September 24, 2012 journal, Caesar Augustus ruled all the world should be taxed in days of Christ coming and taxing they do more now than then as taxation is no new invention. Nobody likes taxes be they rich or poor while the rich can pay but the poor cannot pay because they do not have the money to pay. This is evidenced by the increase in food stamp applications to the highest in our history. The old political mentality is that the Democrats want to redistribute the wealth while the Republicans trust their capitalism. My thinking has changed on capitalism because I have a heart for the poor which is the Christian way. New Testament Christians redistributed their wealth in one large pool and they all lived from it by faith. They did not have gated communities to hide behind that be separated from the poor. Romney hides his .scorn for the poor unprofitable sick people by accusing his opponent of wanting to redistribute the wealth which is considered a curse on politicians. To suggest giving anything to the poor is to incur the wrath of the ungodly. This philosophy is from an old Republican play book of how to fool people to get elected. Personally I think they should redistribute the wealth considering the banks have it all and the government has redistributed all the wealth to the banks from the general fund that is left for the poor no taxpayer people to pay. Let me say that again, I favor redistribution of all wealth to give everybody a home to live in, clothes to ware and food for them to eat. The Bible says most rich people are going to hell so why not redistribute their wealth for their paper money will burn up. Food stamps are redistribution on a very tiny scale never to make one rich. All wealth as eventually redistributed any way. Many rich people have recently decided to give away most of their wealth because they see the foolishness of hoarding it while the world starves to death. Money is to spend and not to hoard up. Cities, counties and states are redistributing your money by buying industry sometimes at $200,000 per job in the case of buying Boeing and BMW as now Airbus like did Hitachi. A person would be better off to be a foreigner and bring a factory here like the Japanese did Hitachi for millions of dollars from the city and county and perhaps the state what their factory about is now vacant and abandoned and a witness to all their foolishness. Romney not realizing he was writing off a majority of the 33 percent retired people that will vote for him. He has proven that money is more important than people. I have always known that money was more important than people with all lying politicians. There is a rumor that the Republican Party may split within itself even though it already has to a degree with the tea party. The word conservative no longer applies in reality. They are not conservative with your money but they are preserving like crazy with their money forever. A foreign businessman said to me he made dollars but he spent only Rupees. They want to make big money but they do not want to share it even though the Bible says the worker is due his hire. Yes, it is time to redistribute the wealth fairly and equally with all to the extent that everyone has a home, access to knowledge and a peaceful living. Restore the Christian faith in America and denounce the fathers of communism forever. It has been said that should all wealth in the world be redistributed it would be back in the same hands within a very short time. I say it sure would help the economy to recycle all the wealth back through the poor people because it is them that make the rich people rich. Ephesians 2:8-9 (KJV) 8 "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast."