September 21, 2012 journal, my newest painting entitled 2012 B.C. 2012 A.D. picturing the same conditions existing before the flood as we have today with lovers of same flesh. The size is 6 by 9 ft. acrylic on canvas and it will show a dividing line between the 2 ages. Romney is caught on tape saying 47 percent of the people do not pay any taxes. How sad. Does that include those rich folks like him that hide their profits overseas paying no tax? Someone should tell Michelle Bachman and Mitt Romney that 47 percent of the people are either too young or too old to work or unemployed or sick or are mentally destroyed veterans. Also tell them that all human beings pay taxes of some kind in this country like sales tax, gas tax, garbage tax and a hundred other types of tax. The 47% of unemployed too young too old too sick pay more taxes per person than the top 1 % that paid no taxes. Let us just set the record straight and be fair about the real situation that poor people pay more taxes in proportion to their tiny incomes than the one or even 5% top moneymakers. All presidents and would be are property of Wall Street and worship the Golden Calf and the Israelis president or else they will never occupy that exalted puppet president position. It is reported as common knowledge that America's largest corporations paid no tax at all. A billion dollars was spent to lore BMW here but after 20 years they have paid no state or federal taxes not even on their property. Who are these special privileged exempt people? Pay your taxes so we can send more troops to die on foreign killing fields for no apparent reason. Pay your taxes so we can support the criminal banks to make our economy good. According to Romney "47 percent of the American people are dead beats" quoting NBC News. From now on we can refer to the dead beat banks that get government bailouts. 1,000 Occupy Wall Street demonstrators returned to this scene of the financial criminals on their anniversary, New York City police arrested 150 of them but the Illuminati knows their day is coming soon with the world being disrupted and nations are falling like flies. Last week 60 Minutes aired a Navy Seale who had written a book boasting of killing Big Sam even though he could not be sure who it was he killed but did say he shot someone that was laying on the floor and took his pictures but did not recognize him as the Osama. I am now beginning to think this is another false flag ordeal since the government will not show the pictures of that man they rushed to bury at sea before the sun came up so they could see. Big Sam was a necessary ingredient to justify these wars America has been fighting. Now already since that outrageous report 3 Navy Seals have come home dead. I believe both the executive & legislative branches of government will qualify for insane. George W. said to kill them before they kill us but there is a lot more of them than of us. Afghanistan is killing us almost every day and driving us out like U.S. was driven out of Vietnam. War is wrong besides America is hungry and homeless, disobedient to scripture where God promises to fight our battles for us to avenge our enemies and to defeat Satan the Devil that comes against us. We are pawns in the game for the foreign bank criminals. Armageddon is surely beginning with all the warships converging on the Mid-East areas. The Queens family cannot keep their clothes on which I believe is sign of the times when the $20,000 camera lens can photograph those perfect pictures from one-half mile away. The Queen was successful getting the naked photos confiscated from a French magazine but then does that change the entire world in the right to photograph people out in public? "If the righteous scarcely be saved then where shall the sinner and the ungodly appear?" 1 Peter 4;18 The warmongers of the world are finding more and more reason to expand the Military Industrial Complex for their own personal bloody enrichment. BacktoRussia.