October 29, 2012 journal, the true description of a heretic is Benny Hinn on the 700 Club. If Benny Hinn is a Christian I do not want to meet a sinner as he is loaded with deception. He makes me sick saying "WHAT HAPPENS IN ISRAEL AFFECTS THE CHURCH". "Hinn grew up in Israel and his father was involved in Israeli politics. Celebrated leaders such as Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir often came to their home. Hinn is very concerned as he sees less and less support for Israel among Evangelicals. Many are backing away from their support of Israel. Christians need to remember the miracle of Israel in 1948 as it became a nation again after centuries. That was also the time of the restoration of the healing ministries such as Oral Roberts and the mass evangelism of Billy Graham. The Six Day War in 1967 when Jerusalem was reunited as an Israeli city coincided with the restoration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as the Charismatic renewal movement exploded worldwide. And the Yom Kippur War in 1973 was the time of the expansion of Christian television worldwide. He feels something is coming down the road that will affect Israel and the Body of Christ which may well be the activity of the Iranians. He doubts that Iran will cease its pursuit of nuclear power or make peace. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has consistently called for the end of Zionism and the total destruction of all of Israel. Hinn knows God will protect Israel, but he feels we will soon be facing events that will change the world and Church history. He is troubled about the future of America as we face the election next month. We must seek God's direction as never before." The end. These people are agents of Antichrist spreading the war propaganda against Iran. It is my opinion God will say to Benny Hinn and Pat Roberson depart from me, I never knew you. I heard my father say that about a local famous Christian educator and I wondered why he said it but now I see it's just a feeling you get of ungodliness is much deception from him. It is high time for the Church to awaken to identify the real Antichrist living here & now. I get a feeling of slimy slick serpent type creaky demonic vibration in his dark matterism. I want to be as far away from Benny Hinn as I can possibly be at all times fearing Satan. Hinn knows the key words to melt the hearts of Christian people with demonic deception. Call The 700 Club Prayer Center at 1 (800) 823-6053, 24 hours a day. A caring friend. Modern Israelis are not the House of Israel, they are not Israelites but Russian Khazarias. Hinn said God's heart is with Israel but he is wrong. Hinne speaks with a forked tongue. Christ speaking to the Edomites John 8-44 "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not." Bennyhinn is a priest of the underworld from what I observe riding the Israeli Zionisttide. This group of fanatical imposture evangelist scorn Iran and plant fear in American people. They prostitute the Christian religion shouting whoever blesses Israel will be blessed but that is not gospel and that is not biblical to say the least. These are the truth blasphemers. Everyday I live I learn something new more appropriately important than the day before. There is no question about Mitt Romney winning the election since he owns a share of the voting machines. The trackless voting machines are a real windfall for the Republican Party. Romney is a Mormon bishop astute businessman sending American jobs to China. I am not much on politics anymore. At the end of the day we have a "two party system". Two parties, but the same system. It is good to get another perspective of these men as. Turn loose the 2.4 million prisoners including all political prisoners of the United States.October 29, 2012 journal, Romney and company shipped every single GM Delco job to China and reaping a huge harvest profit 4000 percent capital stock increase buying at 67 per share, selling at $22 to your government with your taxpayer sweat and blood money. this came about through the government bailout of General Motors and they got control of the parts threatening GM to withhold their vital parts unless they went along with deal. Another possible president needs to be put in jail for needless profiteering / racketeering. Now they reportedly move the headquarters of Delco to a North African country tax-free. Romney looks like he is scared to death with his mouth running like a motor a chattering. Paul Ryan the Republican economic executioner reminds me of a automatic popoff valve. "Nation magazine cover story "Mitt Romney's Bail-out Bonanza," the Romneys are in a special partnership with the vulture fund that bought Delphi, the former GM auto parts division. The Romney vulture fund investment syndicate shipped every single UAW production job - every job - to China. Just after The Nation broke the story, Washington newsletter The Hill received the Romneys' admission of profiteering: "Romney's campa-ign did not deny that he profited from the auto bailout in an email to The Hill, but it said the report showed the Detroit intervention was 'misguided.'" The truth? On June 1, 2009, the Obama administration announced that Detroit Piston's owner Tom Gores, GM and the US Treasury would buy back Delphi.The plan called for saving 15 of 29 Delphi factories in the US. Then the vulture funds pounced. The Nation discovered that, in the two weeks immediately following the announcement of the Delphi jobs-saving plan, Paul Singer, Romney's partner, secretly bought up over a billion dollars of old Delphi bonds for pennies on the dollar. Singer and partners now controlled the company - and killed the return of Delphi to GM. These facts were revealed in a sworn deposition of Delphi's Chief Financial Officer John Sheehan, confidential, but now released on the Web. Sheehan said, under oath, that these speculators threatened to withhold key parts (steering columns), from GM. This would have brought the auto maker to its knees, immediately forcing GM's permanent closure. The extortion worked. The government money that was supposed to go to save jobs went to Singer's hedge fund, Elliott Management Corporation and its partners, including the Romneys. Once Singer's crew took control of Delphi, they rapidly completed the move to China, sticking the US taxpayers with the bill for the pensions of the Delphi workers cut loose. Dan Loeb, a million-dollar donor to the GOP, who made three-quarters of a billion dollars off the legal scam, proudly announced that, once he and Elliott took control, Delphi kept "virtually no North American unionized labor." In all, three hedge funds run by Romney's million-dollar donors have pocketed $4.2 billion, a return on their "investment" of over 3,000 percent - all care of the US taxpayer. The Romneys personally earned a minimum of $15.3 million, though more likely $115 million - a range their campaign does not dispute. Frankly, I'm no fan of the way Obama handled the Delphi bail-out. Allowing these speculators to crank the US taxpayers for $12.9 billion in subsidies - and losing almost all the auto parts jobs in the process. But when I heard that Son of a ... Detroit, Mr. Romney, tell us, "I would do nothing to hurt the US auto industry," I thought I'd lose my dinner. I suggest Romney repeat this directly to the Naylor family of Kokomo, Indiana. Bruce Naylor lost his job at Delphi, then his health insurance (terminated by the Romney syndicate) - then his home to foreclosure. Should Obama have done something about that? You bet. If I were the president, I'd have started with putting the vulture speculators out of business - including Elliott's silent, hidden partner, one Mitt Romney. And a question to the US media: Hello, anybody home? This info on Romney's profiteering and the shipping of Delphi jobs to China by his cronies is on the cover of The Nation Magazine and in a New York Times bestseller. Want the full story of Romney's vulture-pack partners? I have several chapters on Paul "The Vulture" Singer and other million-dollar donor magnates backing Romney (and those backing Obama, too) in my new book, "Billionaires & Ballot Bandits," with an introduction by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and illustrations by Ted Rall. So, where is the New York "Paper of Record?" Or, for that matter, MSNBC? Bill Press explained it to me when I was on his show this morning: "Sorry, Greg. There's no more investigative reporting in America. No reporters, just repeaters." That's why I fear Jimmy Carter's statement that, "The American people deserve a president as good as they are." Now I'm afraid that's exactly what we'll get. Greg Palast is back with a timely new book, "Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps." In the book, which is illustrated by Ted Rall and with an introduction by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Palast warns of more than a decade of Republican elections theft - and explains how they do it. Make a minimum donation to support Truthout and receive a copy of the book - and you'll also get Palast's "Why We Occupy" DVD free, which includes a Palast talk, a rant by Lee Camp, and a variety of other video segments." http://truth-out.org/progressivepicks/item/12273-romney-company-shipped-every-single-delphi-uaw-job-to-china