record $120 billion trade deficit with China last year, and it's headed even higher this year. ALAN TONELSON, U.S. Business & Industry Council: The myth of an enormous and growing China market wound up locking the United States into a trading partnership with China that had to benefit China much more than it could benefit us." ALAN TONELSON: It was completely wrong. LARRY MISHEL, Pres., Economic Policy Institute: When you look at the growth of the trade deficit with China, you could say that a very conservative estimate is that we have lost more than a million jobs to China since the early 1990s. BRINK LINDSEY, Economist, Cato Institute: I think it's impossible to say that we've lost a million jobs to China. Trade policy, or trade flows, one way or another, don't have an effect on overall employment numbers. They affect the kinds of jobs we have. And so some number of jobs have definitely been eliminated because of Chinese competition. Another- elsewhere in the economy, other jobs have been created because of Chinese competition. Because American consumers have saved at Wal-Mart buying Chinese goods, they've got more money in their pocket to buy something else, which creates business opportunities for those other business, which means they hire workers they would not have hired otherwise. The net effect, most economists think, is a wash. TOM HOPSON: You know, we're here to create jobs for our people in Greenville, Tennessee. And on a fair, level playing field, if we can't compete, then we go out of business like anyone else. But if it's unfair and it's illegal and someone's doing something to damage and put these people out of jobs, we're going to try to do something to keep these jobs. HEDRICK SMITH: Hopson turned to Washington. He filed a trade complaint, charging the Chinese with dumping high-end TVs onto the American market, selling at below free market cost. SKIP HARTQUIST, Five Rivers Attorney: It's not fair trade. It's not free trade. The Chinese are pricing their products in a manner contrary to the obligations they undertook when they joined the World Trade Organization a few years ago. The Chinese system has built-in advantages that no one else in the world has. Their currency is undervalued by, we estimate, about 40 percent. Their workers are not treated fairly in terms of worker rights. The government provides subsidies to Chinese producers at preferential interest rates that may not even have to be repaid. It's a rigged system. [on camera] What side did Wal-Mart come down on? TOM HOPSON: Well, Wal-Mart chose the side of the Chinese. And basically, Wal-Mart spent a lot of time and effort at the International Trade Commission hearings, testifying against us and our case. HEDRICK SMITH: [voice-over] And for those who lost jobs at Thomson, Wal-Mart jobs represent a steep cut in pay, almost half of the $15 to $16 an hour they made at Thomson and a far cry from the pension, health care and job security benefits long the norm in industry. LARRY MISHEL, Pres., Economic Policy Institute: Well, if people were only consumers buying things, lower prices would be just good. But people also are workers who need to earn a decent standard of living. And the dynamics that create lower prices at Wal-Mart and other places are also undercutting the ability of many, many workers to earn decent wages and benefits and have a stable life. BOB McADAM, Wal-Mart V.P.: We absolutely believe that we are raising the standard of living through lowering the cost of goods for people. There are those who criticize us and make assertions that there is somehow a negative to that. And it's a-it's a-it's a premise that I simply reject. HEDRICK SMITH: In the end, is Wal-Mart good for America? STEVE RATCLIFF: If you want these low prices, then you go buy your products from Wal-Mart. But what does that actually do for this country? It's putting people out of work, that's what it's doing. And it's lowering our standard of living. That's the bottom line."