September 31, 2012 journal, technically this journal those not exist because there is no 31 never should we forget that is important in life to live at its best with no regrets in eternal. Read Romans Chapter 9 today as a chapter in the New Testament everyday is my advice. Read a Chapter in the Old Testament also everyday is my advice for a full balanced life. Every life is worth living if Christ is the Lord of your life when you read the Holy Word and understand with the wisdom and knowledge of Almighty God a long with spiritual perception of the truth. The Scripture given all the 700 Club is "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, had turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." Consider who is or what is the name of God and it surely must be Christian. Who are my people that are called by my name? This is a powerful question that needs to be addressed and taken seriously. The subject is not even considered by those who claim to be God's favorite people. The kingdom of heaven will not be for any who reject Christ as their Lord and savior. The killer court is in action from abortion to home foreclosures. Rebuke the Antichrist and the ungodly rallying behind Satan to destroy God's creation. Going back to March 2005 journal I believe it needs to be restated, reread as of the Lord. March 23, 2005 journal, one-third the American people believe in evolution, 44 percent are said to believe in creation. There is a creation museum in Cincinnati. how could 60 percent of American people be Christian if only 44 % believe in miraculous creation? The religion of evolution makes no sense, yet, it is all they teach in the public schools. The Christians are God's favorite people no matter what anyone says otherwise. The Christian church largely does not believe this but it is true I am convinced. Christ has divorced His native people on earth because they have rejected him. Nowhere in the Bible are they called his favorite people. Let no man be deceived, those claiming they are God's favorite people are wrong. The father of Terri Schiavo is speaking out calling this a judicial homicide, a barbarian act. They are arresting 10 year-old children for having a glass of water in their hand. What is this government that rules over the people? This is against the Geneva Convention and the animal cruelty laws. I believe this is the last chance for America to repent and behave. America will not repent being steeped in idolatry and serving a double God, the god of the grave and the real God secondly if at all which does not count. God will be the first in our lives or not at all. We have brought together and built upon those false religions. We have become a godless society ruled by Mystery-Babylon and have in heart a world of secrets. The reading of the Jewish Talmud last page at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Jack Van Impe bitterly attacked his opposition suggesting they get out of the Ministry. Van Impe himself is the one preaching false doctrine and tickling the ears of his audience. Rexsello looks like a dumb artificial blonde that will believe anything falling out of Jacks mouth. Jack has betrayed the truth becoming an advocate of the pagan Pope and leading people back into Catholicism and destroying all that Martin Luther has protested against. Their manna has spoiled like food and they have begun to speak a lie. The grass is greener on the Catholic side. Television has brought on mass marketing of false doctrine. Jack is not God's favorite preacher competing with money. Let us seek God for righteousness and holiness. Don't think just because you never killed someone that blood is not on your hands if you could stop abortion and yet you do not even oppose it thinking God has approved it when it is the barbarians that have approved it and are committing it as they are the despised of God Almighty. My next painting will be 2012 B.C./2012 AD showing people just as bad.