September 25, 2012 journal, Justice Department justice with Enoch saying no judgment. A major dispute in the U.S. Justice Department about gun running into Mexico with the Attorney General denying knowing about the shipment of guns the U.S. sent and tracked to learn who the gun runners were in Mexico and they did but a border guard was killed in the process. They're accused of doing it deliberately to make sure guns be confiscated. This comes from the news by CBN 700 Club Pat Robertson Christian television network. It is hard to convince the younger generations of anything with all the confusion going on. It is even harder to convince the older generation of anything with their mind set in stone. The prophet Enoch saw heaven and hell and chaos with people killed without judgment. Reports Israeli is moving heavy military to their borders anticipating their attack on Iran. The Zionist no longer really control Russia like they did in 1917 so they can expect China and Russia to respond to Iran in case they are attacked and the devil is capable of self destruction. America can print all the money they need authorized by the foreign Fed but will it buy anything with the world at war and America cut off from importing necessities. Bring back the gardens and steel plants and sewing halls and shoemakers and dried beans. Bring back the cotton and wool weaving mills that make America independent again and not dependent on inferior foreign-made goods while our superior factories lay in waste. Tax on payrolls plus unions have killed American industry with Social Security taxes 30 % of wages combined with what the worker and the employer pays totally into SSI trust. The people did not agree to spend their retirement funds all fighting wars in Middle East. There are good innocent people world over in every country so why are we killing them? Our freedom of speech has vanished with our Constitution down the Potomac River. "The ACLU wants to know about President Obama's drone wars. After the CIA refused to comply with several Freedom of Information Act requests regarding President Obama's "targeted killings" drone program, the American Civil Liberties Union is taking the issue to court on Wednesday, arguing that the CIA can no longer deny the existence of a pro-gram that's been widely report on in the media and in official briefings by the Obama ad-ministration. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports that drone strikes in Pakistan alone have killed more than 3,000 people including nearly 900 innocent civilians since 2002. Drone strikes have also occurred in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, other nations." there will always be money but it may not spend. There however was not money during the 1929 crash because the newly formed foreign Fed withheld cash from circulation not to take over the country because they had already taken over the country but to takeover most all the good real estate of the country transferring the wealth to the Rothschild Bank. Is there any danger to the dollar that the false phony foreign Federal Reserve cannot cure? Total chaos like Enoch saw and killing without judgment or an attack on Iran could cause such severe universal disruption and destruction that the economy would collapse and not function any longer. When people are hungry & desperate all inventory will be consumed There was a movie made once entitled hangman also hang as such is the case with all the destruction we have brought Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mexico, will come to America. The new hate crimes law will cease debate if it is enforced equally. Pastors cannot preach or politicians cannot tell lies on each other that is they cannot criticize each other because it would be in violation of the law. Fox News will have to stop pushing hate against Iran and so would Pat Robertson. Christian television should not be pushing hate against any nation or people. While the law was created to stop criticism of gays, blacks and Jewish people, its effects is going to be widespread of unanticipated loss of people's free-speech. The Baptists can no longer criticize the Methodist or Pentecostals or Southern people in general. Congress has actually outlawed itself and its political campaigning and the Bible. This may even negate the court system because the law forbids any accusation being put forth against anybody for any thing reversing right and wrong and silencing the courts. I only hope they find out that they can no longer foreclose people's houses for the banks. The next generation is dependent on i-pods and they would not know what it is like to not have a mortgage if they are lucky enough to have a home and not live with their parents. We need a new America without mortgages, all mortgages need be dissolvedimmediately. All wars in the world and killing via satellite guided predator drones need to be stopped. Let the 60 percent Protestant Christian people take over this country back from the aliens. Television is corrupted even more now with most networks featuring same-sex couples. "In today's On the News segment: Mitt Romney may have thought he was writing off President Obama's electorate-but in reality, he was writing off his own when he derided 47 percent of Americans who he claims are dependent upon government for everything; Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison introduced the "Inclusive Prosperity Act" - which would levy a half-percent tax on all Wall Street transactions; the ACLU wants to know \about President Obama's drone wars; and more." The book-Born in Blood-loss secrets of Freemason by James Robinson. He joined "Its mysterious symbols and rituals had been used in secret for centuries before Free-masonry revealed itself in London in 1717. Once known, Freemasonry spread throughout the world and attracted kings, emperors, and statesmen to take its sacred oaths. It also attracted great revolutionaries such as George Washington and Sam Houston in America, Juarez in Mexico, Garibaldi in Italy, and Bolivar in South America. It was outlawed over the centuries by Hitler, Mussolini, and the Ayatollah Khomeini. But where had this powerful organization come from? What was it doing in those secret centuries before it rose from underground more than 270 years ago? And why was Freemasonry attacked with such intense hatred by the Roman Catholic church? This amazing detective story answers those questions and proves that the Knights Templar in Britain, fleeing arrest and torture by pope and king, formed