September 08, 2012 journal, who are the middle-class people they keep referring to in the political arena? I am not sure unless it be those struggling to keep a job to pay a mortgage and make a car payment while trying to pay their credit cards on time to avoid a penalty. Those struggling to pay back student loans for their entire lives is making bankers happy. The American dream is basically unattainable by the middle class working people except for a few rare cases, it is a mirage, a delusion that is designed to keep the people working. The American dream is actually substituted to the foreign invaders that control the money and keep the people in slavery working for the system for minimum wage sometimes less. I am an advocate and in sympathy with the poor people of this country and all the world. Capitalism is not for the middleclass who will never get ahead in a race with rising prices. The more the Republicans cut taxes on the rich and never the poor, the more money they give to the Republican political candidates to protect each corporations and their slavery. It is a simple equation as Bill Clinton said, it is mathematics. He had a lot of truth for the Democratic convention but a dirty past of vetoing late term abortions and unnatural sex in the White House. The Democratic National Convention suddenly had a voice to put God and Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel back in their platform even though Tel Aviv was the capital of the Russian Khazaria modern Israeli State of 1948 in Palestine occupation. Those people put the fear God in any person or politician against their great conspiracy. Pat Robertson on his 700 Club all but promised that if you register to vote Republican gas prices will come down for you in the future but I remember $4 gas per gallon under Bush. Gas companies literally have a free hand to pollute the Gulf & spray poisons in the water. Pat Robertson does not preach to Democrats, only Republicans are the favorite of God. According to Pat Robertson on the 700 Club all Democrats are devils but Republicans are all righteous saints of God makes no difference how evil they are or have how bribes they take. Romney raising $100 million in a month impressed Pat more than the earthquakes. The Mormon Church has plenty of money the same as the Catholic Church is loaded with money and Pat interprets money as being the blessings of God Almighty when it is not. The devil is the God of money as that is witnessed right on the money Illuminati of 1776. God has no money. God is not in politics. Heaven will not use photo ID for your entry. Still there is no mention of the government rampage of global killing by satellite drones. After many deadly attacks by the Afghan police trainees, Americans are coming home. My painting of George Washington D.C., District of Columbia is coming along with the Pentagon war machine standing tall with its five points gripping Washington in its jaws. There is a double standard in the way medical care is billed higher for individuals. If you have visited a grocery store lately you will have seen the rapidly advancing prices that will soon bring America down to its knees in hunger and despair for vital food and basic supplies. I see the massive inventories as vulnerable in a chaotic world perishing. America's corporate markets have created a majority of today's health problems and they are massive in terms of health care cost now spreading to China and all over the world. Even Iceland is full Coca-Cola as pure as their food and water is, health cost is coming. Artificial flavorings I believe is dangerous to health. I refer to 60 minutes recent report. I can see where Medicare alone could save a billion dollars a year by requiring doctors to do their job rather than sending everybody to specialist and the specialist are getting rich, charging exorbitant rates even if they only collect 20 percent of it. The medical system is so unbalanced & unfair. The future of the American Medical system will be only chaos.