September 14, 2012 journal, my newest painting of George Washington D.C. District of Columbia which was originally called Rome as is now well underway with the Pentagon standing straight up to encompass all Washington. I will paint the menorah on the White House lawn and the reverse pyramid in red dripping in blood on their Federal Reserve building. I will paint the cherry trees in full bloom all around the beautiful Tidal Basin. My newest painting will be entitled George Washington D.C., District of Columbia. The colorful painting I envision with cherry blossoms all around the Tidal Basin in D.C. will show the Federal Reserve Illuminati Pyramid All Seeing Eye and its idolatry money. Pentagon will be vertical 5x5 encompassing and as gripping the Acropolis with its claws. The soft peaks will be enhanced by the color of ivory. There will be a darkened sun and a moon turned to blood. There will be satellites in the sky with fire shooting out of them. The Beast will be written in black on the massive World War Pentagon 5 point building. The Arlington National cemetery will be shown with crosses and faces on those crosses, within the 5 pointed Pentagon which is shown submerged partly in a pool of blood. The Washington Monument obelisk will be standing tall with all its secrets but the Federal Reserve money tower Pyramid 'All Seeing Eye' illuminating will be the tallest of all. Being incased by the pentagram powers of Washington will have written on its frame-the military industrial complex-white universal red war machine and black death cooperation. Gray color. The colors of the 4 Horsemen of Revelation. Families will be standing on the mounds to the left and soldiers on the mounts to the right. The Constitution, Bill of Rights and freedom of speech will be floating down the Tigris Potomac River from the District of Columbia which used to be called Rome. The Capitol building will rise above and emphasize the Roman goddess which graces its dome. The 4 towers of the Mormon Church will be shown. The Right of Habeas Corpus will also be shown going down river. Homeland security and the Patriot Acts will be set in stone with chains. A black hole will be painted on the Pentagon with the tail section of an airplane visible. Satellites will be shown overhead guiding unman Predator Drones firing on people. The reverse Pyramid Star of David will be painted on the Fed in red. Blood will be flowing from two main pipes into the pool of blood along the bottom of the painting. Symbols of Freemason will be shown along with the American flag. They are strutting their stuff boldly in main view. The final arrangement for Washington is to show the mighty foreign Federal Reserve at the top of the Pentagon point and the All Seeing Eye with those Illuminati illuminations. The Pentagon encompasses the power of Washington and the dollar standing in the center with the Washington Monument nearby standing in between the Capitol & White House. Further additions to the painting George Washington D.C.-The 4 horsemen on the upper left corner of the painting from Revelation Chapter 6. The upper right-hand corner will show the dragon beast spewing water out of his mouth giving its power to the pentagon beast like Revelation 13. The fourth beast of Revelation harlot on the scarlet colored beast will be top right with a golden cup in her hand as the false Israel and drunken on the blood of the saints of God. The big All Seeing Eye will be draped with energy floating out to left and right to the universe. The pyramid will have an opposite reversed pyramid straddling it dripping with blood. Painting 9 x 12 feet. Washington DC is raining blood! Admiralty law versus common-law. The great red dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns with 7 crowns is pursuing the woman Israel. But there are 2, the big Red Dragon deals his power to the beast, the Pentagon war machine ever rising. The whore of Babylon riding the scarlet colored pit beast is the harlot of Antichrist Israel. There will be a Masonic symbol under the word Washington because he was a proud Mason. Washington is a Masonic city but the real power is with the Antichrist Federal Reserve Bank. This is indicated by the tallest tower carrying the Illuminati All Seeing Eye with a red reversed pyramid straddling the symbol. There will be a crazy skeleton somewhere on the sideline. There will be a flagpole with the American flag flying and at half staff. Next-Our collaborations This is our sixth collaboration. 5773 refers to Hebrew calendar of time. This 9 by 12 ft. painting is entitled Apocalypse. This one we did in the gallery of the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, it will show October 17th to November 17th at the Southern Wisconsin University. This is my fifth collaboration with Norbert H. Kox of Green Bay Wisconsin that was finished in July and shown in the University of Wisconsin Gallery. The U.S. Ambassador to Libya has been killed in a riot and fire against the Embassy the same as is happening in Egypt. 2 recent movies against Arab people which is caught up with all the hatred generated against Arabs by the Zionist owned press media of the U.S. Netanyahu is here to celebrate their nine double one false flag attack upon America and he gets priority over all things spreading his attack plans for Iran and their Armageddon. Netanyahu accuses this administration of ignoring him and saying to wait on the bombing of Iran, his reply, wait for what? Pat Robertson is reciting his words saying wait for what? Of course wait until after the election is what they mean while Netanyahu thinks it's better to destroy them now sounding like Joe Stalin demanding the destruction of Nagasaki and Japan even though they were already defeated. The anti Arab hatred may have reached its peak and Netanyahu needs to take his Communists back to Russia where they came from. Chicago schoolteacher's make $76,000 per year but there's the union dues to be deducted. Chicago new Jewish