September 07, 2012 journal, will God have witnesses against you on the judgment day, no because you are his witness and you will confess your sin freely on judgment day. You will confess before Christ the Messiah the truth of your evil lust, thoughts, actions. You yourself is all God needs as witness against you, you will confess without hesitation. I have never been a Democrat and I am no longer voting Republican in dirty politics. Nancy Pewrose spoke at the Democratic National Convention and said the Republicans are trying to privatize your Social Security and put it at great risk of losing it entirely and that is true. Bush tried to do this very hard but failed as a favor to Wall Street's demands. It may have saved the crash of the economy but it would have left seniors without any in-come and they could just say well, tough luck but that's the way Wall Street operates & it is. The Democrats sound really good helping the poor supposedly while lining their own pockets the same as Republicans do and I would still advocate them if they were not the advocate for unnatural man on man woman-on-woman relationships against the Word of God our creator. Also, if they were not wholly given to the abortion issue of a women's right to choose death for her baby. I cannot support any political party as they are corrupt. Nancy has no backbone and made me want to puke over passing the health care bill with a crippled vote of only 50% of the Senate and without one Republican vote even though the Republicans were the devil in the detail of denying any public option to opt out of it. . Nancy made me want to puke when she sold out the American public for one lousy 757 aircraft to take her and her staff back-and-forth from Washington to San Francisco, being supplied by the guilty party to her conveniently by Mr. Cheney. That jet was her price not to prosecute the last administration for high crimes, not to mention the WallStreet crimes. Nancy is happy with the wars and the clean killings of countless human beings by remote control satellite guided predator drones, also Guantanamo Bay and other torture prisons. Don't matter what the army does including the Navy Seals so long as they do not squeal. Did I hear it straight that Michelle is speaking to a group of Lesbians at the convention? She made a beautiful speech last night about love and family and faithfulness and loyalty. The big stink today starting even before the 700 Club came on the air that the Democratic National Convention had dropped Jerusalem out of their platform but before the sun set both god and Jerusalem was restored to the Democratic political platform but it's not the real true God we know, it is the Egyptian pyramid and the all seeing eye god Osiris of the money lords of the 1776 Illuminati that they have in their meaningless political platform. They should know they could not get away with it no matter what their excuses might be. After all, this is the same god that has been on our money for the last 99 years and the Church has certainly not complained. Everybody is happy with the phony money of the foreign false Federal Reserve fiat pagan currency representing a Christian nation of hope. Everybody's happy to give the devil a part of their sweat & blood if they only have a job. We've been fooled in this Christian nation having been led by Mason George Washington from the beginning combined with the case are Russian bankers of Zionism posing as the favorite people while they rob America of the baby's milk and the baby also in abortion. People just keep on watching Hollywood until they die and never have a clue as to what is wrong. Wake-up America and read the Bible and listen to Lord God Almighty because he is worthy. He has written it all in Biblical prophecy, use God's wisdom & knowledge. The Democratic National Political Convention have actually expressed that no lobbyist are allowed in the convention but they most probably do welcome them on the outside.