September 27, 2012 journal, The Church is blind to the historic significance of Palestine. The majority of Protestant Christian Church folks are actually supporting the Antichrist. I can see the mine control doctrine so imbedded no persuasion on earth can break it free. The scripture is quoted repeatedly by most Christian airways that whoever blesses Israel will be blessed. Who is Israel? You have the Children of Israel known as the Israelites and then you have the Israelis who are imposture Israelites coming from Khazaria Russia. They are the people that organized modern Israel in 1948 with the approval of the United Nations and the British government signing off on the deal and Harry Truman reluctantly signing off on the deal knowing it was ill-conceived. Modern Israel is not God's chosen people. Telling anyone that is like pouring water on a ducks back and it sheds off without getting the duck wet. The doctrine of a superior Jewish race is set in stone by the Church. It is a dangerous thing to be supporting Antichrist honoring and worshiping false Israelis. I met a Baptist preacher who asked me if I thought Israel would attack Iran and when. I answered yes and they will start the Battle of Armageddon that will destroy the Mid-East. Someone asked him if he watched television and he said yes, so long as it is Fox News. I ask him if he knew the history of Russia under Lenin killing Christians and he said no. I asked him if he knew about the Talmud books of Babylonian mythology and he did not. He probably knew a lot about the Masonic Temple Lodge but I did not bother to ask him. Billy Graham knows that modern Israel is not genuine as was revealed in the Nixon tapes. The former governor here told me that Modern Israel is not the ancient Israelites. Fritz Hollings took their money but he said they pay off Congress. Their money is our money. A little money goes a long way in buying Congress. Israel is a satellite of the USA while the USA is a satellite of Israel. Never mind about the blessings or curses of those that do or do not support Israel. God said they were not J--e-ws in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3. Jimmy Carter wrote a book about apartheid against the Arabs in Israel and he is branded as a result anti Semitic. The false Jewish people from Russia acquired all of the American currency in 1913 via the foreign Federal Reserve Act giving control of all our currency to the Rothschild Banking conspiracy. This made America a slave State of hard labor to the phony Jewish people operating under the guise of the Zionists and bleeding all America. It is very complicated therefore we must leave it alone for God to judge and handle them. I am concerned for my family not knowing the truth about modern Israelis and their wars. America lives under the power & influence of the Zionist Russian Karl Marx Communist. These people are proven to be the Antichrist and only God Almighty can move them out. I ask the preacher one more thing if he knew the Star of David was not biblical? No, he did not know that either. He must preach what he learns from Fox News from the pulpit. It has taking a lifetime to discover the New Israel as the new world order and their power over America. Should I hide my face in the sand and not let on for fear of the false Jews? Or should I make a record just in case some day they need to know and will listen to me or to what I have written. God is able to protect me from hatred and from deadly people? My daddy never told me about the secret Freemason's and it took me a life time to learn. I do not choose to abandon my children, grandchildren or their children to ungodly secrets of pagan favoritism. We must inform our children who's in charge of the country. We are not gentiles because we are the true Israelites of Jacob Israel but never called Jewish. The Zionist Russian crypto Jews are not akin to the Israelites and they never lived in Palestine. The Church is ignorant of real history & have fallen for a substitute people the Antichrist.