September 22, 2012 journal, I hate sin because it destroys people and causes families to suffer. Sin is an enemy of health and longevity leaving children abandoned or homeless. Sin is a disgrace to any people and it follows people like a dark shadow in condemning. We live in a devil's world and this is what the Bible tells us to come out of or else we will be judged by it. This one party America will continue to abort babies and kill via satellite. It is not the government I am speaking to, it is the Church. The government used to be the Church in Old Testament times but now the government is an enemy of the true Church. I have never voted Democratic and I do not recommend it this time because it is just more corruption in my opinion on what I see and hear. I refuse to be a part of a corrupt system. Where has the promotion to 'support our troops' gotten us other than more dead soldiers and debt. Where has the term "God Bless America" gotten us other than another loss war. Pat Robertson has a program 7 Days Ablaze to pray for this nation which is to say to pray for Mitt Romney to become president but why? So Mitt Romney can abandon the poor people and phase out Social Security wrongly calling it a entitlement when it is definitely a paid insurance policy paid for by the worker and their employer matching 15% which makes a total of 30% on wages paid in on each person's Social Security benefits and that is not in any way an entitlement but it may be responsible for America losing its industry to overseas labor that does not have such rigid taxation on their labor. Most taxes are paid through the payroll deduction program where the worker never sees their tax money that goes directly to the Fed including their Social Security payments. Most of American workers do not even know that their employer pays that matching 15% to Social Security. The following was sent to me as I quote it as a matter of record not saying I agree with it. "This is not the first article I have read about this activity as a number of Obama's "close friends from the past" had untimely deaths around the time he began his run for president; one being the openly gay song director from his "church". Looking at Michelle I can understand. Of course there is great evidence that George "Dubbah" had similar relationships, surrounding himself with such homosexuals as Karl Rove (campaign chief), Ken Mehlman (Chairman of the Republican Nation Committee), his gay roommate at Yale University, Victor Ashe (appointed US Ambassador to Poland). He appointed John Roberts, a gay judge's aid, to reside over the Supreme Court even though he had no experience to merit the position. Roberts represented the entire homosexual community of America in the landmark case , Romer -vs-Evans(1996) which declared State laws forbidding sodomy "unconstitutional". It should be noted that the "Religious right" heavily supported Roberts for this position, Dick Cheney's wife Lynn, authored several novels with "steamy lesbian sex scenes" while his daughter is a full scale lesbian political activist. The most telling on We are the pictures of him embracing and kissing Jeff Gannon on the top of the head at a press conference. Gannon is a DC area male prostitute who had a website advertising his wares ($300/hr.) dressed in military pants. Gannonn and Brian Williams (NBC News) made national headlines when it was revealed that they had visited W after hours numerous imes at the White House. This made news because Gannon used an assumed name to get by the Secret Service. Other prominent Republicans like Ruddy Giuliani known as "Rudia the Transvestite" according to the New York Times, and our own Lindsey Graham who is affectionately called "Betty Davis" in the gay community of DC because of his "eyes". This type activity seems to be par for the course." Mr. O hid his g-y connection to get e-" If righteous scarcely be saved where?