September 16, 2012 journal, the Church has Israeli religion manifested in the dollar bill. We have a choice to worship God or worship money and most people even the Church worships money. There is no pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, only misery, defeat and hell for the betrayers of Christ. The Power of Satan is not equal to the power of God but it is far beyond the power of man therefore we need to know God to defeat the Devil. If anybody claims to be the favored of God find out which God they serve or know about. If it is your banker then you know it is not true but it is a false claim for fame and fortune. Most money lords are like landlords or the scum lords, they stay obscure letting others do their dirty work. Bankers never lose because they are hot wired into the Federal Reserve. If ever the sky is falling it is now with the American Ambassador to Libya killed in a riot and Netanyahu turned down for a visit with the U.S. President. With a stink in southern California mysterious like rotten eggs sulfur smell which is smell of hell as Hugo Chavez said before the United Nations he could smell George Bush as sulfur from the pit of hell. They first said the smell was coming from the Saltan Sea but the fish there has been dead for 50 years after they began poisoning them with runoff from chemical fertilizer farming. Leonard Knight painted Salvation Mountain just East of the Saltan Sea in southeastern California. This offensive odor smells like sulfur spreads over all of Southern California. The Netanyahu just happened to be on hand for the London double 7 false flag tragedy. The continued propaganda rhetoric by Fox and other wholly Zionist networks has brought violent reaction from the Arab world with the latest sparked by offensive movies to them. It is OK to preach hate if you work for Fox News and propaganda network but not for Christian preachers to oppose abortion murder and God forbidden same-sex affection. For Netanyahu I can imagine it was truly a celebration that they have got away with it 11 years. "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 The atmosphere is charged with demonic powers of deception, confusion and destruction. Hollywood has insulted the Arab world with movies against Mohammed Arab religions. This is on top of 11 years falsely accusing the Arabs of the destruction in nine double one. Now we have a Navy Seale blabbing for one hour to 60 Minutes boosting how he killed big Sam even though they will not show the pictures he took of the dead body because it is probably not him. Now a patriotic Ambassador is killed in Tripoli along with 3 other U.S. officials and this is just the beginning of the chickens coming home to roost where every American is in danger here and abroad considering our vast Arab population. Still Pat Roberson pushes war on Iran and even at the national news says it will be all-out war in the Middle East if we attack Iran or support Israelis to attack Iran, it is most dangerous. Every offense is lasting and will backfire on the American people. Where do the crooked bankers think all those homeless people will go after their houses have been foreclosed? Where does the government think all those orphanage children will go from Afghanistan and Iraq other than to be our enemies for centuries? What is happening is insanity and the price is enormous both in the banks phony money and wasted blood. Now Romney takes the advantage to make this a political issue when ally nations turn on us and good people die. The homeless people in this country are not going away, there will be another day. Every foreclosure is another nail in the coffin of the corrupt banking scandal system. Every movie Hollywood makes against the Arabs hastens the day of violent reaction from Arabian people universally and exposure of the Russian Khazar Communist occupation. A house in Houston was mistakenly foreclosed on and the couple lost all their belongings thanks to the cleanup tyrants Wells Fargo Bank sent in to clear out their House suddenly. A lady was stopped somewhere in the country and dragged out of her car even though she was telling the officer that she had a bladder problem and needed to use a bathroom first before she could produce the demanded driver's licenses, insurance card and registration. The officer paid no attention to her request proceeding in dragging her to the jail house. Everything the officer demanded was unconstitutional not to mention the physical abuse. The warlords have destroyed Mexico as they have Afghanistan and Iraq for profit and for pleasure of former slave dealers and implementers of Communism that destroyed Russia. The universe is exploding with violence and for the first time the Illuminati Wall Street is seeing their end on the horizon. The police are not protecting the people but protecting their captors. The U.S. kept pumping money into Egypt for 40 years as they have into Israel and more knowing that the corrupt president was putting it all in his pocket so now Egyptian people are rebelling never having gotten any benefit from all of that money sent. It is all coming home to haunt the money lords of the Wall Street warmongers and by the corporations that profit from war and human suffering being extreme in all this old world. Now they ask why anti-American sentiments have turned violent in these countries where they kill people by satellite Predator Drones. I am surprised it has not happened earlier. I would not be surprised to see every nation on earth erupt in violence and anti-America, considering the arrogance of the government and the ignorance of the for profit Congress. God will deliver the American people from the bondage of Babylon which is Antichrist in plain view. The fraudulent conspiracy foreign crypto phony Federal Reserve Act of 1913 has run its course and is now being revealed along with the false flag IsraeliCheney attack known as nine double one. Arab Spring Occupy Wall Street were the first signs that a change was coming and that people are no longer fooled in phony showplace capitalism. The American dream is stolen in such a clever way and the American people never see it. I pray God to expose the Antichrist that hold the keys to the kingdom against American people and give us true liberty, freedom, joy, peace and happiness for every human being. The day of the Lord is at hand and who will be able to stand other than faithful believers? Mystery Babylon will be revealed and no amount of fiat phony money will ever save you. See the Cheney and gang manifesto of their 1990s Project For A New American Century. What are these rulers of evil doing in our name or to the Name of a Christian nation? An article on organic gardening goal of all that the city of Detroit among the homeless. Sight of 7 days of creation in Baltimore American Visionary Art Museum sculpture barn permanent collection and shown on Art book 7 days from We are returning to the days of slavery being nationally occupied by the Russian Zionists. Never turn your back on God your creator breath supplier or you will pay a heavy price.