mayor is demanding teacher evaluation to eliminate half of teachers. That salary is more than double what teachers make here in this state and it is all so crazy. Churches are having to step in first to feed the hungry children and probably to educate. Medical & Education is a job of the churches rather than being exploited by government. Marriage is absolutely the duty of the Church to control, not for a government to control. Why does Pat Robertson come on pretending to believe that America was attacked by Arab peoples when he knows absolutely that nine double one was an operation of the Israeli Mossad. There is not one stitch of evidence the Arabs did it but plenty of evidence the Israelis did it. Pat Robertson is a very clever man and he knows better. So it must be for the sake of business and money or prestige that he lives this lie and tells others of it. Does he want his children to live under Karl Marx communism by the Khazar Zionist or Christian killing Lenin and nonstop war over the world with hunger and homeless people. Pat Robertson is a major educator and surely he knows the secret history of Russia 1917. America is being trashed like they did to Russia and American people do not figure it out. Art Show at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater Wisconsin will show our sixth collaboration 9 by 12 canvas entitled Apocalypse showing a great tsunami on the great city melting with fire after an earthquake. Opening on Wednesday, October 17, 2012. See our fifth collaboration a 10 by 20 ft. painting entitled Mystery 2012 Babylon with an elevated Manhattan and pivoting on a pin point the All Seeing Eye Illuminati capstone of the great Pyramid. Blood is flowing out of every nation on earth through their Babylonian banking system. International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is observed on October 17 since 1993. Let everybody become homeless and trust God for a roof over their head, plant a garden. Why should one-third American people be homeless, how are they supposed to survive? These are the questions we should be asking the political Government and godless banks. Death is no escape for the troubles of life but just the beginning of hell for unrighteous. I thought of suggesting we put a big 2012 at the top of the painting but then it may be considered dated by 2013. The message in the sites I sent you seem to say the present day Illuminati Zionist J--ish banking empire is Antichrist and that confirms what I discovered. We know the Antichrist spirit is not just one man as church doctrine did /would teach us The apostle John said in the Book of John that all things not of Christ is Antichrist. Mother Mary is Antichrist as a pagan idol and the God of money Osiris is also Antichrist. It would be hard to paint Mystery Babylon without exposing Antichrist as millions of people who are hooked into the system. I believe the giant pyramid should be at least visible encompassing the entire Mystery Babylon the Big Apple. Images within images. May this painting enlighten the people to the truth and identify the enemy of our souls. I hope this painting will point people to the right way and rebuke the false prophets of today. Creation by God is an ongoing endeavor giving us inspiration for daily living and for witnessing. May God bless every minute of your travels and see you soon Lord will. May our art express the message of Yesu Messiah to the world and I will be pleased. We have space to paint the Japanese tsunami to the West and the crypto Nation of Israel with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to the East even to the Gold mines of South Africa. Why can't we paint the real true images of Christianity as opposed to the pagan images of the dollar bill? Is there any love and forgiveness in the great city? The Oriental people are reported to be having a Christian revival in the great city. Then there is the Occupy Wall Street movement against the Wall Street banks power and influence over America. . I see the people passing through the great city as being blind or having their eyes closed. I will paint a flagpole with the flag hanging at half mask. We are a Christian nation by the people but officially we are Anti Christian as a nation ruled by Antichrist, the Antichrist. Everything US Congress and the unChristian Supreme Court does is Antichrist. With no Bible reading or prayer in schools, aborting babies, no crosses on public property. No 10 Commandments on public properties. Protection for the sexually perverted. You name it, the American government is against Christianity. I would like to show the banks fat and bursting open with money and guarding it with g-u-n-s. "Egypt's Christians face mass slaughter by Islamists September 15, 2012 dict spee reports: "The Coptic Christian community in Egypt now is under threat of mass slaughter from Islamists under the pretense of revenge for a movie that depicts the Quranic figure Muhammad in a negative light, a senior Egyptian military official told WND. The producers of the 'Innocence of Muslims' movie reportedly are tied to the Coptic faith. Reports are claiming the movie sparked anti-U.S. attacks in Egypt and Libya, including the killing this week of the U.S. ambassador to Libya. However, some security officials believe the violence to be premeditated. The Egyptian military official said today that Islamic groups are threatening to slaughter 'the whole Christian Coptic community' in the city of Naja Hamadi, located about 60 miles from Cairo. Naja Hamadi contains a large Coptic community..." Norbert-this video of the Apocalypse 5775 is truly amazing. You are way out ahead of me in art and the modern technology age. I could never imagine the activity you have added to the painting and the video presentation. I wonder if you could make the waters move also. I saw on the 700 Club the author of the book 7 days ablaze saying the word dream and creation is the same, that it is vision. Hope to see you in Whitewater.