a secret society of mutual protection that came to be called Freemasonry. Based on years of meticulous research, this book solves the last remaining mysteries of the Masons-their secret words, symbols, and allegories whose true meanings had been lost in antiquity. With a richly drawn background of the bloody battles, the opportunistic kings and scheming popes, the tortures and religious persecution throughout the Middle Ages, it is an important book that may require that we take a new look at the history of events leading to the Protestant Reformation." quoted as intimation only, this site does not necessarily agree with rider. "In 1982, the newly appointed Bishop Mitt Romney rang the doorbell to my North Cambridge home. I was barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen on that late weekend afternoon. The visit was unexpected, but not totally surprising. In previous months, local Mormons had suddenly begun phoning and coming to my home to urge me to return to the church. Rattled by uninvited attention, I felt harassed and unnerved. Having no desire to resume contact with the church, I finally asked one caller what I might do to compel the local Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) members to leave me alone. I was told to write a letter asking to have my name removed from the rolls. So I did, thinking that would end all contact. I had decided many years earlier to leave the religion of my childhood. As a great-granddaughter of Mormon pioneers, surrounded by a large, active Mormon family, this had not been an easy thing to do. Luckily, though, I was also the daughter of a liberal-minded family known for its critical thinking about Mormon-ness. Following an unorthodox wedding at the age of 20 to my Jewish husband, I had little direct involvement with Mormons other than family. Until, that is, that long ago afternoon when I was confronted by the local bishop. Not knowing who he was or his future trajectory into politics, I still knew fear. There is a certain clean-cut, white-shirted, stiff-shouldered demeanor that I recognized on some primal level, and I knew upon answering the door that I was looking at two early-middle-aged Mormons in authority. "Sister Gerson?" the man to my right inquired brusquely. "I'm Lani Gerson," I replied, feeling as if I were being set upon by soul-snatchers. I wanted to shut the door quickly and hide. The man introduced himself as Bishop Mitt Romney of the Cambridge LDS ward and the man with him as a member of the bishopric. Romney served me with a letter, not unlike a sheriff with a summons, informing me of my trial of excommunication scheduled for the following Saturday. How could I be tried for excommunication when I had long ago quit the church? Throughout our brief encounter, "Brother" Romney expressed no curiosity as to why we were facing each other. He stood braced at the doorway like a high school jock, smirking at the world. Did he care to know why I had quit the church? Did he question his own authority to take action against a person he had never met? Did he wish to engage in a conversation about religious beliefs? The answers clearly were: NO, NO and NO. And, how would I have answered those questions? Would I have told him that, as a child, I heard the stories of the Prophet Joseph Smith, the Angel Moroni and the golden plates buried in a hillside of upstate New York as quite wonderful fairy tales? Would he have understood the confusion I felt when I realized as a six year old that the adults around me believed these stories to be true? How to explain to believers the rational thoughts of an inquisitive child - let alone that of an adult? Romney's surreal visit left me quite shaken, but with my soul intact. I knew I would not attend my "trial," feeling the church had no authority over me - but at the same time, I understood the anger and disgrace my parents would feel on my behalf. I phoned them immediately and they were outraged. In an effort to "defend" me, they contacted several authorities in the Mormon hierarchy and were told by one that "young Romney" was a bit of a zealot and was overreacting to my desire to be left alone by the church. Most Mormon bishops look the other way when members of the church depart. Excommunication is usually reserved for flagrant acts of blasphemy or for transgressions including adultery, something Romney would know. Bishop Romney, like many Mormons, simply could not understand why others might wish to quietly leave the fold or follow another path. For him, punitive action apparently seemed necessary. After all, he's the guy who later said he liked to fire people. My parents may have succeeded in persuading Bishop Romney to cancel my trial and excommunication. I never heard from church officials again. My parents and grandparents are no longer alive, but I do know they would be voting for someone, anyone other than Romney. I offer this story as an insight into Romney's character. I, for one, worry about a candidate who enjoys firing people, is prone to shape-shifting, appears blinkered by his religious zealotry, and lacks curiosity about the experiences and beliefs of others. Do we want such a person governing our multi-racial, complex and constitutionally secular nation? And besides, there is also the business with the dog! LANI GERSON-Lani Gerson, born in Provo, Utah, now lives with her family in Watertown, Massachusetts." next Thermite found in nine double one rubble. Based on a Hollywood movie made six months prior to nine double one. Sven Eberlein, Op-Ed: "Laughter might be one of the only things in life that can be done outside of moderation and still reap the benefits," muses Dr. Michael Miller, director of the Center for Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center. If you ever LOL you don't need proof of the healing powers of a good belly laugh. Dr. Miller's studies show that laughter expands blood vessels, and endorphins released in response to laughter activate the chemical nitric oxide in the inner lining of our blood vessels to promote vascular health. Seriously.' Any thinking person with a Brain can see thru the 9*1*1 BS. Building 7 Proves it. Plain and Simple. damienski 911 WAS ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY AN INSIDE JOB FROM START TO FINISH , PLANNED AND COMMITTED BY THE ISRAELI MOSSAD AND TOP OFFICIALS OF THE CIA , THERE WERE NO ARABS OR MUSLIMS INVOLVED AT ALL , THERE WERE NO HIJACKERS , THE FOUR PLANES THAT CRASHED ON SEPT.11 WERE ALL UNMANNED DRONE PLANES ,, THIS IS 100%? FACT ... Tommy Swan